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The H-Word: Paper Crane: Antonia Crane Writes About Recession Sex Workers

"It all started with Stephen Elliot. I read his book My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up while in grad school and I started following him. I discovered the Rumpus and submitted an essay. I got rejected until I wrote something they liked."

Isn't He Lovely: The Ad That Turned Men Into Sex Objects

Advertisers have long used handsome men to hawk their wares. In the 20th century, marketers who realized that women did a majority of the household shopping created dashing spokesmen, such as the Arrow Shirt Man, to appeal more to the ladies than the menfolk. And certainly advertising has played an integral role in the male beauty culture that has skyrocketed in the past 20 years, too. In fact...

B-Sides: Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus can be hard to pin down. One minute, she smothers listeners with cold blankets of synthesizers, hitting them with some of the most uncomfortable atmospheres since Second Edition by PIL. Then her opera-trained voice (that voice!) bursts through the sludge and you realize "oh my god, it's a pop song!" Live and on her latest record, Conatus, she drops a few...

Preacher's Daughter: A Word About Slutwalk, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and Who Gets to Reclaim Racist Words and Traditions

Full disclosure: I have had misgivings about Slutwalk from day one. "Slut" has never been a term used against me. Though the idea of reclaiming the word seems to resonate with many young, white heterosexual women, it is not clear to me that it's something that can unify all women. It felt alienating and exclusionary to me from the start.

Bringing Up Baby: My Water Broke! And... Action!

This is a movie. This is television. This is the formula:

Jane is going about her business when her water breaks. The time has come! Ready the troops! Jane calls husband or big sister or mom or best friend. "We'll meet you at the hospital! Go Go Go!" If husband is present: "Where are the bags?! WE FORGOT TO PACK THE BAGS!"

The H-Word: "I'm a Whore"

"I'm a whore, a proud whore. What does this word mean? A whore is a prostitute, sex worker, hustler, degenerate, scum in a female body. I call myself a whore revolutionary. I consider myself a survivor."

Celebrate Columbus Day: Call Out Native Appropriation

Well, today's Columbus Day, a time when we feel weird about getting a day off work because Columbus and the genocide that followed his "discovering" of America is not someone we should celebrate in any sense of the word. If you're currently feeling conflicted about staying at home on the couch watching Real Housewives reruns, take a minute to call out some of the Native appropriations...

Isn't He Lovely: The Myth of the Superior Penis

As feminists, I think it's easy to forget that for all of the misrepresentations and misinformation delivered to us about what vulvas and vaginas "should" look like and how they "should" respond to sexual contact, equally tall tales about penile look and length abound.

Bitchtapes: Red Edition

Prompted by our Red issue, I bring you a sampling of fiery, scarlet songs for your listening pleasure.

Track listing after the jump!

On Our Radar

Another week, another round of excellent reading.
  • A must-read at Crunk Feminist Collective about ongoing racism within feminism (spurred by That Sign at NYC Slutwalk) 
  • Emily Manual writes about how trans children are portrayed sympathetically by mainstream media for Raising My Boychick. 
  • Ms. iw in the midst of their Top 100 Feminist Non-Fiction book list! (Bitch's own...