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Bitchtapes: X-treme X-mas

Mixing classics with covers, the Bitch staff has put together some of our favorite Christmas songs that span decades, genres, and levels of corniness. From the Loretta Lynn to Kristy MacColl and from Kinks to David Cassidy, you're sure to hear something you'll like. Plus, our mix contains a fair amount of songs that emphasize the not-so-jolly aspects of the season, like if you're heartbroken....

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: A Reconsideration of Tiny Tim, Charity, and the Good Cripple

A Christmas Carol, published in 1843, has become a Christmas classic. Chances are high that most of us have read it, read adaptations, seen it performed on stage, or seen it on film. In some households, people make A Christmas Carol a family tradition, and it's supposed to be a feel-good, inspiring moral tale which brings the family together for the holidays.

Merry Christmas! Here's some stereotypes ... but no take-backsies.

Dating can be confusing -- especially when one or more parties links emotional milestones to consumerist signifiers. And yet ... somehow, the solution is probably not to buy cheap accessories at Target.

Screenshot: Why a sex-crimes show is surprisingly female-friendly

Give yourself the gift of an L&O:SVU marathon. In a TV landscape where women are routinely shown as hyperemotional and unprofessional, watching the no-nonsense Detective Olivia Benson is a cool, calm drink of water.

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

Whenever someone starts talking about "crip-drag" - the slang term that basically means "currently non-disabled actor playing a disabled character" - the conversation tends to eventually (usually sooner, rather than later) turn to this:

But but but! We shouldn't accept a less-than-stellar actor just because they're disabled. That's, like, Affirmative Action GONE MAD!!!!!! No...

Her Life Depends On It

Here's something I learned today: Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female physician in the U.S., gave a series of lectures in 1859 that emphasized the importance of physical activity in the lives of girls-going so far as to define the first law of life as the law of exercise. Blackwell argued that a society that neglects that activity of girls-or, as the case may be, provides obstacles to...

Sapphic Salon: The lesbian low-blow

If you're a famous face, the easiest way to get a scandal going is to get someone to say you're a lesbian. It doesn't even have to be true, no proof is needed — as long as you're willing to respond negatively about the situation and make being a lesbian sound like the worst thing ever.

The latest "lesbians" include Tiger Woods' mistresses...

More than Original: a Q & A with the men behind ORIGINAL PLUMBING

Original Plumbing, a new magazine published and distributed out of San Francisco, is a fresh new publication dedicated to FTM sexuality and culture. Made for trans men by trans men, its first issue ("The Bedroom Issue") came out in October and features voices from five rooms and a couple different continents, with content ranging from interviews to fiction to a detailed summary of how Germany'...

Offensive Commercials: Holiday Showdown!

OK folks. You know how we feel about this year's Kay Jewelers ad and the holiday-themed pap smear PSAs, but which holiday ads are making you want to throw your remote/magazine/newspaper/laptop into an open fire this year? There's only one way to find out! It's time for OFFENSIVE COMMERCIALS: HOLIDAY SHOWDOWN!

Where the Women Are

No surprise here: the internets can be a hostile space women. Women who are sports fans and athletes find their fair share of, by turns, erasure and hostility.

As Salon's Broadsheet points out, you can't even Google "female athlete of the decade" or even "best female athlete of the decade" without be bombarded by "hottest female athlete"...