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I Can Has Feminizm?

This comic-loving cat is very disappointed in the poorly-lettered drivel that is Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1. While Young Kim's quality manga-style artwork eliminates a lot of Meyers's interminable descriptive prose, it can't get rid of the book's counter-feminism and general ridiculousness.

Sorry, giant cat. Try something by Murasaki Yamada instead!

Crip Drag No More?

Are you counting down the days until Glee returns for a second season (23!) or are you groaning at the mere mention of a show you hoped would be wiped from the national memory once American Idol came back on the air and satisfied the public urge to see young people engage in petty competition and sweaty vocal gymnastics? Whichever camp you fall into, you may remember the amount of controversy...

Raising Trouble: The Pink and Blue Project

Artist JeongMee Yoon was inspired to create "The Pink and Blue Project" when her five-year-old daughter only wanted to wear pink, and to play with pink objects.

I Can Has Feminizm?

File it under "Where have you been for the past 26 years?," and cross-reference it with "How on earth do you have a career in news?" (you have files for both of those, don't you?): Glenn Beck came out this week as being decidedly against Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA". Apparently, the song doesn't send the patriotic message he's always thought it did. Really, Glenn Beck? That song came...

Raising Trouble: Is My Four-year-old a Budding Hate Criminal?

"I want to shoot Iggy*," Ivan often tells me. He and his friends want to shoot Iggy, he says, because "we don't like princesses." Iggy is a boy in my son's preschool class who wears dresses to school – often bringing several, as he may want a new look by midday -- and likes to play princess with the girls. Why does my son have violent fantasies about this kid? It's disturbing, to say the least.

The Biotic Woman: What the Hell is a Femivore?

I mentioned over the weekend that I was a little too miffed after reading the terribly myopic piece in the New York Times Magazine last weekend, "The Femivore's Dilemma," to write about it then. The internets move quickly, but I figure a few days late is better than never. Since my time here is quickly drawing to a close, I figured I'd revisit the piece because it really deserves some...

Reproductive Writes: Sexed Up: An Interview with Leonore Tiefer

Leonore Tiefer is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with an international reputation as a lecturer, author, activist and theorist in the field of sexuality. She has written widely about the medicalization of female sexuality and heads up the New View Campaign, which is a grassroots network...

Bitchtapes: Cover to Cover

Wrap your work week up with an *extra special guest Bitchtapes!* Misty, a Bitch mag reader and winner our subscription contest last month for a Bitch goody bag and a shot at Bitchtapes, has handpicked a great selection of covers side-by-side with their original. Here's Misty's mix in her own words:

My choices are 5 original songs and 5 covers (though as I created this playlist...

Heather Cassils in Out: Kissin' Gaga and Pushing Envelopes

While the blogosphere is still wrapping their head around the epic Telephone video,


Someone should make a bumper sticker that reads So many douchebags, so little time. I'd buy it. Every week when the Douchebag Decree comes around, there are too many douches and it's almost impossible to determine who deserves the honor most. This week, we have two very strong contenders, which is why we need YOU to vote for your (least) favorite in a DOUCHEBAG SHOWDOWN. Two douches enter, one...