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Adventures in Feministory: Teiko Tomita

In the public library I recently came across a really interesting book called Women in Pacific Northwest History. It's a collection of articles about specific women and groups of women who made an impact on the culture and politics of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. I paged through articles about some really amazing people like Abigail Scott Duniway, Oregon settler and suffragist, and Bertha...

From the Library: Books to Help Us Understand Rape Culture

We've been following the sexual assault allegations against Julian Assange for the last few weeks, and we're really upset with all of outrageous victim-blaming that's been going on. So, I thought I would compile a book list for those of us who would like to feel more well-versed when talking about rape culture, and for those of us who still have no clue what rape culture is (I'm looking at you...

Bechdel Test Canon Double Feature: House and Coraline

The series' penultimate post reciprocates holiday cheer with House and Coraline, two films about girls who live in haunted houses.

Iconography: Tamora Pierce and All the Feminist Fantasy Heroines You Could Want

Tamora Pierce is every feminist fantasy fan's favorite, hands down. She writes engaging adventure stories with, for a nice chance, substantive engagement with social justice issues. Born in Pennsylvania in 1954, Pierce started writing her fierce teenage girl warriors when she couldn't find them in the books she read. Thanks to Pierce, millions of readers don't have that problem. I discovered her...

BitchTapes: It's The Night Before Christmas


Mixing classics with covers, this edition of BitchTapes contains some of our favorite Christmas songs, spanning decades, genres, and levels of corniness. From Thao Nguyen to Loretta Lynn and from Kristy MacColl to Eartha Kitt, you're sure to hear something you'll like. Plus, our mix contains a fair amount of songs that emphasize the not-so-jolly aspects of the season, like if you're...

Douchebag Decree: Reformed Michael Moore Holiday Edition!

Ye Olde Douchebag Decree is going to look a little different today. We've got on our hands a bona fide REFORMED Douchebag, y'all. Call it a Christmas Miracle. Michael Moore, you are the man of the hour. Come on down! 

Love for the Women of MTV's "No Easy Decision"

You know how we've all been wondering how MTV could continue to air Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant while avoiding the topic of abortion? Nearly one-third of teen pregnancies end in abortion, yet the popular MTV shows have skirted the issue for a few seasons—until now.

Sm{art}: Revel & Riot & Look Awesome!

If you've ever thought the rainbow patch could use a 21st century makeover, you weren't alone. Revel & Riot is a new company whose aim is to "promote LGBTQ rights, awareness and equality through new media, graphics, writing, and products on the internet." Their tees, posters, and buttons with sharp designs and reappropriated statements ("God Hates Bags", "Gay is Good", "Ask. Tell.") are...

Pretty Pretty Princess Camp

Ah, a new twist on the classic rags-to-princess-riches tale: An American woman dreams of royalty, moves to London, continues to obsess about royalty, meets the man of her dreams, and... starts a luxury princess camp. Yes, royal enthusiast Jerramy Fine has launched Princess Prep Camp. Now, for just £2,545 (that's $3,995) per child—girls only, natch—the eight-year olds in your life can live at the...

The Long Goodbye: Giving, Giving

The message for this year's final and ULTIMATE favorite things was "giving back." But does that message get lost when combined with consumerism and our own sense of entitlement?