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Bitchtapes: Sax Positive

Bitchtapes: Sax Positive from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

I don't think I'm alone when I say I can't stand saxophones in rock music. To work through my fear of sax, and to help any fellow saxophobes out there, I've dug up ten exceptional uses of the sax in rock. Think of it as saxophone exposure therapy.

Double Rainbow: Autism and Race

The history of autism is necessarily woven into the histories of any and all populations effected by autism, yet what one would term "autistic history" is largely treated as monolithic. Overwhelmingly, race is neglected not only in tracing the history of autism, but in contemporary research and coverage.

Three Films to Catch This Week at the Portland International Film Festival

Here's three films you can watch (or in one case, cover your eyes during) this week at the Portland International Film Festival! Whore's Glory—a documentary on sex workers in the Global South, Water at the End of the World—an Argetntine film about two sisters' final journey, and Snowtown—a scarily realistic film on Australia's most infamous serial killings....

Required Reading: The Caine Mutiny

Although the Pentagon will soon ease restrictions on women in combat, a ban continues on women in infantry, keeping 200,000+ enlisted women out of promotions and leadership roles. So for all the ladies in the service: The Caine Mutiny, Herman Wouk's bitter caricature of male authority, plus a heavy dose of comedy.

Double Rainbow: Mozart and the Whale

I originally intended for this to be a companion piece to my previous post about the 2009 film Adam. Mozart and the Whale is a 2006 romantic "dramedy" about a man and a woman with Asperger syndrome and, in many ways, it makes a very neat thematic companion to the other film. In Adam, the protagonists' relationship ultimately fails because the title character's autism...

Beyond the Panel: An interview with Arigon Starr of Super Indian - Part One

Bitch's series of interviews with webcomic creators, Beyond the Panel, returns with Arigon Starr, the multitalented force behind the comic-book-style webcomic Super Indian. After the jump, she tells Bitch about her history in comics, Native superheroes, geek culture, and what she'd like people to take away from her work.

School's Out: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I'm an affectionate person, almost everyone I've dated or been friends with commenting on that. But whenever I am out in public with my fiancée, I become self-consciously affectionate. Not because I'm concerned about what nasty thoughts people might think about seeing such queerness, but because of what they fail to think.

This post is about what I consider to be one way of...

B-Sides: Two Feminist Music Projects to Get Behind!

Do you like the idea of free, feminist concerts? This radical world music and trans and queer SXSW showcase are two crowd-funded projects you'll want to check out!

Bibliobitch: Ruth Tenzer Feldman's Blue Thread Weaves Through Time

Blue Thread is a YA novel set in 1912 Portland, and follows the main character—sixteen-year old Miriam Josefsohn—in her discovery of, and growing involvement in, the women's suffrage movement. This isn't just historical fiction though—along with fighting for women's suffrage, Miriam travels through time using a prayer shawl handed down through the women in her family that contains...

School's Out: Gender Bending and Gender Blending

We're elaborately taught how to relate to ourselves as gendered beings. It's been a long time that people have been building on the critical observation that there's no natural connection between pink/girl or boy/blue, yet kids continue to be the targets of aggressive marketing that creates profitable niche interests—a collection of stereotypes from which gender binarized consumers are "free"...