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The Dating Game: Say My Name

When I stopped being a "girl," and stopped dating "boys," it felt weirder and weirder to be somebody's "girlfriend" or have a "boyfriend." But, man, do people hate having to alter their vocabulary to match your relationship.

Kerbloffle: The Olivia Munn Saga

Olivia Munn In an interview with Salon, Munn says "these women [Jezebel bloggers] sit behind this very thin veil that I can see right through, this idea that 'we stand up for women.' If you stand up for women, then don't bash me." This quote reveals a strict adherence to what I'll call the Palin Feminist Fallacy: the idea that if a woman does something, it is automatically a feminist action....

Sm{art}: Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo

Andre Breton described Frida Kahlo's work as a "ribbon around a bomb." Yesterday was the Mexican surrealist painter's 103rd birthday.

Political InQueery: When Local Politicians Do Bad Things

Sure, it's hard to live in the spotlight, even if it's a local spotlight, like the one we shine on mayors. I can't think of many other jobs as thankless as being mayor, because the people who fancy themselves watchdogs are really, really into it and there's not much that escapes public scrutiny, even if "public" is limited to fewer than 500,000 folks. The current mayor of Washington, DC, Adrian...

Mad World: I'm on a Motorcycle

Our very first post in this series was a discussion of the "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial. Some of us loved it and felt guilty about it, some of us loved it and felt great about it, and some of us just loved to hate it. Whichever camp you're in, you might be interested to know that Old Spice just released a follow up:

Declare Your Independence: Why Subscribing to Bitch is Better for the Environment

Most Bitch readers buy the magazine off the magazine rack, at a bookstore, a grocery store, or a boutique. This is called newsstand distribution, and it's a system that is built on and rewards waste and inefficiency.

The Dating Game: Coming Online

I know that there's a book called The Rules, but the real truth about dating is that there aren't any.

Political InQueery: The Annual Vote for Change

Maybe the summer only seems quiet, free from the stresses of the holiday season, the doldrums of mid-winter, and the frantic fervor of spring. Maybe this is when we're lulled into complicity and we acquiesce into a false sense of comfort. Because fall is just around the corner, and it's not just any fall this year: it's the 2010 Midterm Elections. The world is ending, and so far, nobody cares.

Snarky's Cinemachine: Andrew Garfield is the New Spiderman

While Wonder Woman's Hot Topic makeover took center stage last week, another superhero fate was being revealed. This week it was announced that Andrew Garfield will assume the role of Spiderman in the upcoming reboot of the franchise. The sweet faced Garfield, despite being an accomplished actor, isn't exactly a household name. His nascent acting résumé includes the films Lions for...

On Our Radar

We're rounding up some of the most interesting things we read this week in another installment of On Our Radar!

  • On Salon, Madeline Holler writes on the downsides of radical homemaking.
  • Amanda Hess of The Sexist breaks down the creepy manipulation of television personality Olivia Munn during her Playboy photo shoot. Munn writes in her memoir about the...