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  • Tiger Beatdown's Garland Grey reports from SXSW!
  • On Salon, Bitch contributor Page McBee talks about not fitting into the gender binary.
  • At Racialicious and Bold as Love, Rob Fields explores the limited film-buzz surrounding I Will Follow.
  • Ms. and AlterNet look at how budget cuts could affect HIV-positive women...

Sm{art}: Geppetta: Puppetry as Resistance

If Frida Kahlo's painted figures and Marcel Dzama's illustrations were lifted off the canvas and brought to life in a seance performance, their stories and gestures would surely resemble the performative cabaret work of Geppetta. Philedelphia-based queer fabulist Adelaide Windsome is a multimedia puppeteer who explores mental health, identity and survival through the fantastic.

The Games We Play: Playing with Anna Collier

I wanted to make sure that my voice wasn't the only one droning at you during this series, so I bestowed some fangirl love upon some prominent pro-gamers in exchange for interviews. I was really honored that Anna Collier, one of the most well-known in the field agreed to humor me.

Douchebag Decree: FalseFlesh

Have you ever thought about Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, naked? Well, he might be thinking about you naked, and FalseFlesh wants to help him with his dreams. If his dreams are to look at your naked body without your permission. There's an app for that! (Links after the jump are potentially NSFW)

No Kidding: On Being Childfree and Really Liking Kids

Since I've pretty much always known I didn't want to have kids, this has come up for me a lot over the years—specifically when talking to people who also like kids but don't want to have their own. In my personal and professional life, I've met daycare staffers and school teachers who, like me (only to a greater extent), totally dig children but want to work with them, not give birth to and...

The Games We Play: Pwn Anonymous, with Love

You can't see me! Ha!

The Age of the Internet has brought many advances in the way that we play games. It usually breaks down into three categories, and I like to chunk things neatly for the sake of paragraphs. The Internet has brought we the gamers The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. The Good is that it has opened up a whole world where we can interact with other game...

Sex and the Fat Girl: Ask a Fat Girl #4

This is the last edition of Ask a Fat Girl for a while. Today we talk about classes on sizeism, first time sex, "compliments" on weight loss, what I do when I'm feeling down on myself, and more!

Transcript (PDF)

Adventures in Feministory: Gertrude Stein

Looking back on a literary icon.

The Games We Play: With All Due Respect

If you are a service member on deployment or stationed overseas you may find yourself limited in the ways that you are able to spend your free time. You could spend your time doing PT (physical training), studying for exams, doing PT, maybe doing college work online, doing PT, or, if you are a gamer, spending some quality time with your console or computer and your choice of n00bs to...

No Kidding: What About The Men? Pt. 2

What do you make of the idea that men have an inherent right to fatherhood?