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Adventures in Feministory: Vi Subversa

Vi Subversa took late '70s British punk idealism and held it up to its own values. She challenged the seas of angry, violent young men that crowded British clubs and opened punk up for personal expression. With her band the Poison Girls, she forged a path of punk rock that examined the politics of everyday life. And, who else can say they released their first single when they were a 44-year-...

The 99%: "But look how far we

Yet, what Downton Abbey also offers for the modern viewer is the idea that, today, class differences have been overcome.  The stark separation between the lives of the family and the staff illustrate a segregation that is no longer overt in today's society.  Few people have lives in literal servitude, and even fewer have actual servants.  We like to believe that now, a hundred years...

Pomp and Quirkumstance: Portlandia Season Two Airs Tonight, Air Your Thoughts

I have a complicated relationship with Portlandia. To start, I was born in Portland and I still live here, and I want everyone in the world to know that it's a great city with more to offer than coffee and bearded white dudes, so I am psyched that it is getting national, positive attention. However, Portlandia does little to challenge stereotypes about Portland and instead...

BitchTapes: Friendship Mix

Friends are the best. Here are a few songs about loving friends, missing friends, and losing friends (also, they're great for mixtapes...for your friends!). Let us know which friendship songs we missed in the comments!

BitchTapes: Friendship Mix from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

Project Runway All Stars: Mondo, Mondo, Mondo!

Project Runway All Stars premiered last night, and though a few familiar faces were missing (wherefore art thou, Nina Garcia?) there was plenty to talk about. Let's get to it!

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  • Soraya Chemaly's responds to the Iowa caucuses with a piece on the incredible inequality for women in US politics.
  • s.e. smith looks at the ridiculous bootstrap argument as applied to mental health.
  • Watch Francesca Ramsey's excellent turnaround of the "Shit [blanks] Say" meme, "Shit White Girls Black Girls."
  • He may...

Bechdel Test Canon: I Like It Like That

Darnell Martin's I Like It Like That may push the boundaries of the Bechdel Test, but its insights into black Latina motherhood, sisterhood, and professional identity are fascinating, rare, and in need of recognition.

Double Rainbow: Erasure and Asexuality

The result of prevailing cultural attitudes is that autistic people are perceived as inherently non-sexual. Not as asexual—the mainstream paradigm erases the experiences of asexual autists right along with those of other queer people on the spectrum.

Pop Pedestal: Brad Williams and Jane Kerkovich-Williams from Happy Endings

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay tribute to pop culture personalities we admire. Up today are Jane and Brad, married couple extraordinaire from ABC's Happy Endings.

True love means not making fun of your wife for wearing a bacon costume.

Douchebag Decree: Sarah "Human Barbie" Burge, Mother and Plastic Surgery Voucher-Giver

What do you get the seven-year-old girl who has everything? Well, if you're Sarah Burge, self-proclaimed "Human Barbie," and the girl in question is your daughter Poppy, you give her a voucher for breast implants for her birthday, and you follow it up with a Christmas voucher for liposuction. Happy Holidays!

The gift that keeps on giving (you a complex about your body).