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Pop Pedestal: Cleopatra Jones

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the blog series about pop culture personalities we admire. Today's tribute goes to Cleopatra "Cleo" Jones, the super sleek superwoman who defied the blaxploitation  genre of the early '70s. Move over Foxy. Cleo's in town.

Miss Representation is on TV Tonight!

Set those DVRs, because Miss Representation airs tonight on OWN at 9/8 central! The film, which explores the representations of women in the media and politics, is a must-watch for anyone who consumes media or cares about women (read: everyone). Check out the extended trailer for a sneak peek:

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.


Preacher's Daughter: Why Do We Have to Be "Born This Way"?

Yesterday, Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain clashed with Piers Morgan about whether or not people are born gay. Here's the video:

The important thing to know is that Cain sets out saying that "homosexuality is a sin" because of his "Biblical beliefs," but Morgan quickly steers the conversation into "born this way" territory, outraged that Cain won't concede...

Sexual Inadequacy: Taylor Lautner and the Dreamboat Academy

The journalist is employing the old trope of queer sex as spectacle, the idea that queer people's sexual lives are open for endless speculation, rumination, ridicule, and evaluation by the larger heterosexual population. This is the trade off of burgeoning queer acceptance. You get straight friends that love and respect you, but who don't understand that there are days when the idea of having...

Bringing Up Baby: Why <em>Raising Hope</em> Gives Me Hope (and <em>Modern Family</em> Doesn't)

Babies on TV serve as props for their parent's character development. On reality TV, babies are dreams come true and cute fashion accessories (for celebrity moms) or evidence of bad behavior (teen moms). On Dexter, toddler Harrison exists solely as a plot device to anchor daddy Dexter to the non-sociopathic world, and on Up All Night, baby Amy helps her hard-partying...

Preacher's Daughter: The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle and that Goddamn Rush of Adrenaline and Blood

So, Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, songwriter and poet laureate of the existentially anguished, identifies as a feminist and has even said that his feminist ideals conflict with his Catholic faith. When I first heard this, I was quite surprised. Why? Well, listen to one reason, a song called "Bad Priestess" (lyrics).

Happy Love Your Body Day!

It's Love Your Body Day!

Bringing Up Baby: The Real Housemoms of Bravo TV

Something is happening over at Bravo. Previously, its reality TV programming was all about rich, gaudy, ambitious, tanned, shit-talking, table-throwing, materialistic socialites. Now, these same people have babies.

Isn't He Lovely: Do These Blue Jeans Make My Butt Look Gay?

We pay a curious amount of attention to blue jeans specifically, a staple wardrobe item in virtually any wardrobe, both young and old. Despite Lee Jeans proclaiming in 2010 that "real men" suffer from "shop-a-phobia" and couldn't give a hoot about finding the perfect pair, the type of jeans a man slips on nevertheless seems to say a lot about how he projects his masculinity and sexuality (...

B-Sides: Colleen Raney

Call me old-fashioned, but I think most of the best voices in the world come out of folk singers. Maybe that's just because you can actually HEAR the singing, instead of the beats or the effects (which both have their places in my heart, don't get me wrong). Over the last year I've immersed myself in the Pacific Northwest's stellar Celtic folk music scene, and Colleen Raney has been...