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Bitchtapes: Sweet Harmony

While snow is coming down all over the country, spring is poking its head out of the rain clouds in Portland, and I find that nothing suits the tease of spring better than cutesy female harmonizing. This mix features women from the 1920s to the 2010s bringing in the spring with vocal precision and fun tunes.

I Can Has Feminizm?

OK, so a few of us at the Bitch office might be just a little obsessed with Bravo's Kell on Earth, the reality show based on Kelly Cutrone and her fashion PR company People's Revolution. What can we say? It's really good. If you watch the show as well, you know that someone got fired on this week's episode for inappropriate tweeting (video here). Hey, NOBODY TWEETS ABOUT PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION...

Need another reason to love Johnny Weir?

A recent PR scuffle proved that ice-skating champ Johnny Weir is the bigger man when it comes to commentary...not that he gives a sh** what a man should or shouldn't be.

In response to two Quebecois commentators who spoke derogatorily of Weir and said he should take a gender test, Weir responded by issuing an awesome statement that touched on identity, free speech, life in...

Sapphic Salon: "Law & Order: SVU" to feature Kathy Griffin as a lesbian

Next week's episode of Law...

The Biotic Woman: The Goode Family makes for good TV

Because I currently have to rely on the internets for my American TV shows (save the ridiculous smattering of FBI/cop shows they export to Danish television), I'm only now catching the recently-canceled reruns of the short-lived animated sitcom by Office Space/Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, The Goode Family. The Goodes are the epitome of clueless liberals—painfully white, completely...

Reproductive Writes: GaGa for Condoms

'It's not complicated, just a fashion statement,' said pop star Lady GaGa of the range of condoms she's designed with Jeremy Scott for the contraception brand Proper Attire. Well, the thing is, condoms are complicated, there's no getting away from it - perhaps particularly ones that come in bright orange, green and pink animal prints - either ribbed, studded or sheer - and are promoted as 'making...

Is it just us, or does advertising really blow lately?

So you thought the advertising industry had reached its lowest low with last month's Super Bowl Misogynfest? Yeah, us too, but it turns out it's not over yet. Advertising's latest trend? Blow jobs.

More ads after the jump, but be forewarned: They suck.

Bibliobitch: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

"I learn that black people don't have blue eyes. I learn that I am black. I have blue eyes. I put all these new facts into the new girl."

Even though the tone of The Girl Who Fell from the Sky reads like a young adult novel, told simply from the point of view of the characters--a young boy fascinated by birds, an immigrant mother, Rachel, the young protagonist--the...

Reproductive Writes: A Fighting Chance For Choice

The emergency contraceptive pill is now mandatorily available at US military bases worldwide. I would think there are a lot of us out there who assumed - as government employees in a situation detrimental to their health in a whole range of ways - that all US soldiers would have access to the best of health care and any prescription drugs they wanted.

On the Map: Furious French Feminists Say Debt Campaign is Tr

In a new campaign advertising a €35 billion loan the French government is taking out, the nationalistically symbolic Marianne is depicted as barefoot and pregnant. Who thought that was a good idea?