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Isn't He Lovely: Farewell and Further Reading

Alas, it's time for the "Isn't He Lovely" guest blogging series to come to an end, and I hope you've enjoyed the past eight weeks as much as I have.

Adventures in Feministory: Five Halloween Costume Ideas From History!

Halloween has arrived! If you're still scrambling for a last-minute costume to wear out tonight, put down the "sexy cat" getup—Adventures in Feministory is here to help! Here are five costume ideas from the past year in Feministories, all guaranteed to make for great Halloweenwear (and you don't even need a pushup bra to pull them off). Click on the links after the jump to learn all...

Bitch Radio: Gender Violence and Pop Culture with Rachel Griffin and Josh Phillips

Dr. Rachel Griffin is a professor at Southern Illinois University and has been involved with gender violence advocacy for almost a decade. Her partner, Joshua Phillips, is currently a PhD student and also an advocate for gender violence with a focus on getting men involved with fighting against gender violence, and the author of 1,800 Miles. Rachel and Josh are keynoting (...

BitchTapes: Happy Ladyween!

Well, Ladyween weekend is officially upon us! (And yes, we're still trying to make Ladyween happen around here. It'll catch on before you know it—trust us.) Here are some holiday jams to get you in the mood. Listen IF YOU DARE! (BEWARE: Scary track list after the jump!)

Thursday Night 'Lights: Ho-Hum Halloween

It's always fun to see how our favorite shows celebrate Halloween. This week's comedies featured wacky costumes and even ghost stories, and yet all felt like a bit of a letdown. Let's take a look at how each comedy tackled the spook-tacular holiday.

On Our Radar

Spooky times, y'all.
  • Ms. Magazine speaks with Samhita Mukhopadhyay on her book about the "romantic industrial complex"—which we also have a snazzy review of in the new issue (/horn toot).
  • Help make a young feminist's day and sponsor the Crunk Feminist Collective's first Feminism 101 workshop.
  • Dear Halloween Pocahotties and Indian warriors, Native Appropriations...

The H-Word: She Works Hard For the Money (So You Better Treat Her Right.)

I did it for the money but it was also true that I enjoyed it. Like no job I'd had before, stripping took skills. Yes, it was physically strenuous, but it was not only physical. Interacting with customers required intelligence and personality. I was free to be myself—or, at least, a part of myself. Indeed, of all the jobs available to me at the time, there was no question: stripping was, by...

Isn't He Lovely: Androgyny Is So Haute Right Now

Pejic distances himself from queries about gender and sexual identity. When speaking to New York, he referred to his androgynous beauty as "the situation," (which is a "situation" far preferable to Mike Sorrentino's six pack, yes?) and clearly is more focused on climbing the fashion ranks than challenging gender norms:

I know people want me to sort of defend myself, to sit...

Preacher's Daughter: Jenny Lewis on the Absence of God

I have never understood why reporters so rarely ask Jenny Lewis about the rich religious critique that has pervaded her work since the earlier days of Rilo Kiley. There is just so much there. I think I will scream if I hear another reporter ask her what it's like to look hot in indie music, why Rilo Kiley really broke up, and whether or not her indie purist fans think the country...

Live-Tweeting the Project Runway Finale!

We just got done live-tweeting (and live drinking-gaming) the Project Runway finale from our BitchMediaLive account. Here are our tweets—in chronological order thanks to Storify—so you can follow along if you recorded it to watch later, are viewing it online, or just want to relive the runway show. #MakeItWork!