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My, what a week.

  • Still reeling from the murder of Troy Davis? Check out "10 things anyone can do to help exonerate innocent people and prevent wrongful convictions" from The Innocence Project, and continue the fight for justice. 
  • The first post in a series on queer identity and gaming is up at Yin Soaked Boy. 
  • Have you been reading BFP's excellent series on...

Bitch Radio: Talking with s.e. smith and Anna Pearce of "We're All Mad Here"

Even though "We're All Mad Here," the guest blog exploring mental illness in pop culture wrapped up today, we've got one more way to savor this excellent series. For this episode of Bitch Radio, I spoke with s.e. and Anna about "We're All Mad Here,"—what topics they didn't get a chance to address, tropes of mental illness in politics, and where they see hope for the future of depictions of...

Preacher's Daughter: Gillian Welch's "Dark Turn of Mind"

Americana artist Gillian Welch has always included southern Christian imagery in her work. Though not native to the South, her music is at its most comfortable when it explores the tragedy and violence of working-class survival in the region. Welch and partner David Rawlings write and record sparse songs unlike any others. In part, this has to do with Rawlings' masterful guitar work, but it...

Thursday Night 'Lights: NBC's New Must-See TV (and Whitney)

Like many people in the '90s, I tuned into NBC's enormously popular Thursday night comedy block for FriendsSeinfeld and many other shows in that time slot over the decade. At the time, it was like the TV equivalent of seeing Jurassic Park on opening weekend: It just felt like the thing to do.

Thursday nights on the Peacock Network are a completely different...

Isn't He Lovely: Short Man Stigma

But the short stigma is even more pervasive—if subtle—in everyday life. For while studies and surveys about women's perceived attractiveness and height result in a muddled mix of preferences for statures diminutive and statuesque, things aren't so fluid for men. Research repeatedly indicates that, statistically speaking, tall men enjoy certain benefits. And for that reason, I'd argue that...

We're All Mad Here: You Get Proud By Practicing*

This post was written by both s.e. & Anna.

People with various forms of mental health conditions have been talking back to stereotypes and stigma for a long time, but this Mad People's History and these mad people's words tend to be overlooked by mainstream society and pop culture. Occasionally glimmers of our actual experience will work their way through to small presses and...

Tropes vs. Women: #6 The Straw Feminist

The Straw Feminist trope is a deliberately created, exaggerated caricature of a feminist that is used to undermine and ridicule feminist movements.

Links and transcript after the jump!

Pop Pedestal: Donna Meagle of <em>Parks and Recreation</em>

The day is finally here! Parks and Recreation is back! In honor of tonight's season premiere (seriously I can't wait until 8:30), today's Pop Pedestal is for the one and only Donna Meagle, played by the hilarious Retta.

She told you so.

Douchebag Decree: TV Guide Declares Taraji P. Henson Not a "Person of Interest"

Oscar-nominated actor Taraji P. Henson stars in the new CBS drama Person of Interest, but you wouldn't know that if you asked TV Guide.

Preacher's Daughter: "We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest" in Wake of Troy Davis' Judicial Lynching

One might have hoped that, by this hour, the very sight of chains on black flesh, or the very sight of chains, would be so intolerable a sight for the American people, and so unbearable a memory, that they would themselves spontaneously rise up and strike off the manacles. But no, they appear to glory in their chains; now, more than ever, they appear to measure their safety in chains and...