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Projects to watch: Gay Genius comic anthology

Image by Edie Fake Did someone say 120 perfect-bound pages of comics by queer artists? Gay Genius, an anthology of comics and graphic art is edited by small-press superstar Annie Murphy (featured on our blog here) and will be published by Sparkplug Comics--but it needs your help before it gets there.

Political InQueery: When Elections Matter

The U.S. presidential election in 2008 generated a turnout of voters not seen since the late 1960s. More than 63 percent of the eligible electorate cast votes for President, amounting to more than 128 million votes. If these 2010 midterm elections follow historical precedent, there will be 10-15 percent fewer voters at the polls than in the presidental election two years ago. That would...

On Our Radar

Our antennae are up, and the hive is buzzing; here's what's been On Our Radar this week!

  • ABC has cancelled its new show Huge after less than one season. Our own Michelle Dean wrote about it here. Sign a petition to keep it on the air here! Interesting how the ABC website for the show has no mention of its cancellation...
  • Muslimah Media Watch has the lastest video...

Bitchtapes: Weathering the Storm

It's no surprise weather patterns appear so often in music. They, like music, can shape and reflect our moods at any given time. More importantly, they're good for a seemingly infinite number of metaphors. They can change from minute to minute. Just like your aching heart. They can rain on your parade. Just like, you know... rain. They can brighten up the ENTIRE PLANET! Just like EVERYTHING...

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Superfreak

This week on Grey's Anatomy, spiders and virgins and condoms, oh my! Find out what the Grand Rounds bloggers think about it after the jump, and sound off with your own thoughts. Here there be spoilers!

"Who gave you the right?": Indian sex workers talk back to filmmakers

Not that I would expect post-modern, transnational feminist film work to come out of the slimy "it's not misogyny/racism, it's ironic!" Vice-magazine's video site,, but the thirty-minute documentary "Prostitutes of God," on devadasi sex workers in India, is dangerously western-centric, anti-sex work, and completely misrepresents the sex workers it focuses on. Only there's a twist to...

Horror Show: Women Horror Directors to Watch

The conventional wisdom is that women don't want to be scared—or enjoy scary movies only insofar as the terror gives them the opportunity to snuggle up to male companions, as Entertainment Weekly pointed out in a 2009 piece. This strikes me as bizarre. Women bleed, after all, regularly and sometimes very heavily. We push human beings out of our bodies. We deal with constant threats to our...

Music Matters: You can't match this rapper / actress

I have a very long-standing one-sided love affair with Lauryn Hill. It goes back before the Fugees, even.

(Lauryn Hill, "The Sweetest Thing")

Political InQueery: Election Messes

There's a three-way race for the US Senate in Florida. An unemployed veteran who lives with his father is up against an almost-certain opponent in South Carolina. A candidate in Delaware gets more press for things she said in 1999 than in this race. Two long-time Republicans are running as independents. Two years after the message of "hope" carried in a sweeping victory for Barack Obama, what on...

Douchebag Decree: Lou Dobbs

This week's Douchebag Decree goes to a man who used his post at CNN as a platform to rage against "illegal aliens" to the American public. If that wasn't douche-y enough for you, it has now come out that this same man has been employing undocumented workers for years to tend to his prized horses and mansions. Who is this hypocritical douche, you ask? Lou Dobbs, come on down!