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In the Frame: I'm As Free As My Hair

Lady Gaga sang that she was as free as her hair, and she has been spotted in a dress that appears to have been made from her leftover wigs. It's certainly a talking point, especially in light of her song lyrics which associate freedom with the choice of how you wear your locks. She's not the first person to use hair as a form of artistic self-expression, as I've found four women who beat her...

Bechdel Test Canon: Daisies

We begin the second series with Věra Chtytilová's Sedmikrásky (Daisies), which was released in the writer-director's native country, Czechoslovakia, in 1966 and received an American release the following year. The 74-minute feature tells the story of two young women named Marie (Ivana Karbanová and Jitka Cerhová). Out of boredom and annoyance toward their bourgeois existence...

2XL and 3XL Fitted Tees Now Available at BitchMart!

Get a Bitch logo, Cholita illustration, or bearded lady on your very own t-shirt! We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now carrying fitted 2XL and 3XL shirts at BitchMart.

Thursday Night 'Lights: End of the Lineup As We Know It

Take a look at the photo on the left. Starting in January, Jeff Winger will be replaced by Liz Lemon. No wonder he looks so dismayed in the picture!

In case you haven't heard, Community is being pulled off the schedule indefinitely (boo) and being replaced by 30 Rock (yay for that, at least). Whitney is swapping places with Up All Night, and...

Bitch Popaganda: Siri-ously?! Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as we discuss Mormon lifestyle bloggers, the inherent sexism of Siri for iPhone 4s, and Katie Roiphe's latest rage-inducing article for Slate.

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Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Calendars Edition!

There are few things nicer than waking up on the first day of the month to flip the page on the wall calendar (you did that yesterday morning, right?), especially when it's a beautiful calendar that was picked out for you by a dear friend. Selecting the right calendar for a friend or family member is a very important decision, as your calendar recipient will be looking at that thing all year...

On Our Radar

It's that time of the week!
  • Mecca Jamilah Sullivan writes about the media's tragic de-queering of a Harlem youth basketball star.
  • Attention activists: The Sylvia Rivera Law Project recently released a guide for trans activists, and those who support trans activists, for staying safe in direct action protests (thanks, @kulandaybarrett!)
  • At Ain't This Livin, s.e. smith...

BitchTapes: Poppin' Around the World

Despite what the magazines and elitists say each year, pop music never seems to die... and I, for one, couldn't be happier about it. Today, take a break from Gagas and Perrys and explore jams by cool ladies outside the U.S.! Don't forget to share your other favorites in the comments.

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The 99%: Exploring Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality in Popular Culture

I've got 99 problems with American television, and the rich are one.  We have lots of shows about rich people—in fact, we love shows about rich people.  With Gossip Girl, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Revenge, Real Housewives of _______, Pregnant in Heels, and even the beloved returning Arrested Development (along with many others), the...

Mom & Pop Culture: An Interview With Peggy Orenstein

"There is still pressure to do everything, do everything well, and look hot while doing it. And I think that 'and look hot while doing it' part, that's the new piece. It used to be that having it all did not include looking hot... But now it does and it includes it at a really young age. And while princesses may not be hot, per se...although one could argue—in fact I have a lot of mothers...