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Electro Feminisms: Authorship and the Gendered Division of Labor

Making music is work. Rewarding and fun work, to be sure, but work all the same. Like just about everything in a kyriarchy, the divisions of labor in making electronic music lead to an unequal distribution of value, financially, and artistically—who gets paid and how much, and who gets credit and for what.

JB the First Lady and the First Lady Crew: First Nations Female Hip Hop

First Lady Crew member, JB the First Lady, is a beat-boxer, emcee, performing artist, aboriginal youth educator, single mother, award winning actor, and member of the Nuxalk and Cayuga Nations who is "using [her] words to go upwards/not backwards."  Check out JB the First Lady's brand new music video Get Ready, Get Steady after the jump!

Adventures in Feministory: Sugar Pie DeSanto

Born Umpeylia Marsema Balinton ("Peliya" to her family) in 1935, the artist known as Sugar Pie DeSanto still gets the crowd jumping today with her R&B vocal stylings and dynamic stage shows.

Electro Feminisms: An Introduction

Women have always been involved in electronic music: behind the scenes producing, as musicians and vocalists, voices being sampled, as djs and dancers. But women's contributions have, as in just about all forms of cultural life, been excluded from the official record, relegated to the marginal, the exception. Read on to see what I'm going to be talking about over the next eight weeks.

The Games We Play: Did You Move Today, Fatty?

When the Nintendo Wii introduced the balance board I was over the moon with excitement at the thought of bringing exercise into my own home. I brought the thing home and happily plugged it in. Home gyms are expensive, and gaming is a pricey hobby. Two in one! How could I go wrong?

BitchTapes: Queercore Now and Forever

This BitchTapes features some latest and lesser-known queercore artists—I hope you enjoy!


Anti-Abortion Billboards Target Black Women by Blaming Black Women

Is your anti-abortion billboard targeting the African-American community just not cutting it? Here's one way to take things up a notch: presidential assassination!

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: The Song Beneath the Song

It's the very special musical episode of Grey's Anatomy, and the Grand Rounds team has all kinds of thoughts about what happened this week! Whether you loved it or hated it, there was definitely a lot to talk about this week as the characters battled to save two of their own and came to some important relationship realizations.

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Hello, hello! Ready for some thought-provoking links? I knew you were!

  • Today, in bad taste... anti-abortion group Life Always is comparing aborted fetuses to people killed by the earthquake in Japan. The always-astute ColorLines reports on the wrongheadedness of this tactic.
  • TransGriot writes about the importance of having trans* people in US cinema, and not just as...

Bitch YA Book Club: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Welcome to our first Bitch YA Book Club! Today, Erin Blakemore asks Jennie Law, Ellen Papazian, and Jessica Stites what they thought about Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. What did you think about this book? Add your own answers to Erin's questions (or come up with your own) in the comments section!