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Bechdel Test Canon: Set It Off

Nearly 15 years later, Set It Off continues to insist on raising the stakes for representations of black women on- and off-screen. 

In the Frame: The Exhibition's Over, Time to Review

I can't believe it's the end of my guest blog series already. Looking at he theme of art and feminism has raised loads of questions and also given lots of answers. We've explored artists who use hair and those who've experienced domestic violence, the woman who got a vaginal Damien Hirst tattoo, and the countless murdered and attacked females in Juarez, Mexico, who have been immortalized...

Vote for Douchebag of the Year

It's been a real week of accolades for me, Sweetie the Panda. First, the BBC names me one of its top 12 Female Faces of 2011! Now, some of you might be saying, "Wait, Sweetie...why are you on this list, you're just a panda!" Well, look here, not only is the Edinburgh Zoo is paying £600,000 a year for 10 years for me and my pal Sunshine (who didn't make the BBC men's list for some...

In The Frame: Art Recommended by Bitch Readers

When I started this guest blog I was overwhelmed with your brilliant suggestions for artists to explore, and I followed up on as many of your tips as possible. Here is a taste of what Bitch readers recommend—I hope you'll discover someone who inspires you!

Pop Pedestal: Reggie Rocket

I'm looking back to my '90s cartoon education for this edition of Pop Pedestal, where we celebrate pop culture characters we admire. This week is all about Reggie Rocket, the rad-girl sister I wish I had from Nickelodeon's Rocket Power.

Mom & Pop Culture: Now it

My goal in writing this series was to delve into the intersections of feminism, parenting and pop culture, and I did my best to tackle as many topics as possible in my eight weeks here. (Although of course, I'm still left staring at a laundry list of things I wanted to write about...isn't that always the case?)

In The Frame: Life, Death, and Other Lessons Learned from Art

For me, art isn't just about finding something pretty or intelligent, or wishing I could paint as well as someone else. It's about looking at a piece and knowing that it's taught you something and you feel better for having seen it. You understand the world a little better afterwards, and you can't wait to rave about it to your friends. Here are three lessons I've learned from artists that I'd...

Bibliobitch: Modelland

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be sent to a nonsensical, exclusive modeling school where girls acquire magical powers that allow them to convince people to buy useless products? Me neither. But Tyra Banks has.

The 99%: Champagne Toasts and Caviar Receptions: Buying the American Wedding

Yet, as a proportion of their annual incomes, the Kardashian kouple may actually be more reasonable than many other Americans. In 2007, the average cost of the American wedding was over $28,000; while the recession caused a bit of a dip for a few years, the price is now back up over $24,000.  These costs represent about half of the country's median annual household (not individual) income; ...

B-Sides: Flown

I'm contacting Bitch's top-secret New York operative to dig up any dirt they can find on Brooklyn stoner-metal trio Flown. All I know about Flown is that they play heavy acid-fried jams, have a single on a Bandcamp page, have a live video of said single on YouTube, and apparently used to back Frankie Rose as the Outs.