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We're All Mad Here: Mental Illness in YA Fiction

Young adult literature features a number of depictions of mentally ill characters, from authors who both bother to do their homework and take the time to present their work well and authors who don't seem to feel that research and sensitivity are necessary. In YA especially, depictions of mental illness are critical because some readers may be struggling with emotions and experiences they do...

From the Library: Maggie Goes on a Diet & We Search for Fat-Friendly Children's Books

In this week's douchey children's lit news, Aloha Publishers is catching heat for a picture book they'll be releasing in October called Maggie Goes on a Diet, in which a 14 year old girl is "transformed" into a "normal sized teen" after going on a diet.

Rather than a diet, I'm pretty sure what Maggie needs is a healthy dose of children's books that promote fat-positivity....

On Our Radar

Great links to keep you busy this weekend!

  • The Rotund reports on Fat Ladies in Spaaaaaaaaace: A Body Positive Coloring Book. Someone get this for me please!
  • Leticia St. Remy at Xhibit P compares the pop feminism of Beyonce and Tina Fey. 
  • Talk About Equality explores the TSA's dehumanizing effect on transgender passengers.
  • The Association of Black...

Bitch Radio: Talking with Rebecca Yee About Hollywood and Diversity

From the lack of characters with disabilities on television (there were six according to a 2010 survey) to the whitewashing of characters of color on the big screen (think The Last Airbender, the upcoming Hunger Games), to a sore lack of leading non-white characters on this summer's blockbuster roster, Hollywood seems to have little interest in reflecting its viewers.


BitchTapes: Feeling Catty

Songs about cats, because we love them. Track list after the jump!

Murder, She Blogged: Young Detectives

One of the reasons the detective genre is so beloved for so many of us, I think, is because we grow up on mysteries and detective stories.

We're All Mad Here: Case Studies in Pop Culture Therapy

"Crazy" people aren't the only ones who are a bundle of stereotypes in popular media. We also see examples of therapists (including psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors) being presented in a very negative light. In the following examples, I highlight pop culture therapists who are incompetent in a variety of ways.

Some of these movies and television shows are, of course,...

Douchebag Decree: Jours Apr

I lived in France for a short time in my carefree younger days, and I have fond memories of their refreshing attitudes about sex (and also soft cheeses): Ne t'inquietes pas! C'est naturel! and so on. However, call it the American prude in me, but I am thoroughly creeped out by this new line of lingerie for girls ages three months and up by the French company Jours Après Lunes...

New Online Articles from the Red Issue!

The Red Issue of Bitch is about to hit mailboxes (that means you, 1500 new subscribers!) and now you can get a sneak peek of what's in store on our articles page!

  • There's "Pink Scare" (by Avital Norman Nathman, illustrated by JooHee Yoon), a feature on the media's growing interest in and —unfortunately—fear of "princess boys." 
  • "Mothers of Intention" (...

Pop Pedestal: Ed "Shred" Fargo

I have a lasting affection for Fearless, a young adult series created by Francine Pascal. (Yes, that Francine Pascal.) For today's addition to Pop Pedestal, a weekly column applauding our favorite characters in pop culture, I could write about many of the books' inventions: Gaia, the ass-kicking titular fearless lady; Mary, the bright clubgoer with an unfortunate drug habit...