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Family Guy: Reaching new transmisogynistic lows

I like cartoons, and watch several less-than-feminist animated series, but as far as Family Guy goes, I watched my last episode years ago, fed up with its recycled gags and the way it confused political incorrectness with edgy humor (has somone already made the joke "So crass, so old" about Fox's new "So brash, so bold"? Probably?). But the show, and creator Seth MacFarlane's spinoff shows The...

Mad World: Compromising Positions

Mad World fans, take note! In cooperation with PSU's Women, Gender,...

TelevIsm: Shh, It's On!

Hi there! I'm Rachel McCarthy James. In most internet-type contexts I go by RMJ. I write and edit the recently-revived feminist blog Deeply Problematic, and I'm here to talk to y'all about some TELEVISION. Read on for some thoughts about Television, in general!

The Lady Is a Tramp: How Lena Horne Helped Me Become a Tramp

Oh honestly, unclutch your pearls. I'm not speaking ill of the dead.

If you ever heard the song "The Lady Is a Tramp"—and how the late Lena Horne sang it—you'll understand why I say that about the legendary performer.

Midwife crisis: No home births, please, we're New Yorkers


Since we're already piling up the posts about both mothers and pregnancy, now seems like a good time to issue a call to action on an issue that doesn't usually come up when we talk about reproductive rights: home birth.

The 2007 documentary The Business of Being Born was, for many women (and men) an eye-opening look at the increasing medicalization of birth in America and a...

The Young and The Feckless: Gen Y's Biological Clock Talk Taboo

I've hesitated about tackling this particular topic, but with the recent proximity of Mother's Day and the 50th anniversary of The Pill, I figured there was never going to be a better time to address it. My hesitation stems from a reluctance to drag biology into the equation and to bring up some unpleasant home truths that can't be advocated or educated away. Photo by Shutter Daddy

Tuning In: Daria on DVD

Daria comes out on DVD tomorrow. I can't wait!

BitchTapes: MamaMix

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! Here is a mix for those who love their moms and love hearing songs about these powerful women. Go grab your mom and have a listen while thanking her for creating the feminist who sits beside her!

Mother's Day is for Feminists.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and though the commercial holiday might have a cheesy reputation filled with schlocky cards, cheap candy, and Build-A-Bears, the true spirit of Mother's Day is nothing if not feminist. After all, what other holiday exists solely to honor the older women in our lives for the sacrifices they've made on our behalf? We can honor not only our own mothers tomorrow (...

I Can Has Feminizm?

If you haven't started following @BitchMediaLive to catch our oh-so-entertaining live tweets yet, now's the time to join in, because tonight we'll be live-tweeting the very special women of SNL episode hosted by Betty White! Rachel Dratch! Tina Fey! Maya Rudolph! Amy Poehler! Ana Gasteyer! Molly Shannon! Feminist tweets! You don't want to miss it! I know at least one Twitter enthusiast who'll...