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Five Reasons to See Thao & Mirah on Tour

We got a chance to see the lovely Thao & Mirah here in Portland on Sunday night. They're on tour together in support of their collaborative album (which is terrific!) and the show was a total blast. Here are five reasons to see these two—and the great musicians they're touring with—when they roll through your town.


If you read popular anti-street harassment blogs and media coverage of the topic, a pattern of perpetrator name-calling rapidly emerges, and some of the most prevalent terms you'll hear to describe the guys who "holla" at women and girls in public spaces are "pervert," "asshole," and "creep." I've always felt uneasy at this type of dehumanizing, knee-jerk response, and at this defining...

Adventures in Feministory: "Mother" Maybelle Carter

In honor of Mother's Day, today's Adventures in Feministory is about one of the "mothers" of country music and modern guitar playing: Mother Maybelle Carter.

Beyond The Panel: An Interview with Christine Smith of The Princess

Today I'm sharing the second part of my interview with the delightful Christine Smith, the very talented artist behind webcomics Eve's Apple and The Princess. Check out the first part here, and then read our conversation about The Princess, flipping the script, and feminism after the jump!

Revenge of the Feminerd: Bluestockings, the Original Feminerds

After writing my intro post for this column, Facebook commenter Jen mentioned the bluestockings and I thought it would be a great idea to dedicate a post to them: the original English feminerds.

BitchTapes: Love Your Mother mix

This week's BitchTapes: Songs about Mom. Some sweet. Some blue. Some good. Some true.

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On Our Radar

Stop. Link time. (It had to be said.)

  • For RH Reality Check, Jaime Jenett bravely discusses her experiences as a non-biological lesbian parent of an ill child while enduring the daily hurt of Prop 8 stickers... and makes eloquent efforts to communicate with those who don't believe she deserves rights (reposted at AlterNet).
  • Mother Jones offers advice on how to wade...

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: White Wedding

This week on Grey's Anatomy: family building, surgery dramas, and escalations in the race for Chief Resident as the show gets down to the wire. With only two more episodes left to go, and a finale Rhimes promises will be mellower than usual, where is Grey's Anatomy going to take us? Be warned, we didn't hold back the snark this week!

Find out what the Grand...

Bitch Popaganda: Cultural Twinkies Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as Andi, Kjerstin, and Kelsey discuss Anna Holmes' Washington Post column "Donald Trump's Sexism," eating your cultural vegetables (watching things you don't actually enjoy), and what we're looking forward to this summer at the movies.

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From the Library: Happy Children's Book Week!

Did you know that it's Children's Book Week? In honor of the occasion, I asked around the office to find out what everyone's favorite children's books are. I've compiled a few of our favorites. Whether we read them as kids or read them to our kids now, these books definitely get our stamp of approval! What children's books are you a fan of? Let us know in the comments!