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OkCupid has less-than-OK policies. Especially if you're "ugly."

Bitch tipster alert! According to a trusted source (one of our sharpy-sharp readers), OkCupid, the popular (and free) online dating site, has a semi-secret policy that favors those who have been deemed the most attractive. Say what!?

Not OK, Cupid.

Douchebag Decree: Ben Roethlisberger, our second Douchebag Decree All-Star

Ben Roethlisberger. He's a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers! He's the youngest Super Bowl-winning quarterback in NFL history! He's one of the NFL's highest-paid players, with a $102 million dollar five-year contract! He's a rapist! And he's not just an All-Star on the field, folks, he's also our second Douchebag Decree All-Star! (Applause.) Roethlisberger, right, with a fan in...

Don't ask whether girls are actually bad at math. Ask why we're still having this discussion.

But seriously. "Daring to Discuss Women in Science" by John Tierney ran in the New York Times two days ago. In it, Tierney announces a proposed national law that would require the White House science adviser to oversee workshops aimed to close the gender gap in science and engineering. But rather than express support for the proposal ("Fulfilling the potential of women in academic science...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Bay of Pigs

Huffington Post blogger Scott Mendelson wrote an intriguing analysis of the Megan Fox/Michael Bay dust up which may or may not have been the catalyst for Fox's departure from the successful Transformers franchise. Buried in the largely astute criticisms of Fox's appeal and backlash from said appeal was this gem:

But the sheer outpouring of joy that greeted the allegation that...

Political InQueery: Where in the World is Bob Packwood?

Lots of people keep diaries. Lots of diary-keepers even write things down in multiple diaries, spanning years—thoughts that are meant for them alone. And yet, some of these diaries see the light of paparazzi cameras and heck, congressional hearings. Like this one: Grabbed Tracy Gorman behind the Xerox machine today and she got a little pissed. What's the big deal? I was smiling while I did it....

TelevIsm: The Offensive Olympics: South Park

Image description: Cartman of South Park with messy hair in orange holding a CD reading "Slayer". Today, in my effort to compare and measure just how guilty I should feel for laughing at Family Guy and South Park, I'm looking at five different South Park episodes individually and quantitatively.

Mad World: Let's Fix Dinner!

Advertisements for dinner-related items are almost always loaded with gender weirdness. The doting mom cooks for her nuclear family, and they love her for it–thanks to the help of whatever fantastic instant food item is being showcased. This is such a well-worn commercial trope that we often don't notice it unless it is absent, which is (sort of) the case with the latest campaign from...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Killers is Dead on Arrival

Of Katherine Heigl's box office currency in Killers–the disappointing rom-com action flick now bombing in a theater near you–Time magazine's Richard Corliss had this to say:

[Katherine Heigl] has come close to the traditional definition of a star: someone who will get people to pay to see her in bad movies.

The article goes on to deconstruct why the derivative...

Political InQueery: CreepMatch 2010

I had the occasion to visit Juneau, the capitol of Alaska, last August, and within five minutes of seeing the city, declared that McCain's people must have lost their continence when they landed there, knowing that no way was this Sarah Palin thing going to end up well. Because honestly, the place is so small, so isolated, so everything that Washington, DC isn't, that there would have to be...

The Lady Is a Tramp: Sexism, Ageism, and the Gores

Then I started pinpointing where my discomfort rested: though people—including me—sexualized Mr. Gore (on Twitter, at least) either as object of lust or of sexual derision, rarely did I hear anyone say the same either way about Ms. Gore.