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I ? Bitch For Creating a Community

As 2010 draws to a close, it's the time of year that nonprofits ask for donations. Bitch Media is no different; we need ongoing financial support. Usually, we would ask you to make a gift after telling you why you should support us. However, Bitch Media is lucky. We don't need to tell you why Bitch is important because we can let our supporters tell their own stories. This week, former intern...

Music Matters: Robyn, Janelle Monae, & Fembot/Android/Cyborg Feminism

(Video possibly NSFW. It's... sexy.) Robyn 'Indestructible' Official VideoRobyn | Myspace Music Videos I've written about Robyn a lot, I know. This has, as I've mentioned, been the Year of Robyn for me. But this video hit last week and aside from being steamy, sent me spiraling off into a train of thought that I couldn't keep to myself. Talking with a friend about the video and the tubes full...

Political InQueery: Crystal Ball Persuasion

Many people who fancy themselves political science pundits have offered their predictions for Election Day on Tuesday, and as one combs through their numbers rackets—I mean, educated guesses as to who will win what—one finds some significant biases—I mean, measurement error—toward their own political affiliations. But this only made one more determined to identify sturdier means of projecting...

Bechdel Test Canon: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

The launch of the blog series Bechdel Test Canon begins with reflections on 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.

Cartoonist and graphic novelist Alison Bechdel created a three-part criteria for movies in her seminal comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For. Adopted as the Bechdel Test, movies that meet its standard must feature 1) two female characters who 2) talk to each other...

From the Library: Zine Roundup

Lots of fantastic zines have been showing up in our mailbox lately. Thanks to all of your donations, the library's zine collection has been growing like crazy. Here's a little taste of some of the zines that are new to our collection:

On Our Radar

I'm going to warn you right away: it was a douchey kind of week. In my time at Bitch, we've never had so many options to choose from for our Douchebag Decree. Lindsay picked the clear winner, but we've had several other happenings On Our Radar:

  • The Ivy League should win some special sort of prize for consistency in douchebaggery. This week, a Columbia a capella group is in hot...

Music Matters: Hustle and Cuss (Or, Why I Love Alison Mosshart)

If you happen to follow me on Tumblr, my obsession with Alison Mosshart is no secret. The witchy-haired singer/guitarist/all-around rock superheroine from The Kills and The Dead Weather probably occupies more space on my Tumblr than anyone aside from David Bowie and Paul Simonon of the Clash (about both of whom, more later). Videos after the jump!

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: These Arms of Mine

Grey's Anatomy went documentary-style this week! How'd it work out? Find out what the Grand Rounds bloggers think after the jump.

Tube Tied: Why I'll Miss Big Love

The creators of HBO's Big Love have just announced that the fifth season, which begins airing in January, will be the series' last. It's hard to greet this news with anything but relief; the last, abbreviated season of the show was something of a mess, with a subplots, I kid you not, about Mexican grindhouses and genetic engineering that exceeded any reasonable person's suspension of...

Political InQueery: Conspicuously Absent Issues

As far as human emotions go, if the 2004 elections were about fear and the 2008 elections about hope, it seems fair to say that the 2010 midterm elections have been about anger. Anger at the government for what's perceived as a weak economy. Anger at Congress, either for not getting enough done, or for turning the country into a cesspool of socialism, depending on one's political leanings....