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The 99%: Money Can't Buy You Love (and it Might Get in the Way)

Shows like The Bachelor and Millionaire Matchmaker not only reduce romance to opulent displays of consumerism and gender conformity, but they distract us from actual consideration of the role of class in relationships and the need to negotiate those differences on a real, ongoing, interpersonal level.

Double Rainbow: Navigating Autism, Gender, and Sexuality

Welcome to my guest blog series, Double Rainbow. I am very excited to be blogging for Bitch and for the opportunity to lend my voice to discussion about representations of autistic sexuality (and lack thereof) in popular media. I chose the title of my blog both as a playful reference to the "Double Rainbow" meme and as a reference to the fact that I am a lesbian on the autism ...

Bitch Radio: Behind the Scenes of Portlandia

Portlandia season two premieres next week on IFC. To tide you over until then, today's episode of Bitch Radio features Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen, show creator Jonathan Krisel, and show producer Andrew Singer answering pressing Portlandia questions. Wondering which scenes were the hardest to shoot, or what to expect from season two? Tune in and find out! (Be warned: This...

On Our Radar

Blog time!
  • Portland-based plus-size boutique Fat Fancy needs your help with their fundraising campaign–donate now!
  • Kate Harding writes about the Internet's sexist response to the sexism on Reddit's atheist community.
  • According to Slate's L.V. Anderson, the new movie about Margaret Thatcher doesn't try to dig into the woman's deeper motivations, it's mostly just sexist....

BitchTapes: For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

New Year's Eve is a tricky holiday. While a night set aside for dressing fancy, toasting to a maybe-great future, and counting down to a kiss with someone cute should equal the best time ever, it can quickly turn into a stress-filled letdown that leaves you walking home barefoot in the slush because you couldn't get a cab, uncomfortable shoes in hand and false eyelashes sliding down...

Bechdel Test Canon: Set It Off

Nearly 15 years later, Set It Off continues to insist on raising the stakes for representations of black women on- and off-screen. 

In the Frame: The Exhibition's Over, Time to Review

I can't believe it's the end of my guest blog series already. Looking at he theme of art and feminism has raised loads of questions and also given lots of answers. We've explored artists who use hair and those who've experienced domestic violence, the woman who got a vaginal Damien Hirst tattoo, and the countless murdered and attacked females in Juarez, Mexico, who have been immortalized...

Vote for Douchebag of the Year

It's been a real week of accolades for me, Sweetie the Panda. First, the BBC names me one of its top 12 Female Faces of 2011! Now, some of you might be saying, "Wait, Sweetie...why are you on this list, you're just a panda!" Well, look here, not only is the Edinburgh Zoo is paying £600,000 a year for 10 years for me and my pal Sunshine (who didn't make the BBC men's list for some...

In The Frame: Art Recommended by Bitch Readers

When I started this guest blog I was overwhelmed with your brilliant suggestions for artists to explore, and I followed up on as many of your tips as possible. Here is a taste of what Bitch readers recommend—I hope you'll discover someone who inspires you!

Pop Pedestal: Reggie Rocket

I'm looking back to my '90s cartoon education for this edition of Pop Pedestal, where we celebrate pop culture characters we admire. This week is all about Reggie Rocket, the rad-girl sister I wish I had from Nickelodeon's Rocket Power.