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Revenge of the Feminerd: Libraries, Lesbrarians, Censorship, and Equality

Looking into libraries for this post I decided to talk to my former colleague Tara Robertson. In 2009 Tara put together a group called the Lesbrarians to take part in the Vancouver Dyke March. Last year they had about 35 lesbian, bisexual, and queer women who worked in libraries, archives or other information organizations, as well as writers and library lovers. We met when we both worked at...

Political InQueery: Let the 2012 Games Begin

It seems like only six months ago we were talking about the 2010 midterm elections. Oh, wait. I suppose the 2010 midterm elections were only a little more than six months ago. At any rate, the early campaigning for the 2012 gubernatorial election is underway. When I brought up the idea of guest blogging about this summer's candidates to Bitch's editors, Osama bin Laden was still at large,...


In my last post I wrote about a few of the problems I've observed regarding the way anti-street harassment blogs and the media construct "perpetrators" of harassment. In this post I want to build on those thoughts by bringing in their construction of "victims" as well. Collective Action for Safe Spaces asked in the comments of my first post of this series for an analysis of the roles...

B-Sides: Lykke Li Brings the Drama On Tour

Lykke Li is on tour! Read on for my experience of the Swedish musician's performance in Portland this weekend.

Adventures in Feministory: Women in the US Military

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US. To commemorate, here are five women who revolutionized the country's armed forces. These women may not be pop icons, but they certainly deserve time in the spotlight for their noted "firsts," some welcoming, some not.

Revenge of the Feminerd: Geek Peeves

Today I list my top five feminerd annoyances, including the lack of LGBT characters on Star Trek, sexist comics at The Oatmeal, and "chainmail bikini"-type video game costumes for women.


Bitchtapes: Going Places

Whether you're leaving town, taking a drive, or just moving the eff ON, here's a mix that will have you covered no matter where you're going! Track list after the jump.

On Our Radar

Friday is linkday!

  • Bitch Leadership Council member and Feminist Coming Out Day organizer Lena Chen shares her experiences writing a popular sex blog as a college student on Salon.
  • RH Reality Check passes on a video of parents of a killed gay soldier speaking out for marriage equality in Minnesota.
  • Marcia Herring evaluates Degrassi's surprisingly (and...

From the Library: More Online YA Book Clubs Coming Soon!

Have you been following our online YA book clubs? If not, there's no need to worry. We've still got three YA books left to discuss on our blog, and our next discussion is happening just one week from today! On June 3rd we'll be discussing Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. Then, on July 1st we'll share our thoughts on Ash by Malinda Lo, and on August 5th we'll discuss A Tree Grows in...

Electro Feminisms: Kemistry and Storm, DJ Duo

DJ duos are rare, and female ones even more so, so I can't help wondering if it was this very fact that kept drum n bass duo Kemistry and Storm working in the scene for so long. In individualistic economies that run around (male) auteur geniuses, two women perhaps have a better chance of surviving institutional sexism together.

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