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Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Stocking Stuffer Edition!

A small gift or "stocking stuffer" can be really be the kind of simple luxury that brings fun, color, and joy into your daily routine, which is why they are so fun to give and receive. And although they can be inexpensive, these gifts are often not the sort thing we buy for ourselves. During the winter holidays at Bitch HQ we draw names for a gift exchange, which is referred to alternatively...

Bringing Up Baby: Farewell And Thanks From Bringing Up Baby!

This is my final post for Bringing Up Baby! I want to thank you wonderful readers for making this experience so enriching and enlightening.

Headless Bodies Found in Shameless Media: When is it okay to cut off someone’s head? When she’s a fat person, and your news outlet is reporting on “the obesity epidemic,” apparently.

Headless photos are only one of the rampant problems with mainstream news coverage of weight issues. Last spring, Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity pinned a disturbing number on the shoddy coverage: 72 percent of the 429 stories they examined from the websites of CBS, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, and CNN portrayed fat people in a "negative and stigmatizing manner." These five...

Mom & Pop Culture: The Princess Paradox

It's hard to overlook all of the negative aspects that pop up along the princess path, and I knew that I would be very particular regarding exposure and access to princesses if I had a girl. Never in a million years did it cross my mind that I would be trying to navigate the same murky waters, only with my son.

My son, clutching his prized copy of Cinderella.

In The Frame: Nan Goldin, "One Month After Being Battered"

"There is no separation between me and what I photograph," said the artist Nan Goldin. This has never been truer than with the self-portrait that captures her injuries caused by an abusive boyfriend. Domestic violence is never an easy subject to talk about, but this image speaks volumes.

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, TV Lover's Edition!

Nothing brings people together over the holidays like TV. No matter how tense things get when your aunt's boyfriend talks politics or your college roommate tells you she "liked your hair better before," it all fades away when the Twilight Zone marathon comes on on SyFy. Not only that, but TV-related items make great gifts for lots of different people. If it's a good friend you're...

B-Sides: A <em>New Album</em> From Boris

Aww, snap, Boris, you did it again. You melted my face and blew my mind at the same time. If you're a fan of heavy/weird/good music in any way, you ought to check out the new album by Boris, New Album

Adventures in Feministory: Elizabeth Blackwell

The first time I heard of Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) was during my American History class in high school. It was a brief, albeit important introduction to the first woman to receive an M.D. and become the first woman physician in the United States. A pioneer in educating women in medicine and a prominent figure in the emerging women's rights movement, Elizabeth Blackwell had a...

Bitch in a Box: Feminist Holiday Gift Guides!

The holiday season is here again, which means it's time once again for our Bitch in a Box gift guides! Over the next few weeks, Bitch staffers and contributors will be taking turns writing themed gift guides designed to please even the scroogiest feminists on your shopping list. From TV lovers to tea lovers, we've got you covered. To kick things off, it's our "Bitch in a Box" holiday video!...

Bringing Up Baby: Reagan's Cesarean on Up All Night and the Issue of Control in Childbirth

Today, new methods have replaced DeLee's, and yet popular obstetric interventions (cesareans, amniotomies, labor-inducing drugs, episiotomies, epidurals) are still designed to transfer control from the woman to her labor assistant. 33% of births in the United States are by cesarean, a rate that has grown significantly during the previous decade, in tandem with increasing rates of...