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The Games We Play: The Spirit Within

Now that I have showered some well-deserved praise on BioWare for Dragon Age II, and also engaged in the almost 60 hours that it took me to get to the bitter and mind-wrenchingly disturbing end, I have a few thoughts. For all of my waxing poetic about how fabulously progressive BioWare has been with their slick political messages and wiggling new ideas into the way we consume and play...

No Kidding: And If You Love Me, Let Me Go

Happiness is fluid, of course, but I've never been willing to bet two decades or more on the idea that maybe, eventually, an experience will be "good" for me. I'm not afraid of missing out on something by not having children. If anything, I'm afraid of the flip side, of having so many things to do in life that I'd never be able to balance it all. I feel lucky to live in a time and place,...

SXSW Interactive: Racism, Avatars, and Identity Online

One of the most interesting panels I went to at SXSW was E-Race: Avatars, Anonymity, and Visualization of Identity on the Internet. It included Lisa Nakamura, Director of Asian-American Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and author of Digitizing Race; James Au, who literally wrote the book on the avatar universe of Second Life; and Jeff Yang, who writes the column Asian...

SXSW Music: GayBiGayGay

I close out SXSW with GayBiGayGay, with emphasis on "out."

B-Sides: "What the Hell" Do You Make of This?

Perhaps inspired by her recent divorce from Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, "What the Hell" describes kissing various people and blowing off societal expectations. Now, the song's not without its problems. There's the "crazy" issue, and the lyrics are addressed to an unhappy main squeeze, which begs the question of how consensual their non-monogamy really is. Still, as with the Lou Christie...

Sex and the Fat Girl: Body Love and Fatness As Choice

In so many questions submitted to Ask a Fat Girl, I was asked how to start loving your body. I gave many suggestions, but I want to touch on something that I think is integral to truly loving your fat body—taking responsibility for it. What I mean by taking responsibility is not denying culpability in your fatness to ward off judgment. You can't love your body and at the same time view it as...

The Games We Play: The Straight Male Gamer's Privilege

The Dragon Age games are some of my favorites, and while they are not without flaw, I have played my money's worth of them for sure. Part of what has endeared them to me is the progressive feel of the character interaction and the way that they smartly raise political issues within story lines. Attentiveness to QUILTBAG issues is, in my mind, a welcome and refreshing thing to see and...

Feminist Portrait Project Blog Carnival!

We've invited bloggers from all corners of the web to contribute to the Feminist Portrait Project's "click" moment blog-a-thon all week. Taking part on your own site? Leave a comment with the URL and link back to our blog carnival page here. More from organizer Lena Chen after the jump!

SXSW Music 2011: Saturday

My thoughts on the final night of official SXSW events.

BitchTapes: Oldies Were TOO About Sex!

Tired of hearing that musicians of the last twenty years (or just the ones you like) have unprecedentedly filthy minds? Welcome to a blast-from-the-past BitchTape that speaks for itself! Track list and space for your own faves after the jump.