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Adventures in Feministory: Annie "Little Sure Shot" Oakley

Born on August 13, 1860 to Quaker parents Jacob and Susan, Phoebe Ann Mozee early life could not begin to foreshadow the wild adventures she would have. As she grew up, Annie's penchant for hunting became local legend and she started to garner fame and respect in her region for her excellent shot. After winning a competition against a traveling performer and sharp-shooter who she would later...

Bitch Radio: This Land is Girl Land

girllandtranscript.doc (69 KB)Remember earlier this week when we told you not to read Caitlin Flanagan's Girl Land? Well, we read it so you wouldn't have to (lucky you).

Thursday Night 'Lights: Four Ways for Up All Night to Fit Right In

So if you read these recaps with any regularity,  I imagine you were relieved when NBC moved Whitney to "cocktail hour" on Wednesdays to be paired with Chelsea Handler's new show. (So avoid Wednesday nights on NBC.) In its place came Up All Night, a mostly charming show about new parents Chris and Reagan. Like WhitneyUp All Night focuses on a couple in a...

Bitchtapes: Groundhog Day Was Yesterday

While brainstorming for this week's mix (too early for anti-Valentine's Day songs and too late for Squirrel Appreciation Day?) Kelsey came up with something brilliant: a mix inspired by the 1993 movie Groundhog Day featuring the same song played over and over again (Bill Murray's character in the film experiences, inescapably, the holiday every day). But because the utter meta-ness of...

Project Runway All Stars: A-muse-balls

Last night, our All Stars hit the streets to find inspiration (and innocent bystanders willing to donate the clothes off their backs) for an a-muse-ing runway challenge.

They're all titillated, but only one of them got his number.

On Our Radar

Is it Puppy Bowl weekend yet?
  • How genuine is the Susan G. Komen backtracking and apology? Here are a few excellent links on recent developments.
  • Check out this Feminist Wire article on the intersections and manipulations of anti-Palestinian occupation protestors and LGBTQ protestors by the Israeli government.
  • Transgriot has a report on awful transphobic actions going on...

Double Rainbow: Tony Attwood tells us to "make lemonade."

Well, he tells non-autistic people to make lemonade, specifically. Guess who the "lemons" are in this metaphor.

Popular fiction both shapes and reflects cultural attitudes. In a previous post, I picked apart the film Adam and expressed concern over the film's troubling conclusion that people with Asperger syndrome—and by extension all autists, since Asperger's is thought of as...

Bechdel Test Canon: Pumzi

In a recent interview with Samantha Burton for Bitch, Kenyan writer-director Wanuri Kahiu recalled a lovely endorsement she received from a film festival attendant in Zanzibar. Speaking of her 2009 short Pumzi, he said:

"If you ask everybody here, 'What exactly happened in that film?' they wouldn't be able to tell you. But if you ask everybody here, 'What was that...

Pop Pedestal: Two Fat Ladies

Clarissa and Jennifer could be seen making impressive meals on the go for their Two Fat Ladies cooking show on the BBC in the late '90s, and you can currently catch them (in reruns) on the Cooking Channel.

Douchebag Decree: Jan Brewer

"Finger wagging" doesn't really sum up the tense moment on the tarmac: Brewer is using her white privilege to mask her anger, in an attempt to assert power over Obama. The little power play at the Phoenix Airport speaks to the age-old stereotype of black men being seen as a threat to white women, and the fact that Jan Brewer took advantage of that earns her this week's Douchebag Decree...