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School's Out: Family Matters: Lessons from Reconciling Radical Politics with Not-So-Radical Loved Ones

This post is about exclusion and the ethics of disagreement. Not exclusion by a dominant society of marginalized populations, but rather the selective practices of alliance and exclusion in anti-oppressive political circles. The theme I want to use to think through these questions is one of maintaining family ties (chosen family, birth family, or otherwise). I wonder if the idea of "...

Political Fictions Kicks Off!

Anyone who's spent time on a social networking site, watched cable news, or opened their email inbox in the last two months has probably heard about the "GOP's war on women." From placing humiliating barriers between women and their reproductive health to erasing domestic violence laws out of the criminal code and denouncing any woman in the workplace or on birth control, the attacks have been...

Beyond the Panel: An interview with Arigon Starr of Super Indian, Part Two

Today, the conversation with Arigon Starr, the cartoonist behind Super Indian, continues! We discuss the history and future of Super Indian, her experience of being a woman of color in an industry dominated by white men, and a special sneak preview of her graphic novel investigating the origins of Super Indian. Check it out after the jump!

Project Runway All Stars: Electric Feelings

We stepped off the runway and into a Daft Punk video last night as our All Stars took on an electrified black light challenge. In addition to eternal glowing glory, the winner's look will be featured in a vaguely outlined Pharrell project!

One of these judges is embarrassed for the other three, and it's not the guy who lives for Teletubbies.

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Happy Leap Year Week!

  • Sociological Images outlines how Leap Year Day was used as a day to reverse gender norms in marriage proposals.  
  • Lucy Liu has been cast as Watson in CBS's new Sherlock Holmes series and many aren't happy about the gender flip.
  • Two cool book projects are looking for funding: Radical Doulas by Feministing's former editor Miriam Perez...

BitchTapes: Mondegreens!

You know that moment when you're singing along at the top of your lungs to a song on the radio and you look around at your friends in the car, only to realize that instead of joining in they're all staring at you in disbelief? And then they have to explain to you that, no, there's not a "bathroom on the right" in that CCR song, and you've been singing the lyrics wrong for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?...

School's Out: What *Does* a Feminist Look Like? Teaching Boys About Feminism

My position right now is that it's crucial that as we work to produce ourselves and others as people with critical consciousness—especially in schools, and not just in Women's and Gender Studies classes—and that a feminist consciousness is a vital part of that for people of all genders and sexes. But all learning is a process, so I look forward to you challenging or complicating my...

Pop Pedestal: Dawn Wiener

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay homage to our favorite characters in pop culture. This week I'd like to take it back to 1996 with Dawn Wiener, the 7th grade martyr from Todd Solondz' Welcome to the Dollhouse. 

Pedestal Profile: In Welcome to the Dollhouse we follow Dawn Wiener, an endearing loner, as she navigates the...

Funny or Die's Women's Health "Experts" Video: Hilarious Yet Depressingly Accurate

It's a shitty time to have a uterus, especially if you don't want the government telling you what to do with it. Since we'd rather laugh than cry, check out this spot-on video from the folks at Funny or Die, featuring eight middle-aged men giving their "expert" opinions on women's reproductive health.

Women's Health Experts Speak Out from Judd Nelson

School's Out: Activist Quandaries and the Benefit of the Doubt

The crux of my confusion lies in the way that people who agree on the basic premise that social inequality exists and needs to be addressed sometimes fracture themselves by fighting about how to accomplish this goal, while the seeming majority blithely naturalizes inequalities, perpetuates systemic prejudices, and authorizes the erasure of difference—all while throwing out phrases like "that's...