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Bringing Up Baby: Reagan's Cesarean on Up All Night and the Issue of Control in Childbirth

Today, new methods have replaced DeLee's, and yet popular obstetric interventions (cesareans, amniotomies, labor-inducing drugs, episiotomies, epidurals) are still designed to transfer control from the woman to her labor assistant. 33% of births in the United States are by cesarean, a rate that has grown significantly during the previous decade, in tandem with increasing rates of...

The H-Word: Jessie Talks "Retirement"

The H-Word presents first person stories from current and former sex workers across the U.S. Jessie Nicole describes herself as a queer, stubborn, and committed anarcha-feminist. A former prostitute and dedicated activist, she lives in West Hollywood with her longterm partner. I asked Jessie to talk about why she no longer sells sex. 

"Retired" feels like such an odd...

Mom & Pop Culture: Princess Week!

As Disney continues to sell their princesses (and make no mistake, they're selling a brand, not just characters), they continue to show us that people will eat up these negative messages as long as they're packaged in an appealing way—in this case, in pinks and purples and lots of sparkle. It's amazing how far they will actually push it.

In The Frame: Ingrid Berthon-Moine: Lipstick and Looking Twice

I know I've spent a lot of time on this blog looking at subtle forms of feminist art, but it's only fair to consider the more direct approaches, especially when they're as thought-provoking as Red Is The Colour. Be prepared to embrace menarchy, or menstrual anarchy...

Bitch Radio: Katherine Don Talks to the F-Word Podcast!

For this week's episode of Bitch Radio, we're featuring a segment from fellow feminist podcast, The F-Word. In October, Katherine Don, Bringing Up Baby guest-blogger, spoke with Laura Wood about the politics of choice and childbearing, as well as representations of birth and maternal health. If you'd like to check out the full, 50-minute F-Word podcast, you can check it out here!

The Bitch Twitter List #Extravaganza

For your tweeting information we've got some brand-new, reader-contributed Twitter Lists for everyone to follow! What's a Twitter List, you ask? Well, it's a list that you can "follow" to see short, timely, feminist updates from Twitterers around the world. You don't even need to sign up for Twitter to see our lists, so no there's no peer pressure to sign up (but you should really, really...

On Our Radar

Everyone's thankful for blogs, right?

  • Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. At Tiger Beatdown, Flavia Dzodan writes about which women are included.
  • Tami Winfrey Harris has a message for Tyrese, who thought he had a message for you.
  • At Racialicious, Julia Caron does a great take-down of the latest and racist Florence + the...

BitchTapes: Who's Hungry? (Parts I and II)

Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers Day! If you, like me, spent the morning deciding between pie and mashed potatoes for breakfast, you might need some songs about food to provide a soundtrack to your day. Here are two past BitchTapes, republished with your gustatory needs in mind. Betcha can't eat listen to just one! Who's Hungry? Part I

Track list and Who's Hungry? Part...

Thanksgiving Roundup!

If you live in the US, you're probably celebrating Thanksgiving today. And if you're online right now, you probably need some links and video clips to distract you from whatever the holiday has brought your way (canceled flights, conservative relatives, overcooked yams, etc.). Here are some things we're reading/watching/suggesting today to help stuff your Thanksgiving with pop culture and...

Bringing Up Baby: Pregnancy (and Zombies) Are Scary on The Walking Dead

I'm having a bad day. Last night, I had a nightmare about the Bella Swan birth scene from Breaking Dawn. (To summarize: I was Bella.) I'm suffering from BSO, birth scene overload. It all seems so hopeless. The woman is always suffering. She lacks control and agency; surrounded by men, she's told what's best for her and then chastised for making supposedly irrational demands. I...