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I Can Has Feminizm?

Oh noes, readerz! It appears that we are in the midst of a LOLscandal! According to some recent blog posts Ben Huh, creator of I Can Has Cheezburger? (home of the original LOLcat) is not paying his workers a living wage. From Valleywag:

A Cheezburger spy tells us says Huh's work ethos is deeply felt and permeates his company; our tipster said there are a significant number of minimum-wage...

Sapphic Salon: 5 New Books by Queer Women You Should Read Now

In a time when Sarah Palin's memoir is a best seller, it can be hard to locate books by out women at major bookstores. But even if you have to use the internet or (even better) support your local feminist/queer shop, there are quality books being published that are way more worth your time.

Terry CastleThe Professor


BitchTapes: Revenge of the Pop Punk

My last pop punk BitchTape was so much fun to compile, I just had to make a sequel (plus I somehow forgot Lemuria before - an egregious oversight). Enjoy!

The Biotic Woman: Legal Representation for Animals in Switzerland

Switzerland has been inciting all sorts of ire and indignation these last few months with their xenophobic c ban on minarets. This Sunday, they're likely going to cross a few more potential allies with their referendum on whether animals should be granted legal representation in the courts.

Douchebag Decree: Special tabloid gender-panic edition!


Let me just say right up front that I don't expect any of the following from Life&Style, Us Weekly, or any of the other mags barfing their neon coverlines all over the Safeway checkout line: Accuracy, subtlety, reason, nuance, intelligence, imagination, responsibility, or feminism. They're tabloids about Bachelors and Kardashians, and their douchebaggery is as inescapable and...

Sm{art}: Writing Tips from the Experts

Recently, The Guardian asked several successful fiction writers to come up with a top ten list of their personal writing dos and don'ts. Since we've all got a secret novelist lurking within us (don't pretend you haven't fantasized about going on a book tour) here are some of the more interesting tips from the likes of Margaret Atwood, Zadie Smith, Jeanette Winterson, and more.

Ready or Not, Girl Comics is Out

Girl Comics Issue #1, a collection of comics written, stenciled, and illustrated completely by women, hit stores yesterday. It's one of three anthologies to be released this year by Marvel Comics. It's actually part of a year-long project of "Marvel Women," celebrating female characters and creators alike of one of the top comics publishers. It's also been wracked with controversy since its...

Reproductive Writes: Miscarriage Of Justice

A bill has been passed by the Utah House and Senate that will criminalize pregnant women who engage in 'reckless' activity that causes a miscarriage or act to induce an abortion without a doctor's supervision.

On the Map: Brazilian Feminists Get Played by a Naughty Blonde

American beer commercials may be able to overtly portray women as sexual objects, but as brewer Grupo Schincariol found out yesterday, doing so in Brazil can get your ad banned.

Carolina Chocolate Drops: Good Folk

Carolina Chocolate Drops will defy, and redefine, your presumptions regarding the pure power of the kazoo.

The trio, comprised of Rhiannon Giddens, Dom Flemons and Justin Robinson, met in 2005 at the Black Banjo Gathering in Boone, North Carolina. The event was dedicated to those who wished to better understand the banjo's roots in African and African American music and history...