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Douchebag Decree: Special Two for One Edition

Every now and then there are just too many d-bags committing too many acts of douchebaggery to pick just one. Plus there's the whole 'is-this-person-alone-even-worth-blogging-about' question to reckon with. But hey, that's why god invented the Special Two for One Edition, right? Here goes...

Screenshot: Why it may not matter whether a woman ever hosts Late Night

This whole late-night kerfluffle is an odd relic of a dying age. Maybe, the next TV institution won't be as much of a boys' club as late night turned out to be.

Race Card: Blagojevich Says He's "Blacker" than Obama

Oh, no he didn't. In the February issue of Esquire, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich declares himself "blacker" than Barack Obama is. Discussing the first black President, the disgraced politician told the men's magazine:

"This guy, he was catapulted in on hope and change, what we hope the guy is. What the fuck? Everything he's saying's on the teleprompter. I'm blacker than Barack...

Adventures in Feministory: Olympe de Gouges

Born in France in the year 1748, Marie Gouze (later to be known as Olympe de Gouges) was no ordinary petite fille. From a very early age she championed the rights of illegitimate children (of which she believed she was one) and their mothers, as well as writing abolitionist plays and speaking out for women's rights in France.

If you're thinking that de Gouges' speaking of truth...

On the Map: A Tangled Web of Riot Grrrl

From gutter punks to The Kathleen Hanna Papers to Jenocide--I give you an experiment in feminist word weaving.

On the Map: Judging An Emcee By Her Cover

Since her 2007 album Dans ma Bulle (Inside My Bubble) debuted at the top of the charts by selling 50K copies in its first week, Diam's has become the hottest emcee in France. Not the hottest female emcee, but the hottest emcee in general. Diam's is known as a feminist rebel who spits rhymes about war, racism, poverty, and injustice--something that has placed the rapper in the line of...

Screenshot: Reality TV hitting close to home

Talk about a case of reality TV hitting close to home: students at a beauty college in Alameda, California, found out that the owners of the college had been shopping around the following reality TV proposal: "The students are mostly inner-city, unwed mothers taking advantage of government subsidies for a better life. The instructors can't find any other job that offers 'bennies' [benefits]. The...

Bitchtapes: Dancing into 2010

Even though we've already talked a little about some of our favorite albums of 2009, and even though we've down a decade-tastic mix tape, and even though we're already into 2010, I don't see any reason to stop recapping, especially with all the good music that came out last year. I'ma do whatever! My mix is not only some of the best tracks that came out this year, but tracks that make you...

Sm{art}: Margaret Kilgallen

"I like things that are handmade and I like to see people's hand in the world, anywhere in the world; it doesn't matter to me where it is. And in my own work, I do everything by hand. I don't project or use anything mechanical, because even though I do spend a lot of time trying to perfect my line work and my hand, my hand will always be imperfect because it's human. And I think it...

Screenshot: Surprise! I don't hate "What I hate about myself"

Is this show really another iteration in the genre of mainstream women's "service" entertainment, where "service" is defined as "we will have a lot of contempt for you unless you conform to these commercial norms?"