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Double Rainbow: Parent Guides, Part 1

In this post and my next one, I'm taking a look at a selection of four parents' guides on autism and Asperger syndrome, to see how sex, sexuality, and gender are addressed. This is not a book review, but an overview of how these topics are presented in literature intended for parents of adolescents. Do these texts contribute to the erasure of autistic sexuality? What do the books have to say...

Women-Directed Documentaries Screening at the Portland International Film Festival!

This year at the Portland International Film Festival, there's a wealth of documentary films directed by women! Check out some of them below (or put them on your Netflix queue for later)!

School's Out: The (Queer) Sleepover Dilemma

For a lot of people, the idea of a sleepover conjures an image of wholesome youthful fun. In a culture that assumes that close friendships are usually same-sex, these occasions represent something platonic. At the same time, from an early age, a disproportionate degree of social anxiety and moral panic manifests around the bedroom, the nighttime, and the ambiguous meanings of the verb "to...

Douchebag Decree: Liz "Women in the Military Should Expect to Get Raped" Trotta

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and sexual assault.

Fox News isn't exactly known for its nuanced feminist critiques, but when pundit Liz Trotta aired her views on women in the military earlier this week, stating that—among other things—women working in close quarters with men should expect to be raped, things reached a whole new level of douche.

Pop Pedestal: Bobby Hill

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, where we take time to pay tribute to our favorite characters in pop culture. This week I'm choosing to celebrate the rose-growing, unicorn-loving, sharpshooting only child of the titular clan in King of the Hill, Bobby Hill.

Double Rainbow: Autism and Masculinity

I've touched upon the construction of autistic masculinity and the construction of autism as inherently masculine a few times already in this series. In this post, I'd like to take a little bit of a closer look at the relationship between autism and masculinity.

Read Spankin' New Articles from the Frontier Issue!

Read articles from the latest Bitch magazine—the Frontier issue!

Before you even get your copy in the mail, you can read "Better Homes & Bloggers" by Holly Hilgenberg, on ideas of authenticity and lifestyle blogging; "Target Market," J. Victoria Sanders' first person account of getting a handgun license in Texas and the race, gender, and personal issues involved;...

PETA: Enough with the sex and the vegetables and the "shock tactics" already! WE GET IT.

PETA isn't content to restrict its sex-sells messaging to the porn site, either. The latest campaign features a woman walking down the street in her bra and underwear in a neck brace, a result of rough (like, put your head through the wall and land you in a neck brace rough) sex with her newly vegan boyfriend. Is this a PSA for sexual assault? No. It's PETA's attempt to shock us into adopting...

School's Out: Teaching Homosexuality?

After seeing the headline "Catholic School Board Raises Concerns Over Teaching Homosexuality in School" the other day, I got to thinking that there's still a lot of confusion about "inclusive" education. Teaching homosexuality!? What exactly does that mean? Here's my take on the question based on the headlines in my home province of Ontario, a supposed bastion of mythic Canadian "tolerance."...

Protest, Desire, and Cheap Dildos: A Q&A with Laurie Penny

Image via @PennyRed

Laurie Penny is an British journalist and blogger who came to prominence with her riveting frontline coverage of the student protests in London in 2010 in The New StatesmanThe Guardian, and other outlets. After releasing her first book, Meat Market: Female Flesh Under Capitalism (Zero Books) in April 2011, the prolific Penny...