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"On the Right Track, Baby"? Glee's Muddled Message about Difference

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On Tuesday, Glee aired their second vaguely Lady Gaga-inspired episode, "Born This Way." Like the first, Season One's "Theatricality," it was, to quote Alyx Vesey, "a mixed bag stuffed to the purse strings."

BiblioBitch: LGBTQ History on the Bill

For LGBTQ and disability rights activists, allies and California youth, as of April 14th, it got better. The CA senate voted 23-14 in favor of a bill mandating the inclusion of curriculum based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools, and if the bill is adopted by the state assembly, the teaching of LGBTQ history will become lawful. Much like the cultural...

Electro Feminisms: An Interview with Cooly G

Cooly G is one of the UK's hottest artists at the moment, releasing singles on revered label Hyperdub (Burial, Kode 9, Ikonika) as well as setting up her own label, Dub Organizer. I caught up with her at a hectic time, with her four-year old son Nas clamouring for attention and a repairman in the house attempting—and by the end of the interview, failing—to fix a broken boiler. I found Cooly G...

The Wedding March: Embracing the Trashy

As the day draws ever nearer, and even the most patriotic pundits run out of things to say about the ceremony itself, it's time to turn our attention to what comes afterwards. The significance of the event cannot be underestimated, and although none of us will be privy to what the newlyweds get up to behind closed doors, it doesn't stop us speculating. I speak, of course, of the reception.

R.I.P. Punk Queen Poly Styrene

Poly Styrene, the lead singer of the pioneering punk band X-Ray Spex, died on Monday after a battle with cancer. She was 53.

Styrene's glass-shattering vocals made the band's 1978 album Germ Free Adolescents a punk masterpiece, and the song "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" in particular stands out as one of punk feminism's original eff yous to the sexism and prejudice that existed not only in...

Lollapalooza 2011: Dudefest Midwest

Brooklyn Vegan released the lineup for Lollapalooza 2011, Chicago's contribution to the summer festival circuit, today, and I'm sure they just MISPLACED the list with all the female acts on it, and that's coming shortly. Right? There's no WAY such an enormous festival wouldn't include a SINGLE WOMAN in their list of headliners? Ouch, Lolly. Ouch. I thought our love went deeper than...

This is Your Brain on Ads: Morgan Spurlock's Greatest Movie Ever Sold

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is a perfect display of what Spurlock's brand personality analyst calls his mix of "playful and mindful" qualities. He sells himself with a shit-eating grin, riding the wave of his own charm, which is a force unto itself—fueling the camera equipment, feeding the crew, somehow exempting him from an icky breakdown of integrity even while dressed in a...

The Bitch High Five: What Remake/Re-Release Should Be Next?

Every month in our newsletter (sign up on the homepage!), we survey our staffers and readers on their top five in a given category, complete with options, results and further comment space here on the Bitch blog. Lend a vote and give us five, or share your own idea below!

With all the nostalgia magnets in theatres lately (eg. Transformers, Smurfs) what film or...

Adventures in Feministory: Grace Paley

Activist, poet, mother, writer, Jewish woman, pacifist—it's hard to pick what defined Grace Paley. Born in the Bronx in 1922, Paley went on to publish award winning works of poetry and fiction, to be an active member of both the anti-war and women's movement, to teach writing at Sarah Lawrence, and used her poetry as a weapon well into her eighties. Here are just some reasons why Grace Paley...

Sex and the Fat Girl: Win Tickets to Erica Watson's "Fat Bitch!"

I will be reviewing the April 30 showing of "Fat Bitch!" for this column, and I'm interviewing Erica Watson after the show. YOU can win two tickets to either the April 29, 30 or May 1st shows, at 8 p.m., 8 p.m. and 5 p.m. respectively. The show is in Los Angeles at the Greenway Court Theater.