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Tuning In: Nicki Minaj

Today I focus on Nicki Minaj, a female rapper who is part of Lil Wayne's Young Money crew and has recently gone solo She's been on my radar for some time. Jonah Weiner recently wrote a Slate column about her. Jay Smooth and Maura Johnston had in an interesting exchange about her for NPR. Apparently this Web site gets several searches for her as well, so she's clearly someone we should be...

Raising Trouble: A Shout Out

Raising Trouble gives a shout out to some of the amazing work other people are doing on the same subject.

Douchebag Decree: George Rekers, Gay Gay-Hater

File it under "No Longer Surprising," but yet another anti-gay douchebag has turned out to be... wait for it... GAY!!! Baptist Minister George Rekers was caught out not only entertaining a male escort, but entertaining him on a ten-day trip to Europe! Oh, and the kicker? Though Rekers claims the man was just there to help him "lift his luggage" (yeah, that sounds sexual to me too) he...

Sm{art}: Laurie Hogin

Maybe it's a sign that spring has sprung, or should spring soon, but I am totally inspired by rabid technicolor bunnies right now.

Betty White's SNL Promos! Jay-Z! OMG!

Yes yes y'all:

Tuning In: The L Word's Planet and its musical orbiters

Today, I thought I'd turn our attention to Showtime's The L Word. I'll admit that the Los Angeles-based ensemble dramedy created by Ilene Chaiken was marred by over-the-top situations, uneven character development, hackneyed writing, a bevy of skinny femmes, and racially problematic casting decisions. It also featured one of the worst theme songs ever, which was written and performed by BETTY...

The Young and the Feckless: Publification and Our Comparison Compulsion

I feel as if my more navel gazing commentaries should come with some sort of disclaimer stating that they're not meant to be extrapolated upon, taken as universally representative of the readership's experience, etc. To that end... I confess that I've watched the recent brouhaha over Facebook's privacy changes with some measure of baffled amusement, especially when those complaints come from my...

Raising Trouble: "When Can I Wear Lipstick?"

My four-year-old son wonders when he will be old enough to wear lipstick to school.

Adventures in Feministory : Charlotte Perriand

Although she's often overlooked in favor of bigger names like Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand was one of France's most influential designers.

Mad World: Workin' at the Pink Wash

Perhaps you have heard of KFC's "Buckets for the Cure" campaign. The idea is, every time you buy a pink bucket of fried chicken from the chain, 50 cents is donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation for breast cancer research. Now, raising money for cancer research of any kind is great, but I can't help but think (and I am by no means alone here) that this campaign is...