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Fertile Ground: Farming for Feminism

Blame it on Laura Ingalls Wilder: Deep down, I always wanted to be a pioneer.  I wasn't raised on a farm, and when and if we did have a yard depending on where we moved, it was always pretty small.  I remember reading one of the Little House books, perched by my window, where Laura and her sister Mary harvested potatoes and turnips to be stored for the winter.  I looked out the window of where...

Mad Men: Mystery Dates

Last night's Mad Men episode has us on the edge of our seats! (Or, more accurately, hiding under them.)

Don might look bad now, but things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Political Fictions: Scandal(ized)

I've eagerly anticipated the series premiere of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes's new foray into DC politics and the people who manage political personalities (and their many issues) behind the scenes. Led by Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope—a legendary game changer with connections all the way to White House leadership—a lawyer-heavy, fast-talking team of People Who Excel have become a kind of...

End of Gender: (Miss) Universal Law

Will trans inclusion in the Miss Universe pageant really hurdle us into a world where all gender identities are welcome? The way this battle is being fought and won reinforces the power of "gender gatekeepers," the government and medical officials who determine whether our gender identities are legally recognized.

On Our Radar: Lt. Uhura, Minimum Wage, and the Case Against Kids

Still recovering from your Dinah Shore weekend? Here's some reading to get you caught up:

  • The American Society of Magazine Editors announced their finalists for the National Magazine Awards, and their numbers are pretty lacking when it comes to gender diversity. On Feministing, Maya lists some great magazine journalism that should have been included—including Emi Koyama's piece "...

Visi(bi)lity: How the Savage U Premiere Barely Exceeded My Extremely Low Expectations

Throughout this series, I have tried very hard not to write about the gigantic elephant in the room: Dan Savage. He's a controversial figure, particularly when it comes to his statements on bisexuality, and though I quoted him in my post about Bi the Way, I haven't wanted to dwell on him. I find much of his commentary on bisexuality thoughtless and insensitive, but he insists he is...

Fertile Ground: Where the Girls Are...Not: Gendering Outdoor Play

A recent article in TIME magazine reveals a study that says kids are not getting outside enough. It is the girls who are neglected the most—they're 16% less likely than boys to be taken outdoors. Really?

WTF Files: New York Times Deems Camila Vallejo the "World

Today in post-feminism-my-ass news, the New York Times homepage leads with the headline, "Camila Vallejo, the World's Most Glamorous Revolutionary."

Ah, the glamour of it all.

Douchebag Decree: Belvedere Takes Lack of Consent to New Level

Remember the brief history of this Belvedere ad? The ad, reading "Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smooth," and pictured a visibly upset woman being pulled down into the lap of a dude with the skeeviest smile ever, was posted last week on the vodka company's Facebook page. Once it (immediately) started catching flak, it was taken down. The ad, which unsubtly evokes sexual...

Visi(bi)lity: Invisi(bi)lity in the Culture Wars

For better or worse, I tend to pay close attention to public figures who come out of the closet. I feel strange about doing so because ultimately, knowing someone's sexual orientation shouldn't change one's perception of them. But instinctually, I find myself drawn to celebrities when they begin publicly identifying as a part of the LGBT community. I believe it's part of human nature to look...