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Douchebag Decree: BrewDog's Royal Virility Performance

Hear ye! Hear ye! There's a Douchebag for everything. Everything, including beer. But, sometimes it takes a regal event, say, The Royal Wedding, for Douches-in-waiting to make their mark and declare their oh-so royally Douche-baggy ways. Her Royal Highness would not be so proud.

Electro Feminisms: Ladyhawke

With her music swiping a big chunk of the 1980s, Pip Brown fittingly named herself Ladyhawke after the 1980s Michelle Pfieffer movie. Her music is evocative retrofuturistic electropop, nostalgia without a loss. Read on for more.

Sex and the Fat Girl: Aural Sex

Some of the sexiest, most soulful singers also happen to be fat women. These are the kind of women who can empower you with their voice to embrace sensuality. From a plus size fashion icon to a musical legend, these singers prove that sexiness has nothing to do with size and everything to do with how you work it.

The Wedding March: Mummy Dearest

With little over a week to go, it's hard to imagine anything stopping William and Kate walking down the aisle—but that wasn't always the case. Up until their engagement was announced, it was assumed that one woman stood in Kate's way: her mother.

Got MILF?! WTF Marie Claire?

Marie Claire's Rich Santos has a review up right now of a book called Got MILF? that is making me stabby on several levels. Not only is the review a rave (because what could be wrong with a book that glorifies MILFhood?) but Santos concludes that, "Girls are girls until they have a baby. Then they become women." Say what!?

The Games We Play: Changing the Industry

I've sometimes wondered if the key to getting better video games made is getting a diversity of people into the industry to help commandeer the production. "Just imagine," says I, "if we got together a diverse team of socially and progressively aware people in one room—surely things would even out and games would start to be friendlier to people who are not the so-called primary demographic."...


One typical victim-blaming justification of street harassment goes something like this, "What did she think would happen when she went out wearing that?!" The logic underlying such a comment seems to be that the only women who are groped, ogled, or verbally accosted on the street are ones who choose to buck social norms of modesty by improperly displaying their sexuality—and the...

B-Sides: Austra's <em>Feel it Break</em>

Cool kids (like our editorial intern Mel, for example) may have been tipped off to Austra long ago through lead singer Katie Stelmanis' work with the band Galaxy, but I only recently discovered this Toronto-based trio and I am loving them!

Electro Feminisms: Mary Anne Hobbs

Radio DJs have long been important in making records hits and promoting of unknown artists and new genres, and this is no less true for electronic music. Read on for more about UK radio DJ Mary Anne Hobbs and her influence on underground music over the last decade.

SXSW Film: <em>Fly Away</em> Depicts Autism with Honesty, Tenderness

Fly Away, opens on Jeanne, a single mother, as she is awoken by her teenage daughter's cries. "Bad girl! I hate myself!" It might not be a surprising sentiment for a teenager in the throes of an angst-ridden moment, but Mandy is severe on the spectrum of autism, and the middle of the night is one of the times she communicates the clearest. Written and directed by Janet Grillo, Fly...