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Preacher's Daughter: Mourning and Spirituality in Steve Reich's Response to 9/11

Responses to September 11 have been fraught from the start. As I thought through the problem of grief over the weekend, I was gratified that NPR posted the new work by minimalist musicians Steve Reich and the Kronos Quartet, WTC/9/11. Here's a sample: 


BiblioBitch: The Leftovers

What if the Rapture happened, but it wasn't like anyone had expected? In fact, what if "Rapture" might not be the right word, considering that the millions who vanished were of numerous different faiths and the date didn't align with anyone's holy texts? How would the people who lost everyone they loved live with their grief, and how would untouched families manage their...

B-Sides: "Afrodance" by Les Nubians

In Willow's defense, she tries to be inclusive in "Whip My Hair," emphasizing that it "don't matter if it's long or short" all you have to do is "do it, do it whip your hair." But the stark truth is, I can't really whip my hair back and forth; it sort of just goes along with my head which then renders my attempts at hair-whipping mere glorified headbanging. Of course, I am hardly...

Mirah and Tender Forever's "Low Self Control" Video Gives Us More Reasons to Listen to the Track on Repeat

We've been loving the Mirah and Tender Forever track "Low Self Control" around the office since it came out last month, and now there's a video!

(Transcript on the way!)

Adventures in Feministory: Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda, the lady in the tutti-frutti hat, captivated global audiences from the 1930s through the 1950s. She had charm, talent, and money. She also had an incessant loyalty to her identity—affording curiosity, admiration, desertion, parody, and her own self-mockery. All this from a pop icon who once said she only needed a good bowl of soup and the freedom to sing to be happy....

Isn't He Lovely: Guy Talk with Hugo Schwyzer of the Good Men Project

Before I got too much farther in "Isn't He Lovely," I figured it would be a good idea to chat with a male about this whole "male beauty" business. Hugo Schwyzer is a proud feminist, the Gender and Sexuality Editor over at The Good Men Project, and a professor of history and gender studies at Pasadena City College. Schwyzer fielded questions about how the beauty myth applies to young men these...

We're All Mad Here: The Institution in Music Videos

The institution as a recurring theme in pop culture tells us a great deal about how people think about institutions and mental illness, and music videos in particular provide a fascinating glimpse into perceptions of institutionalization and the institution as metaphor. Assembling this post, I pored through numerous videos depicting institutions and institutional life, ranging from the heinous...

Bitch Radio: Getting Ready for Geek Girl Con!

For this episode of Bitch Radio, I spoke with Jennifer K. Stuller about the first-ever Geek Girl Con! Jennifer is no stranger to the podcast, she was on Read My Bitch this past February, and you probably remember her great blog series Grrrl on Film! Today we talked about the upcoming conference (Oct. 8-9 in Seattle), what to expect (besides me and Kelsey on a media literacy, criticism, and...

On Our Radar

Hey everyone, take it easy with some of these fine links, hand-picked from all over the web.

  • Caitlin Boston gives us some pretty concrete pointers on how to hit on not harass an Asian girl.
  • Feministe dances a jig over Nepal's landmark gender legislation.
  • Attention students and academics! Of Another Fashion, a Tumblr started by Threadbared's Minh-ha Pham to archive...

BitchTapes: Songs About Home

I've been thinking a lot about my home this week, and by association the many emotions that thoughts of home brings—happiness and coziness and fun, as well as the heavier stuff, or even the feeling of lacking a home at all. Here's a wide-ranging soundtrack to accompany mental meanderings of home—some of my favorites, and some picks from the rest of the Bitch crew.

Track list...