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BiblioBitch: Maxine Banks is Getting Married

Lori Aurelia Williams has been one of my favorite authors since high school, when I was lucky enough to stumble across When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune. Williams' debut novel was a poetic, mesmerizing story of a working-class family in Houston. It also was the rare story to deal with sexual abuse in a believable yet unexploitative manner, as the narrator slowly...

SXSW Film: <em>Small, Beautifully Moving Parts</em> is a Road Movie for Tech Geeks

Sarah Sparks loves technology. A freelance tech geek, she fixes everything from new computers to old radios and calls her home pregnancy test a "nifty gadget." When its digital face displays the word "pregnant," she comments to boyfriend, Leon, "It's actually a pretty good quality font for a disposable," before recognizing that her life is about to be altered by a much less...

The Games We Play: Access This

People with disabilities have long had difficulty accessing video games for various reasons and with varying degrees of limited accommodations. Game play details ranging from color schemes in darker settings to story lines and fight scenes that can overwhelm cognitive understanding have left many games out of the question. Controllers have been too difficult or impossible to use, and the...

SXSW Music: Wednesday

My rundown of the second day of SXSW's music festival.

No Kidding: Academic Style

Last week, a good (lesbian, childfree, professor) friend sent me an article from an issue of the Palgrave MacMillian journal Feminist Review from 2003. I've tended to stay away from these sorts of pieces in this series because I don't assume I'm writing for a specifically scholarly audience. That said, the article is a great overview of some dense, theoretical issues facing childfree feminist... Sex(y) Education

"Welcome to the free birth-control support network. Find a doctor, find a method, find a happier you in bed."

So reads the tagline of, a new online resource operated by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Though still in its beta version, the Bedsider site is already full of useful tools like SMS birth control reminders and video factoids that...

The Bitch High Five: Which Frontwoman Would You Like to Be?

Each month in our nifty newsletter (sign up on the homepage if you haven't already), we'll be polling Bitch staffers and readers on their top five in different categories and posting the polls and results on the Bitch blog. This month, it's frontwomen whose talents we wish we possessed. So c'mon, give us five!

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SXSW Music: Tuesday

A rundown of the first official night of music at SXSW 2011.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! Feminist Coming Out Day Q&A

As you may know, this month marks Feminist Coming Out Day 2011, a holiday which encourages awareness of issues affecting the feminist community. We're super excited and honored to be a part of this year's festivities, and we recently spoke with organizers Lena Chen and Abby Sun to find out more. Read on for their answers!

The Games We Play: Hardcore vs. Casual

The concern that casual games are going to ruin the gaming market plays on a couple of assumptions: 1) That "hardcore" means "difficult," something that only a veteran gamer of many years should be able to play intuitively, and should only appeal to that certain narrow demographic. 2) That hardcore and casual gamers are two ends of a wide canyon and they shall never cross the divide into local...