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In the Frame: Valie Export's 1972 Manifesto, Nearly 40 years On

In 1972 the artist Valie Export wrote a manifesto, simply called "Women's Art." She went on to become a key figure in the feminist art movement and her words inspired many people, but I wanted to see how far we've come since then and what we can do to progress even further in liberating ourselves through art, and getting it recognized by the mainstream.

Bringing Up Baby: 1987's Baby Boom VS. 2010's Life as We Know It

Welcome to the twenty-first century. Are either of these films accurate or comprehensive portrayals of their time? Not even remotely. But they reflect cultural attitudes surrounding women, motherhood, and work, and the putrefied trope of Heigl's character didn't exist in 1987. Heigl and Keaton's characters are analogous as white-controlling-educated-women-who-have-careers-plus-family, and the...

The H-Word: "The Pricetag is High."

The H-Word presents first person experiences from sex workers across the country. Here, Liv compares her job as a sugar baby to her perceptions of other forms of sex work.

Thursday Night 'Lights: End of the World

This week, I'm going to focus on this week's episode of Parks and Recreation. The Rapture-inspired plot not only yielded a lot of wackiness (long live Zorp!) but also some interesting character introspection.

Douchebag Decree: Douche Roundup! Herman Cain Edition

The Republican party can't catch a break, what with all this Herman Cain business. They're sad that everyone's got them figured all wrong. They're jokesters! They're not racist! They will completely believe and support the victim of a high-profile sexual scandal, if only she would come forward! This week's Decree isn't for Herman Cain, who's got quite a collection already. Instead, let...

The H-Word: Who You Calling a Hooker?

As important as it is for activists to establish sex work as work, it is equally important we acknowledge that not everybody who sells sex calls themselves a sex worker. As the current feminist debates about the Slutwalk march make all too clear, there is power and privilege in reclaiming a word and—like slut—to call oneself a "hooker" or even a sex worker is not everyone's preference...

In the Frame: Art and Femicide in Ju

Femicide is perhaps not the most attractive topic for an art exhibition, but then neither is it an acceptable crime. However, due to the continued ineptitude of the authorities in Juárez, Mexico, the count of local women who have been abducted, raped and murdered before being dumped like trash is continuing to rise above 400. The sense of public panic seems low as Juárez is already a violent...

B-Sides: Mr. Gnome's Riveting Rock

The covers of Mr. Gnome's discography convey something sinister and dark, with evil-looking rabbit figures in apocalyptic landscapes, and even their name conjures something mystical and unknown. But their music is neither dark, sinister, nor mystical. It is, however, complex and captivating, and Madness in Miniature (El Marko) their new album released last week, is worthy of deep and...

Mom & Pop Culture: Dealing With The Halloween Hangover

Halloween is a time to bust out that creativity, play into the fantasy, and eat a ton of candy. It's not a time to push adult sexuality or hyped up ideas of ideal bodies onto young kids. I'd rather by scared on Halloween by ghosts and goblins than by thoughts of little kids running amok in overly sexualized costumes.

Bibliobitch: Feeling Queasy with <em>Humiliation</em>

Critic and poet Wayne Koestenbaum has written a new book that is not what I'd call a "feel-good read." I could call it some other things instead, like "queasy" or "discomfiting," or I could take Koestenbaum's sentiments and try to protect myself from the inherent humiliation of the written word by not writing anything about it at all. Except if I didn't write anything it would make for a very...