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We're All Mad Here: Race, Gender, and Mental Illness in Pop Culture

Cast your mind back over the depictions of mental illness you've encountered most recently; there's a chance many of them were women, from madwomen in the attic to crazy exes, and there's a chance that at least some of them were people of color. There is a long history of pathologizing resistance to oppression that plays a key role in the depictions of mental illness in pop culture.

Keep Bitch in Print: Because Subscribing Means Supporting a Nonprofit, Feminist Mission

If you already know the story about how little Bitch Media receives for every issue of Bitch sold on the newsstand, then you should already be a subscriber or B-Hive member (and receive a complimentary subscription). If you need a refresher, you can read all about our newsstand profits here and about the unfortunate economics of the industry here, but I'll tell you the bottom-line: ...

Douchebag Decree: Birth Control Backlash

It's a little embarrassing to call out Fox News on the Douchebag Decree, because that channel is basically a love letter to this column: "Dear Douchebag Decree, I will always be here for you. You will never be lonely as long as I'm around. Love always, Fox News." But it's also embarrassing to let the outrageously offensive commentary go without reminding the Internet that we DON'T...

Pop Pedestal: Margaret "Log Lady" Lanterman

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay tribute to our pop culture favorites. Up today is Margaret Lanterman—better known around Twin Peaks as the Log Lady—played by Catherine E. Coulson.

My log has something to tell you. Can you hear it?

Murder, She Blogged: Surfing Mystery Writers and the Cop-Criminal Buddy Relationship

From Agatha Christie's forgotten sporting accomplishments to male bonding between criminals and cops.

Stage Left: The Long-Promised Post on Liking Problematic Media

I am going to be talking about something that pretty much everyone I know has struggled with: feeling like a bad feminist/activist/organizer/person because you like a piece of media that has really problematic elements. Lord knows this is an internal battle I've fought, and continue to fight.

Keep Bitch in Print: Because a Magazine is Forever

I've always been a magazine and zine hoarder, and have a personal archive of, well, way too many. The first-ever issue of Spin (1985, with Madonna on the cover); the British music papers, like Melody Maker, that chronicled the rise of Riot Grrrl well before the United States took notice. Details magazine, when it was a missive from New York's arty, gay downtown scene...

We're All Mad Here: Fighting Stigma Through Humor

Last year in Canada, there were two nation-wide campaigns to fight mental health stigma.

The first focused on the financial cost of mental health. It was launched by one of our major banks, and had a slick advertising campaign full of dark colors and statistics. There were multi-page discussions in the national newspapers, as well as multiple bus shelter advertisements driving home the...

Sm{art}: Angela Singer

Angela Singer puts buttons, beads, and a barrage of sparkly things on dead animals to make art.

Keep Bitch in Print: Because Print is Beautiful

Times are changing for illustrators.

Traditional print markets are dwindling, but even as publications struggle, there is a growing appreciation for beautifully printed materials...stores are brimming with letterpress cards, silkscreened wares, and archival prints of artist works. Illustrators have to create a lot of this work themselves. They have to be entrepreneurs, designers,...