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Declare Your Independence: You May Already Be a Winner!

You know how we're having this awesome subscription sale right now where every 50th subscriber wins a prize? (Subscriptions are just $19.96 for a limited time. Subscribe/renew today!) Well five of you have already won the fabulous Bitch Prize of a $25 gift certificate to Powell's Books or Powell's online! Congratulations to:

  • Eryn in New York, New York
  • Alesia in...

Douchebag Decree: An Open Letter to Whoopi Goldberg

Here's the thing, Ms. Goldberg. You're saying that your judgment of whether someone is racist is the most valid judgment because you're black; that everyone's a little bit racist, and that because everyone's a little bit racist, it's not okay for anyone to condemn racism. You're saying things that would be unquestionably considered racist if they came from a white person, but that you seem to...

Scream Queens: An interview with the founders of the Viscera Film Festival of horror shorts

Women-directed horror films are finally getting the (blood) red-carpet treatment! The Viscera Film Festival, showcasing women-made horror shorts, is this Saturday, July 17th in Los Angeles. The film festival came about through the team-up of Shannon Lark, who started the Chainsaw Mafia to encourage independent filmmakers to produce (and whose email signature reads, "Never forget, if a...

Political InQueery: Pot, Kettle, Meet Black

There's a brouhaha in northern Iowa, as people have begun decrying a new anti-Obama billboard bought and paid for by a local Tea Party organization. It depicts Adolf Hitler as a "Nationalist Socialist," Barack Obama as a "Democrat Socialist," and Lenin as a "Marxist Socialist." Nevermind that "socialist" means different things in the first and last contexts, and that the middle descriptor is...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Hollywood, I Can Quit You!

On July 2, 1996 I was nearly trampled by an enthused crowd of action film fanatics as we raced to snag the best seats for the midnight premiere of Independence Day. I remember everything about that night: what I wore (Charlie's Angels ringer t-shirt, Dickies, cha cha heels), what the kid kicking the back of my seat wore (surf shorts and Metallica t-shirt) and that first thrilling moment of...

Bibliobitch: The Lacuna (Frida Redux)

Today's Bibliobitch is a follow up to Kjerstin's Sm{Art} tribute to Frida Kahlo from last Wednesday. While Barbara Kingsolver's newest book, The Lacuna, isn't exclusivly about Frida, Diego Rivera and their circle of compatriots and compadres, the most interesting chunk of the book is certainly that which revolves around the protagonist, Harrison William Shepard's, time in their employ.

The Dating Game: Out-Match'd

The first time I realized that the then-ubiquitous online personal ad banners on websites serviced real people—lots of them—was when I caught my boyfriend of two and a half years using one in 2002.

Declare your independence: Why independent media matters

This is the final post in the series "Declare your independence" exploring why subscribing to Bitch is so important. This post is guest-written by Portland State media studies professor (and Bitch subscriber) Jil Freeman. Most people feel overwhelmed when they hear that six major conglomerates own 80% of the world's media products. And while I'm pretty certain that anyone of us could take...

Mad World: Can't Buy My Love Virtual Book Club

Last week, we had our first-ever Mad World Book Club meeting, and it was great! As many of you know, we discussed Jean Kilbourne's Can't Buy My Love, and everyone had lots to say about gender, persuasion, advertising, and fried dill pickle chips (we met at Bernie's Southern Bistro). However, as many of you also know, most of our readers don't live close enough to meet us in person for...

Adventures in Feministory: the Women's World Cup

Don't pack up your jerseys yet folks! Don't you put that vuvuvuvuzazula on eBay! The next World Cup is just one year away! In fact, it'll be the twentieth anniversary of the first FIFA Women's World Cup.