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Bitch YA Book Club: Ash by Malinda Lo

For this month's YA book club, Ellen Papazian asks Erin Blakemore, Jennie Law, and Jessica Stites what they thought about Ash by Malinda Lo. Add your own answers to Ellen's questions (or come up with your own discussion points) in the comments section. Discussion after the jump!

Bitch Radio: Women in Open Source, Part 1

I recently attended Open Sourcebridge, a tech conference in Portland Oregon, and got to speak with some really incredible women in the open source world. (Hopefully I'll be filling the little void left in the hearts of feminerds since Jarrah Hodge's series ended!) Open Source is a method of development that's publicly available, collaborative, and peer reviewed. If you read the Bitch...

On Our Radar

This past week. In links!

  • In case you didn't know, New York legalized gay marriage. Not only is it just, the Atlantic reports it's good for the economy. Gawker presents photos from the celebration.
  • Feministing reports on the beginning of the Women's World Cup. Even if you can't make it there pledge to go to at least one women's sporting event this year.
  • ...

BitchTapes: Slowin' it Down

Lots of songs are slow, but to recall the awkward, needlessly dramatic tradition of the junior or senior high school "slow dance," tunes need to have several additional qualities for me:

  • They must speak of a love most intense and cinematic.
  • They must have a late-'90s sensibility, regardless of when they were actually recorded.
  • They must sound just... so...

Esquire Gets Patriotic About... George Wallace?!

Charles P. Pierce's already obnoxious "36 Reasons it's (Still) Good to be an American Man" slide show for Esquire (Steak! Highways! Football! The word "self-evident"! These things are for men!) crosses the line into offensive territory by listing George Wallace as reason #34.

16 and Pregnant: For Girls Only

It's no secret that 16 and Pregnant is marketed to women. Each episode is narrated by the teen mom, who also provides the testimonials and has the camera on her at all times. The commercials shown during the program are obviously geared toward teen girls, and the chat on's 16 and Pregnant page is filled with girls, mostly teen mothers themselves. As viewers we never...

Political InQueery: The Week in Absurdifensiveness

This week pushed the upper limits of absurd and offensive: two incorrect stories hit the wire, although they can't both be called "news" per se; Glenn Beck went off the air, only to reappear thirty minutes later; and a fake candidate for President got real Federal Elections Commission approval to form a Super PAC. Earlier this week I wondered if I shouldn't juxtapose Beck and the Oxford comma'...

Douchebag Decree: Douche Round-Up

Three douche-tastic nominees landed on our radar this week! Read on if you're ready for an onslaught of unspeakable behavior. First up is Abercrombie & Fitch who I suspect is in a private war with American Apparel to be the douchiest popular clothing line. A&F has an illustrious history of looks-based discrimination, and they're at it again when they fired a woman...

Pop Pedestal: Lucille "Two" Austero

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay tribute to the pop culture figures we admire most. Up today is Lucille Austero—aka Lucille Two—from Arrested Development.

I Speak For Myself: American Women on Being Muslim for Sale at BitchMart!

There are as many ways of being an American Muslim woman as there are American Muslim women, and the contributors to the recently-published I Speak For Myself: American Women on Being Muslim will prove anyone who tells you differently (hello, popular media?) wrong. Edited by Maria M. Ebrahimji and Zahra T. Suratwala, I Speak For Myself, which we're happy to be selling at BitchMart, is...