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B-Sides: Iyadede

Iyadede starts off her album, The Demo, saying, "If you have this record in your hand most likely you are an eclectic individual and I salute you for that." The word eclectic could not be more appropriate for Iyadede; she has lived all over the world and uses these experiences as fuel for awesome electropop music. 

Visi(bi)lity: Glee

I used to be a regular Glee viewer. For the first two seasons, it was possible (though not necessarily easy) for me to look past the cringe-worthy storylines and enjoy the musical sequences. But as each new episode aired, it became harder and harder to not feel angry about the one-dimensional characters and Ryan Murphy's obvious lack of ability to write for women, people of color, and...

B*tches in Bookshops! Read So Hard.

This Watch the Throne parody video about books by La Shea Delaney & Annabelle Quezada is AMAZING. Read so hard!

Lyrics available here.

School's Out: The Real World?

Apparently, we have to get an education in some land of make-believe shot through a vaseline-covered lens in order to get a "real" job, and then endure the "real world" where we won't have it so easy, and then, at some undisclosed point in the future, "it gets better"? If we don't expect the level of community and political engagement that is growing all the time at all educational levels to...

Open Thread: Does Feminism Really Need "the Next Gloria Steinem"?

The New York Times ran a profile of Gloria Steinem by Sarah Hepola on Friday that asked the question, "Where is the next Gloria Steinem, and why—decades after the media spotlight first focused on her—has no one emerged to take her place?"

How could one person speak for all of capital-F Feminism at this point? Why would anyone want to? Of course, I can't speak for everyone...

Adventures in Feministory: Mary Elizabeth Bowser and Elizabeth Van Lew, Co-conspirators Against the Confederacy

Mary Elizabeth Bowser and Elizabeth Van Lew, a former slave and a wealthy white woman in Richmond, Virginia, might seem unlikely members of a successful espionage ring. Thanks to Hollywood, the typical images surrounding spies include scantily clad women, technological gadgets, and Pierce Brosnan—but this equation would hardly have gone unnoticed during the Civil War. Bowser and Van Lew used...

On Our Radar

Here's what we've been reading this week:

  • Remember these awesome pics of punk band Pussy Riot at the Kremlin? Two alleged members have been detained and face imprisonment. Helen G reports at the F-Word.
  • Tami Winfrey Harris is running a great series about Writing While Marginalized at What Tami Said. 
  • If you're a big of fan of Sonja Sohn (a.k.a. Detective Kima...

Bitch Radio: Presenting Shortstacks with Audio Smut! (Plus: Sex Robots!)

I'm happy to introduce a new audio series...Shortstacks!

Shortstacks will be a quarterly, short-form audio piece produced by the fabulous folks at Audio Smut, a radio show commandeered by a collective of sex positive activists "committed to finding creative ways of challenging notions of decency." Major thanks to Kaitlin Prest for wanting to make sweet (and sexy!) feminist podcast...

Project Runway All Stars: Finale Fake Out!

Well, Lifetime only gave us part one of the Project Runway All Stars finale last night, but we still got a sneak peek at what the designers have in store for the runway next week (hint: Fragonard's therapist on safari), and a few of our old faves returned to the workroom.

Come back to us, Anthony!

Bitch Tapes: Winter to Spring

A a very literal BitchTapes seasonal musical sampling, from (the Pacific Northwest's) rainy cold winter to the green green spring... 

Winter to Spring from BitchTapes on 8tracks.