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Sapphic Salon: Sarah Schulman's foray into the straight press

I often wonder if fans of Michelle Tea are familiar with the work of Sarah Schulman. The lesbian novelist, playwright, journalist and professor has written several works since the 1980s, including Rat Bohemia, Empathy and Girls, Visions and Everything. The stories revolve around young, queer women, their lives in the city in an era...

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: Disability Archetypes: The Good Cripple

So, how can we get pop culture to start depicting disability more honestly? How can we get pop culture to start pushing away from these tropes and exploring fuller disabled characters?

On the Map: This is Why I Love Prostitutes

"Be sustainable - Don't buy sex!" exhorts a postcard that is being distributed to guests of 160 hotels in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Summit. The proprietors of the lodging establishments received the postcards along with a letter from Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard requesting they not facilitate transactions between the COP15 guests and the city's prostitutes. In response to their...

Transcontinental Disability Choir: We're not looking for Pity: The Trouble With Poster Children

I am just so proud that the Academy Awards gave the man who said "if you don't want to be pitied for being a cripple in a wheelchair, don't come out of the house" a humanitarian award for being so good and giving to those wretched disabled children! I do hope that everyone gives money to a man who said "You might as well put a gun in your mouth" after you find out you have amyotrophic lateral...

Support curves on screen with Fat Girls Float

Kira Nerusskaya, director of the documentary Fat Girls Float, needs your help to finish its production! Nerusskaya, a New York City native, travelled through several countries and interviewed dozens of people about size discrimination, fat acceptance, activism, and their identity. Check out the six-minute trailer after the jump...

Douchebag Decree: Spencer Morgan and the invention of "The Cheetah"

Okay, okay. Maybe Spencer Morgan just did it for attention. Maybe he just wanted angry women to comment on his fantastically misogynist piece in The New York Observer so that he could get more attention. Well, guess what? It worked.

sm[art]: Pipilotti Rist

Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist has been creating video and installation art since the 1980s and has recently finished her first feature film, Pepperminta. is Pretty Dang Cool

Did you feel icky seeing headlines about the Carrie Prejean nudie pics and the "sexting" epidemic? Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon argues that when you share or make public someone's privately-made sex photos or video, it's a form of sexual assault. We're still trying to navigate what the digital world means for sexual harassment, espcially when it comes to young people. That's where ThatsNotCool....

Hey Big Gender: Why are women being charged more for stuff?

If you've ever felt like the cost of being a woman was somehow higher than that of being a man, guess what? You were literally correct! Via Psychology Today:

The January 2010 Consumer Reports has an article that's sure to provoke some outrage. "Roam any drugstore and you'll see products that seem to be twins, except for one thing: One is for women, the other for men. We discovered that...

Sapphic Salon: Coming out is political, personal and, apparently, a "shocker"

After actress Meredith Baxter came out to Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning, the headlines began:

"Family Times" Shocker: Meredith Baxter says "I'm a Lesbian Mom" Meredith Baxter reveals she's gay '80s Star Admits She's a Lesbian