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Isn't He Lovely: Androgyny Is So Haute Right Now

Pejic distances himself from queries about gender and sexual identity. When speaking to New York, he referred to his androgynous beauty as "the situation," (which is a "situation" far preferable to Mike Sorrentino's six pack, yes?) and clearly is more focused on climbing the fashion ranks than challenging gender norms:

I know people want me to sort of defend myself, to sit...

Preacher's Daughter: Jenny Lewis on the Absence of God

I have never understood why reporters so rarely ask Jenny Lewis about the rich religious critique that has pervaded her work since the earlier days of Rilo Kiley. There is just so much there. I think I will scream if I hear another reporter ask her what it's like to look hot in indie music, why Rilo Kiley really broke up, and whether or not her indie purist fans think the country...

Live-Tweeting the Project Runway Finale!

We just got done live-tweeting (and live drinking-gaming) the Project Runway finale from our BitchMediaLive account. Here are our tweets—in chronological order thanks to Storify—so you can follow along if you recorded it to watch later, are viewing it online, or just want to relive the runway show. #MakeItWork!

Bringing Up Baby: The Women of Dexter in the Workplace

Let's face it: Dexter doesn't do women many favors. "Career women" are not sympathetic characters, "housewives" are vapid, and on the whole, women with power are conniving, dangerous seductresses.

Preacher's Daughter: Sexual Violence and Discourses of "Purity"

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the silliness of "True Love Waits"-style campaigns, but it never really occurred to me to think about how a child who has been raped might experience these shaming "abstinence-only" discourses. That is to say, this would be particularly cruel, painful, and potentially traumatic for such a child.

Potentially even worse than teen purity rallies, I...

Douchebag Decree: ChapStick: It's On Everyone's Lips (When They Are Talking About D-bags)

Not only does the ad offensively use women's bodies to sell a product it, also needlessly sexualizes a non-sexual product. It's ChapStick for god's sake! And now I have to think of this lady's ass every time I rub it on my lips? What? I didn't want that!

Bringing Up Baby: The Traumatic Birth Scenes of Ye Olden Days

Nothing instills a fear of pregnancy more than watching childbirth scenes that take place during the Medieval period.. or the Renaissance... or during the Enlightenment... or any time, really, before the twentieth century. Screaming mistresses/courtesans/queens/princesses lay flushed in their canopied doily beds as frantic women flutter about the room, dipping cloths in hot water. Onscreen...

BiblioBitch: Dorianne Laux and the Poetry of the Everyday

Dorianne Laux's fifth book of poetry, The Book of Men, was released earlier this year. Spoiler alert: It is NOT ACTUALLY A BOOK OF MEN. It is a book of earth, and sex, and war, and food, and even a book of Cher. Yep. Cher. After reading The Book of Men I immersed myself in Laux's other books, and have emerged remembering what is best about reading poems.

The H-Word: Q & A with Tits and Sass!

Tits and Sass is a blog written and run by sex workers who saw a void when it came to a smart, witty response to the public image of the sex industry.  The ideas promoted about sex workers in the public eye have as much an impact on the realities of the lives of sex workers as the law. For this reason, one of the site's co-creators, Charlotte, says, "we're not letting any more dead hooker or...

Isn't He Lovely: The Trouble with "Machismo"

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported on the hottest new marketing demographic for the personal care industry: Latino men. Considering that Hispanics are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, it isn't surprising that brands and advertisers had already begun courting Latina women's purchasing preferences. The men's habits, however, seemed like more of a...