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Mad World: No Girls Allowed: File Sharing Culture and BitTorrent

Every time I go to download files from a BitTorrent tracker site I am constantly bombarded with ads for sex/dating sites or straight up pornography and I'm sick of it. Women are engaging in online technologies as well and we are repetitively told that we don't belong.

The Dating Game: Sex, Commerce And The Fraught Question Of Who Pays For A Date

I always felt weird about the dynamic of men paying for dates by rote: even when I didn't have much money, my preference was to go somewhere I could afford to split or find something to do that we could both afford. But it took a guy's behavior to really enable me to explain in graphic detail why I was always so bothered by it.

Adventures in Feministory: Sophie Scholl & The White Rose Society

"We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!" -closing lines of the White Rose Society's fourth leaflet Today's Feministory explores The White Rose Society, a movement during World War II comprised of young men and women whose courage during that bleak time in history might make your heart hurt a little, your breath catch, and your faith in...

Political InQueery: Testing Campaign Strategies in July

Sunday morning conjures up a lot of images—the thickest newspapers of the week, read over eggs and toast, the matrons of Washington, DC decked out in their church-going best, led to service by their doting grandchildren, hunkering down under the covers and trying to sleep in, knowing that tomorrow starts a whole new unwanted work week. And for the geekiest of politics hounds, it means turning on...

Genderlicious: Catharsis for Radical Anti Racist Feminists to "Regular Dudes"

At my home planet of Racialicious, I recently started up a True Blood roundtable, where five of us weekly go to town on the various racist-sexisms of everyone's favourite vampire show.  As the grumpiest of the bunch, my opinions on True Blood are vastly more negative than positive, especially when the episode is heavy on violence against women—which increasingly seems to be the theme for True...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Five Non-Spoiler-y Things About Inception

Talk of Christopher Nolan's latest film Inception seems inescapable; the buzz alone propelled the film into the top spot opening weekend. Granted, the only notable competition was Disney's truly dreadful Sorcerer's Apprentice. Inception isn't doing The Dark Knight numbers at the box office, but in a summer of uninspired remakes, reboots and franchises, it...

From the Library: The Librarian Stereotype on the Big Screen

It's a Wonderful Life tells us a story about what it means to be a librarian. In this alternate reality, Mary is portrayed as a librarian in order to convey just how bad things got without George around. Mary is an old maid, and in 1946, "old maid" was synonymous with "librarian". This character certainly reflects societal beliefs about librarians in 1946: that librarians were single, unhappy...

On Our Radar

It's that time again! What time, you ask?! Why time to round up some of the most interesting things we read this week, of course!

  • Renee Martin opines on the racist and classist implications of 'foodie' culture on her great new blog with Holly Ord, Women's Eye on the Media.
  • Sara Haji of Muslimah Media Watch writes an open letter to Maureen Dowd about her orientalist trope...

BitchTapes: Crushin' 90s Style

Obviously, summer is the best time to be crushin'. But, the formula for the ultimate date is still incomplete. I've already concluded (using sound statistical data, of course) that soft-serve ice cream, bicycle rides, red & white checkered vinyl table cloths, and nightswimming (and/or drive-in movies) are necessary components. Now, if I could create a time machine out of something...

Snarky's Cinemachine: The Expendables. Call to Men!

The mildly anticipated action flick The Expendables got some extra special love from a devoted fan who opted to recut the trailer into something a bit more provocative.