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Don’t Say I'm "Dramatic": An Almost A-Z List of Words to Avoid When Talking About Women

This article is an excerpt from Jessica Bennett's new book, Feminist Fight Club

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Grab back

Today we're reading a lot about Kesha, Trump, and Chelsea Manning.

It's Not "Just Words" : Why It Matters That Media Names Trump's Behavior

Harassment. Bigotry. Racism. These accurately describe Trump's words, not "fiery" or "plainspoken."

New Music Monday: Lolahiko

Even if their latest single weren't called "Murderer," Lolahiko would have the corner market on dark, mysterious storytelling stitched into lush, intriguing indie pop sounds. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Rape culture’s blathering id

Today we're reading a lot about Trump's horrific weekend behavior.

“What’s the Problem with Thinking of Indian Women as Princesses or Squaws?”

Busting myths about Indigenous women. 

Backtalk: White Fragility & South Africa's Queer Femme Web Series

A white writer is dished out advice on cultural appropriation while wearing a tiny sombrero? Hmm...

Escape the Neighborhood: The Push to Get Out in Netflix's "The Get Down"

Set in the South Bronx in 1977, the show is about teens who want to make the most of their lives in the disco era.

After Kim Kardashian's Robbery, Blaming the Victim—And Her Body

After Kim Kardashian was robbed, some people are blaming her for the crime. 

Finding Family in a Kmart Parking Lot: “American Honey” is a Gorgeous, Complicated Snapshot of Poor American Teens

The new film written and directed by Andrea Arnold explores an American reality that's rarely seen onscreen.