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Raising Trouble: Harvard Gives Disney's Critics the Boot

WTF, Harvard? Criticizing Disney is apparently not OK at this world-class university.

New (Old) Article: The Rise of the Sexist Media Stunt

We hope you're as excited about our new web layout as much as we are. But just because our blogs are taking center stage doesn't mean you can't continue to access our other content, such as podcasts, videos, and magazine articles. And we've just uploaded the Old issue's "Target Women: The Rise of the Sexist Media Stunt" by TheFrisky writer Jessica Wakeman, which analyzes the various articles...

Target Women: The Rise of the Sexist Media Stunt

You've probably never heard the term "cheetah," but that's okay—no one else had, either, until New York Observer reporter Spencer Morgan coined the slur last December. A cheetah, according to Morgan's trend piece "Rrrowl! Beware Cougar's Young Niece, The Cheetah," is a thirtysomething single woman who's "discovered that getting a man [is] no longer as easy as it once was." Her biological clock is...

Bibliobitch: Andromeda Klein

Andromeda Klein is the second YA novel by Frank Portman, aka Dr. Frank of East Bay punk band The Mr. T Experience. Even the simplest plot description showcases how truly weird Portman's latest creation is: she's a high school student/magic disciple attempting to decode the dream messages she is receiving from her dead best frenemy. This isn't harmless, whimsical, nose-wrinkly "Bewitched"-...

Reproductive Writes: The Science of Gender and Sex

Lewis & Clark College in Bitch magazine's hometown of Portland, Oregon is hosting a Gender Studies Symposium this week under the title The Science Of Gender And Sex, from March 10 to 12.

The Biotic Woman: Breast Milk is the Best Milk?

New York City chef Daniel Angerer has caused a bit of a stir this week—anger, if you will, ha!—after posting a recipe for "mommy's milk" cheese on his blog last month. You might think as a vegan, who is by definition opposed to taking the milk from infant non-human animals for my own consumption, I'd dig this bizarre stunt. You'd be wrong.

It's Womens' History Month and the Smithsonian is celebrating!

This morning, the Smithsonian Photography Initiative—incidentally, big fans of Bitch—got in touch to let me know that they will be adding to their collection of Women in Science (you may remember that I mentioned this collection last year) and will be blogging about the images and the women as well. Today is the first entry on their blog 'The Bigger Picture': Publicity, Politics and...

Raising Trouble

Sex differences are a source of ribald glee around our house. It's gender that's perplexing.

Adventures in Feministory: Diane Keaton

In honor of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and Kathryn "I don't want to talk about gender" Bigelow's historic Oscar win AND the 99th Anniversary of the first International Women's Day Conference, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some Hollywood feminism that seems to always be in quirky style – the marvelous Diane Keaton, actor, director, photographer and singer.


Mad World: Who's afraid of (being) the big bad feminist?

First things first: All of us at Bitch HQ are bursting with excitement because the folks at Oregon Humanities have awarded us a grant to explore the intersections of advertising, feminism, and media literacy. This virtual symposium is called "Mad World: Gender, Advertising, and Identity in a Mediated World" and over the next eight months you'll be seeing articles, blog posts, podcasts, and...