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Pork Underbelly: The Sexual Politics of (Lots and Lots of) Meat

If you know your way around an Internet meme, you've probably heard of the online cooking show Epic Meal Time, a Food Network–meets–Jackass celebration of heart-clogging lowbrow cuisine. Each Tuesday, its rowdy Canadian creators cook up something both imaginative (Chili Four Loko, for instance), gross (meat salad), or, more likely, both (the Thanksgiving episode found them taking...

The Unbelievers: New Atheism and the Old Boys' Club

Women are God-fearing and don't challenge institutions. Men, on the other hand, are skeptical and rational, and go out of their way to publicly call bullshit on faith and religion—which is why today's well-known secular thinkers, especially in the ranks of the New Atheism movement, are all male.

These statements should sound ridiculous because, of course, they are. From Madalyn Murray O...

Revenge of the Feminerd: In Praise of Batgirl

Since those early days of running around doing Batman-themed dressup, Batgirl has been my favorite superheroine.

She's less cutesy than the Sailor Scouts, nerdier than Nightshade, wears more clothing than Wonder Woman, and has a greater variety of super abilities than my second-favorite superheroine, Storm (but it's really close, so don't hate on me, X-Men fans).

B-Sides: F**k yeah FOC FEST!

I spent my weekend hanging out at FOC (Females of Color) FEST, a new Portland-based festival celebrating musicians of color from the West Coast. Two nights of bands in an empty bike shop may sound meager for a music festival, but by the time 2am rolled around on Saturday night I was completely exhausted (in a great way) from the weekend of awesome music.

Electro Feminisms: Robyn, Torch Singer

One of the most interesting ways to view Swedish singer Robyn is as a kind of electro torch singer. On some of her best songs, Robyn is, as the Alcazar song goes, crying at the discotheque.

Read on for more.

The Long Goodbye: Oprah's Final Weigh-in on Weight

I expected at least one voice representing fat acceptance to be present during this final OWS episode on weight. But it wasn't. Which makes the whole freaking public journey seem for naught.

Revenge of the Feminerd: What PC Games Teach Girls

The media pays a lot of attention to violence in kids' video games, but not so much the negative messages around gender stereotypes in games for tween girls. In an article in WIRED magazine, Tracey John argues that games that encourage girls to be pretty and liked above all else could be just as damaging as games like Grand Theft Auto.


Adventures in Feministory: Sappho

Even in the male-dominated world of classic literature, Sappho has long been considered one of the greatest lyric poets of all time. The scholars of Hellenistic Alexandria named her (in the company of eight men) as one of the nine melic, or musical, poets worth studying, and in a loaded compliment, Plato famously dubbed her "the tenth muse." She served as the inspiration for countless...


Filmmaker and educator Nuala Cabral entered into anti-street harassment activism in 2009 with her short film Walking Home. Her aim is to use her artistic talents "as a tool to build understanding, share silenced voices and provoke social change." I spoke with her about what she's been up to during the last two years and what her plans are in Philly this summer.

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