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Genderlicious: "I believe that I can support you, but also support people who hate you"

The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival is next week.

Having not grown up in North America and having taken a fairly circuitous route to feminism, the first time I ever heard of Michfest was about seven years ago in the Inga Muscio book Cunt, where Muscio talks about what a transformative experience it was to be completely surrounded by only women for a week. Then, a few years later,...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Evelyn Salt should smile more!

Cinematic depictions of spies devoid of engaging personalities are no novelty. In fact, with the exception of James Bond, more often than not, cinematic spies tend to provide more authenticity when they are not weighed down with personality traits at levels best left to proverbial used car salespeople and late night, television discount electronics peddlers

Political InQueery: The Where Are They Now? Round-up

We've taken a look at the past these past two months. It's like looking at a star, shining brightly from some other corner of the galaxy; by the time the light reaches our eyes, a hell of a lot of time has passed. Okay, it's not like that at all. Many of these stories are more like train wrecks—ugly, despicable, and very messy, with many bodies left as aftermath. But no two moments have been the...

Mad World: A (spoiler-free!) look at advertising on the new season of Mad Men

Most people with a finger on the pulse of pop culture (and I'm guessing that includes you if you're reading this) know that the new season of AMC's Mad Men premiered on Sunday. Now, for those of you who are waiting for it to come out on DVD, fear not: This is our weekly advertising forum, so no plot spoilers will be revealed here. I want to talk instead about the ways in which...

Adventures in Feministory: The Women's Donor Activist Movement

Today's Adventures in Feministory is brought to you by a smart and informative video from the Women's Funding Network. Watch it and learn about the history of the Women's Donor Activist Movement! (We could all use a fun video on a Monday, right?)

Genderlicious: Call for Submissions to "Dear Sister"

Yesterday Lisa from A Woman's Ecdysis sent me a call for submissions to an anthology she is editing, called Dear Sister: Letters to Survivors of Sexual Violence.

Lisa wrote:

I encourage you all to submit and forward this call widely. As we know the prevailing silence around sexual assault, it is my hope and request that you take a moment to contribute to this outreach and forward...

Political InQueery: Backlash Against the Sherrod Backlash

I was in San Francisco last April, having dinner with an old friend from college. His mother married, many years ago, a close business partner of Rupert Murdoch. This had been, back in our school days, the cause of many a sympathetic, slow shake of the head, because we liberal middle class kids felt badly that he was only two degrees of separation from a man we thought sucked in a big way. I...

Snarky's Cinemachine: The Salt Supremacy

Hollywood has a well established history of ineptitude as it relates to balancing the wishes of fans with the desire for strong box office numbers. Producers would be wise to create entertainment, which privileges preservation of source material or genre conventions over profit concerns, as many of these films enjoy tremendous success at the box office. (Lord of the Rings, ...

From the Library: Summertime is YA Lit Time

This summer, I'm reading lots of young adult literature. Re-visiting some of my favorites from high school, catching up on some of the gems I missed, and paging through what has been published since I reached adulthood. I invite you to do the same. Re-read an old favorite, or discover a new one. You don't need to be a teen, parent, teacher, or librarian to read YA Lit. All you need is an...

On Our Radar

The week has come to a close, which only means one thing: it's time for another installment of On Our Radar! We're rounding up some of the most interesting things we read this week.
  • Canadian Teen Melodrama Degrassi: The Next Generation is adding a trans character to the cast. Jos Truitt of Feministing is optimistic for the potential of a "good learning opportunity".