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Mom & Pop Culture: The Reality of Reality TV Parenting

I understand that reality television has to have some sort of "hook" to get you, the viewer, interested enough to stick around. For the most part, that's usually drama. Even when shows are about parenting, it's not the day-to-day rhythm that gets airtime, but rather the sensational, unbelievable, and usually questionable parenting decisions that take center stage. that really...

In The Frame: Art Therapy

Art therapy has been used for years on patients who are dealing with trauma in all its forms, whether they are suffering from cancer, struggling to fit into a community that isolates women of a certain age or race, or rebuilding their lives following rape and domestic violence. A lot can be gained from this sort of psychological approach, as it allows patients to express themselves (which, in...

Bibliobitch: Somnambulist Zine Creates One More for the People

Martha Grover has been publishing her zine Somnambulist since 2003. The first collection of this zine, One More for the People came out on Tuesday from Perfect Day Publishing, a small press based out of Portland, OR. Unlike other zine collections, One More for the People is not a linear anthologizing of Somnambulist, but instead a selection of writing from...

Bitch in a Box: Music Lover's Edition, Part I

With all the great music that came out this year, there's no excuse for not knowing what to get the music fan in your life. Here are some suggestions, with more to come!

Bechdel Test Canon: Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Robert Altman's Come Back to the Five and Dime offers a space to explore film characters' relationship to fandom and identity politics, as well as the relationship between actresses and male directors.

The 99%: What

Can being broke be funny, after all? 

Monday's post on 2 Broke Girls generated a lot of comments—from fans of the show who felt I was being too harsh, and from others who felt I was too forgiving of the show's many flaws.  One commenter said, "You can't expect a comedy to be so heavy and grounded in real life struggles."

Well, yes. I can.

Mom & Pop Culture: Gender is NOT a Genre

With gender stereotypes pervading our TVs, movies, toys, clothes, etc., can't we just have kids' books without adding more labels?

In The Frame: Votes for Women and Tackling the 1%

Aside from looking at artists who happen to be feminist, or happen to be women, I also want to look at how key events in history have led to the creation of art that inspires support of feminism. One example of this is Votes for Women and the suffragettes and suffragists who wanted to achieve gender equality for the electorate.

It's a complex debate, because not all men had the vote...

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Fool for Type Edition!

Many of us have someone on our list who is a big old typography geek. She's the person who hosted a screening of the documentary Helvetica, the obsessive typespotter who plays Kern Type like it's Angry Birds, the mad genius who regularly thinks things like, "What if typefaces were dogs?" (Or perhaps your type-loving pal is this guy?) If you're shopping for someone who loves...

Shit Girls Say: I Seriously Don't Get It

Help me out here, blogosphere. The Internet (OK, my tiny corner of it) has been blowing up since yesterday with people LOLing at this Shit Girls Say video (inspired by this Twitter account) created by Graydon Sheppard and his boyfriend, Kyle Humphrey. The video is just a dude (Sheppard) wearing a wig saying things like "Can you read this and see if it makes sense?" and "I know, right?" while...