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Race Card: Why I Might Give My Kids Biblical Names

The madness stops with me, I told myself years ago. My kids will have names that they won't have to spell out, that won't get their résumés dismissed, and that won't make it easy for others to discriminate against them. They will have generic Western names, damn it!

Beyond The Panel: Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan of Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell

Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan are the creators of the mythological and mundane webcomic Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell. According to Jenn: "Darwin Carmichael lives in mythical Williamsburg, the coolest of burroughs, populated by hipsters, minor deities and a host of preposterous creatures. The day-to-day of Darwin's world is much like ours, concerned with making ends meet, dating, and the...

Douchebag Decree: Chick-fil-A

Fast food chains, with their unhealthy menu options and shady labor practices, are already kinda douche-y. The well-known chicken hawkers (tee hee) at Chick-fil-A, however—not satisfied with just serving fried food to the masses—have raised the douche bar this month by being totally homophobic.

Iconography: Who is in the Library?

I started this series with a strained and cheesy Doctor Who reference, and today's title was me finishing with one ("Silence in the Library," for those playing at home). Let's try and move on from my sparkling wit to discuss which kinds of books and writers get to grace bookshelves, and the social and economic processes governing this. Who gets published and who does not? Whose work gets...

Race Card: Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey's making headlines once again—not because of his underwhelming relationship advice but because his ex-wife Mary has called him out for cheating on her and leaving her with nothing when they divorced in 2005. Who knows if her allegations are true, but they've certainly undermined Harvey's credibility. This is good news for black women, I think.

Adventures in Feministory: The History of the Babysitter

Okay, full disclosure, right up front: I'm a babysitter. Like, professionally. So maybe my fascination with the history of this job comes from a place of pure self absorption. Then again, there's a good chance many of you readers have been babysitters at some point (BSC-inspired flyers around the neighborhood advertising your services? A totally undesirable but obligatory gig watching a younger...

B-Sides: PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey is no stranger to this blog. She has consistently distanced herself from feminism as such, but our love for her is inescapable. Her music is about independence—from marriage ("The Pocket knife,"),  from judgement ("Who the Fuck?")—and her vision for her autonomous career has never faltered in 20 years of music-making. Now she's got a new album, Let England...

The Long Goodbye: Oprah at Her Best

Oprah meets the half-sister she recently discovered and produces a classy, deeply moving and fascinating story about family secrets, shame, and depth of character. This was truly Oprah at her best.

Funny Ladies Find Love in Tech Support

We were big fans of Jenny Hagel's last video series Feminist Rapper, so you can imagine our delight when she tipped us off to her latest work, the short film Tech Support, directed by Erik Gernand. If you've got nine minutes to spare this afternoon, why not spend them watching a lesbian comedy about women finding love over a tech support hotline? (Warning: This video may be considered mildly...

Iconography: Futures and Foibles

Any moment in time is the history others might look back on. I want to look to the writing happening, and the reputations being shaped, right now. Who do you think are going to be today's feminist literary icons in future eyes, and who ought to be? And what is the point of having icons? I can't predict the future—no, really, it's true!—so I can't tell you who are going to be recognized as great...