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Double Rainbow: Adam: "More like a child than anything else"

The 2009 romantic drama Adam features a relationship between a non-autistic woman and a man with Asperger syndrome. Any portrayal of autistic sexuality has the potential to be subversive, but unfortunately this particular movie squanders that potential and reinforces existing tropes about autism and disability.

On Our Radar

Um, if Jay-Z has sworn off the word "bitch," how will he renew his subscriptions?
  • This week's homework: check out an excerpt from Professor Melissa Harris-Perry's Sister Citizen on Michelle Obama and the gendered and racialized conceptions of her role as first lady. Extra credit for tying it in to current political discussion!
  • Margaret Cho defends any "strong language" ...

Bechdel Test Canon: Je tu il elle

Je tu il elle illustrates why such enthusiastic fandom and hushed reverence toward the work of queer Belgian director Chantal Akerman feels earned.

The 99%:

For the Bluths, their wealth is a performance, but their class privilege is real. They live in a former shell of their old life: they share a model home built by the once-lucrative Bluth construction company that stands alone in an unfinished development. Beautiful inside and out, the home deteriorates throughout the series, but the façade remains intact.  And to most of the members of this...

2 Broke Girls Showrunner Doubles Down on Racist Humor

The CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls has earned a reputation for racist jokes (also for unfunny jokes). You'd like to think that showrunner Michael Patrick King was working on fixing these problems instead of sticking to—and defending—his racist joke guns. Think again.

Double Rainbow: Stepping Back

This blog series is rapidly closing in on its second week and I have only just gotten started. I have a lot in mind to cover—autistic gender and sexuality in parents' guides, autism and sex ed, the pathologization of gender non-normative behavior—and I have barely scratched the surface of portrayals of autists in film, television, and news media. As I did with my previous post on Erasure and...

Douchebag Decree: '60s Movie Star Kim Novak Dislikes a Movie, is a Complete Douche About It

Remember what a douchebag Johnny Depp was last year when he compared his many celebrity photoshoots to instances of rape? You'd think his fellow actors would have learned from his mistake that "rape" is not a word that can be thrown about to describe any mildly uncomfortable situation, but some actors obviously did not get the message. Earlier this week actress Kim Novak, star of the...

Childhood Obesity Campaign Still Bullying Fat Kids

You may have seen these ads last week from Atlanta's Strong4Life Campaign, which attempt to let kids (and their parents) know that they are fat and shame/scare/bully them into just stopping being fat already.

Bechdel Test Canon: Saving Face

A look at Alice Wu's Saving Face, a film about Chinese-American lesbian identity, that makes the case for why it's much more thrilling and difficult to be a person rather than an example.

Sm{art}: Eve Arnold

The first week of the new year brought with it the passing of Eve Arnold, one of the first women to earn recognition as a photojournalist in the mid-twentieth century. Though she is perhaps best known for capturing celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Joan Crawford in rare, unguarded moments, Arnold should also be recognized for the political and social commentaries her archives...