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B-Sides: A Wild Flag "Romance"

The debut album from WILD FLAG (say it with me in a Bill and Ted "Wyld Stallyns!" shout-y voice) drops this month! Finally! Until we get Wild Flag in our hot little hands on September 13, let's stream it at NPR First Listen and take a look at the oh-so-fun video for the first track, "Romance."


Pop culture's image ideals for men come with their own complications and double standards, which are worth addressing as thoroughly as those leveled toward women. Just as Western female beauty ideals are modeled around straight, white women, Western male beauty standards worship at the altar of the straight, white, six-pack ab-toting man. And both are equally problematic.

Preacher's Daughter: An Introduction

My name is Kristin Rawls, and, yes, I am a preacher's daughter. I'm in my early 30s, and I was raised in an unusual blend of Protestant traditions. The preacher (my dad) grew up in the Southern Baptist church, got "saved" during the Pentecostal-influenced "Jesus movement" of the 1970s and ultimately settled in a mainline (not fundamentalist) tradition. My family practiced a confusing mix of...

Bitch Radio: Following Up on <em>Maggie Goes on a Diet</em>

For this week's episode of Bitch Radio, I spoke with Bitch Media's Library Director, Ashley McAllister, about her blog post last week on the forthcoming children's book Maggie Goes on a Diet. Ashley and I discuss fat positive kids' books, some reactions to the book, and share some recommended reading. You can read Ashley's From the Library posts every week!


On Our Radar

Happy Labor Day, folks! If you have Monday off, take some extra time to read these great links from all over the web.

  • Racialicious, close to winding down their series on interracial dating, kicked off a South Asian panel this week. 
  • Colorlines responds to Katt Williams' hateful remarks by showing us five comedians of color we ought to watch instead. 
  • We peeked...

BitchTapes: Country Roses

Sure, Poison may have had a hit with "Every Rose Has its Thorn," and the Portlander in me will always love Elliott Smith's "Rose Parade," but no other genre pays tribute to music's favorite flower quite like country. So, without further ado, here's a mix of classic country crooners singing their rose-studded hits. Track list after the jump!

We're All Mad Here: Case Studies in Crazy Cartoon Characters

Television stations in the US are required by FCC regulations to have a minimum of three hours a week of "educational programming" aimed at children. This actually began in the 90s, and initially television stations met the requirements by having little life lessons tacked on to their various cartoons. Some of you may recall very peppy "Sailor Moon Says!" segments, or "Knowing is half the...

Douchebag Decree: Bad Mothering Lawsuit

In 2009, two adult children filed a lawsuit to sue their mother, Kimberly Garrity, for more than $50,000 in "emotional distress" damages. At the time, twentysomething Steven II and eighteensomething Kathryn alleged their mother failed to do her motherly duties thereby accusing Kimberly Garrrity of bad mothering. All rise for Judge Decree...

We're All Mad Here: Institutionalization in the Whedon-verse

There are several things you can count on seeing in a series created by Joss Whedon. There will be witty banter. There will likely be some awesome fight scenes where a woman kicks ass and takes names. There will often be a brunette who, beaten down by society, will at some point wander around in bare feet. There will be absent fathers. But Whedon's work also continually and interestingly...

B-Sides: "I'm [Not Quite] With You"

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album, I'm With You, officially dropped today (or yesterday, depending on where you are) but has been streaming as an iTunes preview for the past week. This sort of move shows confidence: After all, if you can legally listen to the whole album without buying it, the powers that be must expect a good portion of listeners to love it...