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Bitch Popaganda: Miss Representin' Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as we review Miss Representation and discuss the sixth season of Dexter.

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On Our Radar

At the end of a long week, kick back with a couple of links, fresh off the Internet.

  • Jos Truitt over at Feministing, looking at the recent events in Topeka, Kansas, reminds us how the police really don't care about sexual violence.
  • Think Progress shakes it's head at a Fox News doctor suggesting that a transgender youth needs psychological evaluation.
  • Racialicious...

Thursday Night 'Lights: Which Characters Need a Shake Up?

This week, our favorite comedy block was in reruns. So instead of recaps, I'm singling out characters from each show who seem to be in a rut, and how they can get out of it.

Isn't He Lovely: Male Bisexuality Doesn't Exist...Oh, Wait, It Does!

Designer Tom Ford once told Details magazine: "There's one indulgence every man should try in his lifetime. If you're straight, sleep with a man at least once, and if you're gay, don't go through life without sleeping with a woman."

Gucci's sartorial savant could—pardon the following phrase—"get away with" that—pardon the following adjective—"edgy" quote since he's an out gay...

The H-Word: Jenny talks about her "Private Parts"

"I started dancing seven years ago. On the topic of prostitution, I generally say, you know, I have sex for many different reasons in many different contexts. I guess that's a buffer, a way of easing discomfort. I suppose I like that people are interested in my work, so long as it comes from an empathetic and genuine place. But there are so many other aspects of my identity. And so often...

Pop Pedestal: Cleopatra Jones

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the blog series about pop culture personalities we admire. Today's tribute goes to Cleopatra "Cleo" Jones, the super sleek superwoman who defied the blaxploitation  genre of the early '70s. Move over Foxy. Cleo's in town.

Miss Representation is on TV Tonight!

Set those DVRs, because Miss Representation airs tonight on OWN at 9/8 central! The film, which explores the representations of women in the media and politics, is a must-watch for anyone who consumes media or cares about women (read: everyone). Check out the extended trailer for a sneak peek:

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.


Preacher's Daughter: Why Do We Have to Be "Born This Way"?

Yesterday, Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain clashed with Piers Morgan about whether or not people are born gay. Here's the video:

The important thing to know is that Cain sets out saying that "homosexuality is a sin" because of his "Biblical beliefs," but Morgan quickly steers the conversation into "born this way" territory, outraged that Cain won't concede...

Sexual Inadequacy: Taylor Lautner and the Dreamboat Academy

The journalist is employing the old trope of queer sex as spectacle, the idea that queer people's sexual lives are open for endless speculation, rumination, ridicule, and evaluation by the larger heterosexual population. This is the trade off of burgeoning queer acceptance. You get straight friends that love and respect you, but who don't understand that there are days when the idea of having...

Bringing Up Baby: Why <em>Raising Hope</em> Gives Me Hope (and <em>Modern Family</em> Doesn't)

Babies on TV serve as props for their parent's character development. On reality TV, babies are dreams come true and cute fashion accessories (for celebrity moms) or evidence of bad behavior (teen moms). On Dexter, toddler Harrison exists solely as a plot device to anchor daddy Dexter to the non-sociopathic world, and on Up All Night, baby Amy helps her hard-partying...