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Mary Anderson: Slingin' Off the Rain

Trivia: Which came first: the Model T Ford or the windshield wiper? Might seem counter-intuitive, but it was the wiper! Yep, the first successful windshield wiper was invented, and patented, by Mary Anderson in 1903.

Rape: Still not an "official crime," still making us stabby

Last week, Amanda Hess wrote an excellent and completely infuriating piece for The Washington City Paper called, "Test Case: You're Not a Rape Victim Unless Police Say So" about one woman's unbelievably frustrating struggle to get a rape kit. (I definitely recommend reading the piece, but it could be triggering so keep that in mind.)

Anyway, as one astute Bitch reader reminded us, this...

The Young and The Feckless: Expiration Dated

I hate to break it to you, but we have a sell-by date. We're perishable, dude. Highly perishable. I spoke these words to a friend as we meandered down the street engaged in another one of our snarky, rapid-fire dialogues about how we ended up here. Here being the waning years of our twenties without being firmly established on solid career paths and without appropriate grown-up milestones (...

Tuning In: Liz Lemon's ringtone

Last month, NBC aired 30 Rock's "Future Husband" episode, wherein TGS creator/head writer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) tracks down the man she labeled her spouse-to-be on her iPhone. It was a follow-up to the Valentine's Day-themed "Anna Howard Shaw Day," which found the show's heroine spending the most romantic day of the year at the dentist, haunted by hallucinations of ex-...

Raising Trouble: A Little Romance

Why are little girls obsessed with weddings?

Tuning In: Neko Case as Cheyenne Cinnamon

Neko Case stars in an Adult Swim pilot about a female pop star who doesn't save the day.

The Young and The Feckless: Class Conundrum

Watching Bristol Palin's teen pregnancy PSA the other day and reading reactions to it (including Bitch's own Kelsey Wallace), I was reminded of a question that I've been turning over in my mind lately, namely who has the authority/credibility/legitimacy to speak to issues of class and privilege? While I think Palin's spot fails as a warning against teen pregnancy, it does offer a frank (if...

Yes! No! Wait, What Was the Question?

"Now when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head like I'm saying yes to every beat. 'Yes! Yes! Yes, this rocks!' And then sometimes I switch up with 'No! No! No, don't stop a'rockin!'"

–Homer Simpson

Give it up for the power of yes! And the power of no! Give it up for choice!

Raising Trouble: An Institute of Her Own

The Geena Davis Institute - how cool is that? - unleashes the wrath of Thelma on the kid-u-tainment industry.

Welcome to Kabletown, Population: Irony (Sort of)

If you've been watching 30 Rock this season, you might be familiar with Kabletown, the fictional media company that is in the process of purchasing NBC on the show. If you've been paying attention to media news recently, you might be familiar with Comcast, the real media company that is in the process of purchasing NBC in real life. Art imitates life! Even when life is in a Brave New...