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Mom & Pop Culture: An Interview With Ani DiFranco

With twenty studio albums under her belt, and another coming out in the new year, she is still as bad-ass as ever. While her new songs may not hold the same personal angst as earlier ones, they are still infused with a strong point of view, activist spirit, and feminist ideology. I recently had the chance to talk with Ani about her music, her (ever-changing) feminism, motherhood and everything...

Sm{art}: Vanessa Renwick

Founder and janitor of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass, Portland-based artist Vanessa Renwick has made over 40 films and installations.  Her work ranges from towering gold-leaf BMX bike sculptures in front of Powell's Books to super 8 shorts of her hitchhike sojourn to the Native American reserves in South Dakota during a two and a half year period spent barefoot, her wolf dog by her...

Bechdel Test Canon: Bandidas

BFFs Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz saddle up and ride for Bandidas, a western buddy comedy.

Mom & Pop Culture: Music Madness

The problem is that while a lot of music (I'm thinking mostly of pop and hip hop here) that's geared towards teens and adults also appeals to kids, it's not actually appropriate for them. So what's a mama (or papa) to do when they want to rock out, but not expose their kids to music and musicians they're just not old enough for? Thankfully, besides the classics, there has been a lot of kickass...

In the Frame: Female Photographers Telling Stories

There are loads of photographers who take the body as their subject matter—hey, it's nothing new. But the women in this post made a point of portraying the body as something to be celebrated and combined with fashion, sociological thinking, or mythology. It's so much more than just snapping a photo.

B-Sides: Emika's Emika

Emika borrows the bass vibes of dubstep, adds a pinch of moody pop, and writes storylines to create a deep, delicate, broken-down sound that humanizes electronic music.

Adventures in Feministory: Elaine May

Elaine May gained notoriety for directing the 1987 Hollywood mega-disaster Ishtar, but before that she broke barriers for women in comedy with longtime partner-in-crime Mike Nichols, and for women in film with her gripping Mikey and Nicky and hilarious The Heartbreak Kid. She's worked against the grain as a writer and director, pushing against systems that normally...

In The Frame: An Interview with The Girls

Together, Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair are known as The Girls—an artistic partnership that has revolved around intense tableaux self-portraits, live performances, videos and installations. Along with exhibiting regularly in the UK, they've shown at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and Milan's UNO+UNO. Whether they're taking on recognizable people and reimagining them, or creating...

Bechdel Test Canon: The Spirit of the Beehive

As we enter into the third week of the series, I thought we'd continue our conversation about fables and girlhood generated by Friday's post on Hanna by looking at Spanish director Victor Erice's haunting 1973 film The Spirit of the Beehive. The film filters a young girl's experience with James Whale's Frankenstein through the lens of Francoism, familial and...

The 99%: Welcome Home, Deserving People! Thoughts on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

There's something else going on here. There's the construction (no pun intended) of a "deserving" poor person whose needs can be addressed via a for-profit reality show, as opposed to real, systemic change.