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Douchebag Decree: Barbara MacEwen & the Haters of New York

Still thrilled about New York's victory for marriage equality? Yep, me too. I wish I could have finished off Pride month in the Big Apple amongst millions of ecstatic fellow QUILTBAGs.

You know who's not as happy, though? Douchebaggery all-stars like big-gay-storm-fearers NOM (which stands for National Organization for Marriage, and yes, they often write it as "NOM") and the...

Stage Left: You Gotta Get A...Black Girl?

Musical theatre black women are often minor characters who show up to enlighten the main (white) ones with a Big Gospel Number, and then sink once more into the background. In spring 2006, not one but two shows premiered containing songs specifically lampooning this trope. And these are what I want to talk about.

Murder, She Blogged: Mrs. Columbo

Columbo was the late, great Peter Falk's most well-known role. We knew him by his rumpled mackintosh, his preternatural ability to hone in on the killer within seconds, and his catchphrase, "Just one more thing...." And, of course, the shadowy figure of Mrs. Columbo.

Political InQueery: The Someday Senator Baldwin?

Earlier this week, Rep. Tammy Baldwin said she was "likely" to run for the Senate to become Wisconsin's junior senator. After all of the strife in Wisconsin this spring, it was welcome news to progressives, who lost longtime Senator Russ Feingold in the 2010 midterm election and who have been in agony since Governor Scott Walker took union workers' collective bargaining rights away in support...

B-Sides: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart's New Video is Summery as F*ck

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart released the video today for their single "The Body." In it, the quotidian tasks of the present-day band members (brushing teeth, making eggs) are juxtaposed with images of their child-selves frolicking on the beach. The beach scenes are so summery that you'll feel like you've been transplanted from your desk to the shore (almost), and the kids look so much...

Stage Left: Here He is, World!

This series is about me finding a way to make musical theatre accessible to people who haven't trusted it before—and to do so in a way that demonstrates how thought-provoking it can be.

Sexual Inadequacy: Taking Aim at Archer

Ray Gilette was one of my favorite characters on Archer. Why did Adam Reed make him a rapist?

Dark of the Matin

Super 8 is one of the few movies I was genuinely excited to see this summer, and for the most part, it lived up to the hype. It's a consummate summer movie if there ever was one: it's got action, romance, aliens, explosions, and even takes place during summer. It's not a groundbreaking or exceptional movie by any means, but I felt fully engaged with it and enchanted by it...

Political InQueery: Gaffes & Annoyances

We are still early in the 2012 election cycle, but already the primary phase has had its share of missed opportunities, hilariously inaccurate statements, and misplaced emphases. Defining those moments is probably up to some debate, but here are some candidates:


Having recently returned to New York from Detroit's Allied Media Conference and two stops in the Midwest on my nationwide book tour, I am feeling reinvigorated by the innovative grassroots organizing work happening all over the country, enabling participation in communities of support and healing. Being a radical activist can be alienating, from both mainstream society and those who broker...