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Here's what we have been reading this week:
  • CNN suspends Roland Martin for his homophobic tweets during the Super Bowl. 
  • Civil rights activist Patricia Stephens Due died at 72 this week. 
  • NPR Fresh Air's interview with Meryl Streep covers her latest role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady
  • Oklahoma Democratic State Senator Constance Johnson offered...

Project Runway All Stars: A Face-Off For All Seasons

It was a fashion face-off for all seasons last night for our Project Runway All Stars.

This "who made it first?" coat scene was more dramatic than it looks.

Double Rainbow: Deconstructing "The Geek Syndrome"

Eleven years ago, an article in Wired magazine helped establish the reputation of Asperger's as "the geek syndrome." As the condition has become more prominent in the popular imagination, it has acquired a close association with computer technology. One could write a whole book on the relationship between Asperger's and cultural fascination with and anxiety about technology, but here...

Bechdel Test Canon: XXY

Save a few outlying exceptions, I watched most of these films on Netflix and streamed a number of them. This is how I saw Argentinean writer-director Lucía Puenzo's 2007 feature debut XXY. It's a touching coming-of-age film about Alex Kraken (an excellent Inés Efron), a 15-year-old intersex girl who decides to stop taking medication to suppress her masculine features. She recently...

School's Out: Honor Codes and Dress Codes

Some big news broke recently involving the so-called "honor killing" of four women close to where I live, and the media coverage has just been troubling to say the least. A father, his eldest son, and his second wife have been convicted of first-degree murder in the slaying of three of their daughters and his first wife.

The fact of Geeti Shafia, Sahar Shafia, Zainab Shafia, and Rona...

The 99%: Thoughts from the 1%

One of my close friends pointed out when I began to write this series that I wouldn't have the opportunity to explore a freelance writing career if I weren't able to take risks with my own earnings.  And she's completely right.  Bitch is wonderful, but as an independent, nonprofit publication, blogging for them doesn't exactly pull in large amounts.  If I had a family dependent upon my wages,...

Watch Trailer for Call Me Kuchu on Ugandan LGBT Activists

Call Me Kuchu is a new film that follows Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill, openly-gay activist David Kato (who was murdered three weeks after the bill was originally shot down), testaments from queer Ugandans, and the contradiction of religion, state, and identity. Its premiere this month at the Berlin Film Festival couldn't come at a better time. I found out about the movie from a...

Valentine's Duh: There's Nothing Funny About Stalking.

Valentine's Day is next week—a time for Occupying VDay, celebrating Galentine's Day, or, for the more traditional among us, spending lots of money on fancy cards and pink candy. While a polarizing event to be sure, Valentine's Day is, in its purest form, about love (and candy). What it is not about, at all, is stalking.

You know who missed the "stalking is not romantic in any way and...

Douchebag Decree: Pete Hoekstra's Racist Political Ad

This morning I woke up to the news that the Census Bureau counts dad staying home with the kids as "child care arrangement" (not so much, moms who do the same thing!), and a certain, Gawker-owned "women's issue" site posted stills of a woman being raped, but in a week of douchebags, I had to spend some time pointing out Pete Hoekstra's racist political ad that will be airing in...

Double Rainbow: Asperger's and Girls Part 2: "Boys, fashion, shopping, movies, and music"

That's what little girls are made of, apparently.

In my last post, I took a look at the book Asperger's and Girls, a collection of essays that attempt to address the needs and concerns about girls with Asperger syndrome. I found the book to be a disappointment overall, but one chapter in particular stands out as especially heinous. In "Girl to Girl: Advice on Friendship,...