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Douchebag Decree: Chick Beer, the "Beer for Women"

Are you a woman who secretly enjoys beer yet can't find one girly enough to suit your needs? Would you enjoy beer more if it were pink, low in carbs, and super sweet? Well never fear, because Chick Beer is here!

Keep Bitch in Print: What it All Means

Across the world—on Facebook and Twitter, through our blogs and podcasts, in classrooms, and in our very own lending library—thousands of people engage with Bitch Media. Providing and encouraging a feminist response to pop culture is important work that we intend to carry on for years to come.

The very real danger, however, is that we might not be able to continue to provide a feminist...

Tropes vs. Women: #5 The Mystical Pregnancy

Tropes vs. Women is a six-part video series by Feminist Frequency that explores the reoccurring stories, themes and representations of women in Hollywood films and TV shows.

The Mystical Pregnancy is a trope writers use to create drama and terror by invading, violating and exploiting women's reproductive capabilities. Often these female characters have their ovaries harvested...

Pop Pedestal: Lindsay Weir

Though I'm sure many Bitch readers are already fans of Freaks and Geeks, I had to take this week to celebrate the main character in an amazing ensemble cast: Lindsay Weir (played by Linda Cardellini).

Keep Bitch in Print! Real Talk.

It's time to put your money where your Bitch is, online reader. If you want to Keep Bitch in Print, if you want to support the organization that brings you all the feminist response to pop culture that's fit to print—online and off—subscribe, renew, or become a sustainer now.

Sm{art}: Ana Benaroya

Ana Benaroya's typography and illustrations are challenging our Helvetica-dominated world of visual words.

Sexual Inadequacy: Anoka-Hennepin School District

The School District held an investigation you see, nothing too formal, they just sat down amongst themselves and members of the community, and decided they didn't have a bullying problem. Members of the community formed the Parents Action League, to make certain the neutrality policy, the policy forbidding teachers from acknowledging that queer people exist, stays in place. They formed a group...

Murder, She Blogged: Class and Fashion in Miss Marple

As well as showcasing the quintessential Spinster Detective, the Miss Marple adaptations have plenty to say about England's shifting class structures in the decades after World War II and women's changing roles. It's all played out in microcosm in the fictional village of St Mary Mead.

Political Inqueery: Depart the Representative

Amid the debt ceiling debacle, Norway shooting, and fears about Europe's next default, a news story broke about Oregon Representative David Wu allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman. I'm calling it simply a news story because as we'll see, the reporting frames it strangely: "an unwanted sexual encounter," a "sex scandal," an "aggressive sexual encounter." Major journalism outlets...

Stage Left: Thoroughly Modern Racism, or, the problem with MILLIE

Thoroughly Modern Millie has all the makings of what could be an incredibly charming, silly film: it has tap-dancing in elevators, inexplicably well-choreographed impromptu dances, and Carol Channing making what may be the greatest entrance in movie history. However, what it also features is a staggeringly racist plotline. Millie is rotten to the core, and I don't see a way...