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We're All Mad Here: Pharmaceutical Advertising and Messaging About Mental Illness

Advertising is as much a part of pop culture as deliberately created works of art. Here in the United States, one of the most lasting contributions to perceptions of mental illness in society has come courtesy of the pharmaceutical industry, which spends an estimated $2.5 billion annually on reaching the public through advertising. Most people who have televisions or magazine...

Murder, She Blogged: Partners and Sidekicks

While the archetypal hard-boiled detective might be a bit of a lone wolf, almost all detectives—especially on-screen detectives—need a partner, a team, or at least a sidekick.

Bitch Radio: Movie Review-o-Rama! Our Idiot Brother and Colombiana

Tune in as we review the new films Our Idiot Brother and Colombiana, both in theaters this weekend.

(Transcript in .doc form can be found here.)

We're All Mad Here: Crazy Ladies in <em>Batman: The Animated Series</em>

"We're all mad here" might be the best description of almost all of the characters in Batman: The Animated Series, including the caped crusader himself. Most of the villains in Batman are super criminals with personal obsessions that drive their crime sprees well beyond the point of parody. Of course someone named E. Nygma is going to be puzzle-obsessed and, when...

On Our Radar

Happy Weekend! Keep your mind sharp for Monday with these links from around the web.

  • In honor of the 91st anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Ms. has launched the HERVotes blogging campaign, an effort to mobilize women voters in the 2012 election. Be sure to share your voice!
  • Clutch presents 10 Black Women Making Moves in Film. Check these ladies out and show your...

Bitchtapes: Hott Summer Jamz Edition

It's time to make the most of what's left of the summer. I'm thinking bike rides, swimming pools, a quick camping trip, or half napping/half reading a book in the park.  Let's say I was going to road trip out to the nearest water park (maybe!), this just might be my soundtrack. What's on yours?

Dark of the Matin

Unlike Miyazaki, Hosoda embraces our dependence on virtual worlds, but not naively. He's aware of its dangers and isn't above satirizing it; the resemblance of the OZ hub to Murakami's deranged pandas, combined with its toothy, walleyed grin, makes even the pre-Love Machine OZ appear fun, but slightly dangerous, and the entire Love Machine storyline is a cautionary tale against putting all of...

Stage Left: Goodbye Until Tomorrow

As I said in the first post of this series, one of my goals was to leave people with a greater appreciation for musical theatre. Hopefully I've succeeded. For this last post I just want to share with you some of my favorite performers and composers, to give you—in the event that you'd like to know more about musicals—a place to start.

Pop Pedestal: Gloria Akalitus

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay tribute to the pop culture figures we admire most. Up today: Gloria Akalitus of Nurse Jackie, All Saints' hospital administrator, head bitch in charge, and master of the steely staredown.

Big attitude coming from someone wearing panda earrings.

Remembering Aaliyah

Like so many musicians and artists who die so young (she was just 22 when her plane crashed), we can only imagine what Aaliyah's career would look like now. Considering how self-possessed and strong she already was at such a young age, I can only guess that she'd have gone on to do even bigger and better things for women in the industry.

(Song lyrics here)