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Political InQueery: A Phone Call Away

We've spent quality time assessing the lead-in and results of the 2010 US midterm elections, and now that we're on the cusp of the 112th Congressional Session, I'd like to turn our attention to another level of civic participation: contact with our representatives and senators. After all, we are all someone's constituent, whether they received our vote or not. But more than finding resources...

The Master's Memes: Privilege Denying Dude Tumblr Shuts Down

"I know what racial oppression feels like... my ancestors were Irish." "Assuming I have male privilege.... is sexist." If you missed out on the short-lived but prolific Tumblr page of Privilege Denying Dude (a series of images that used a stock photo of a white dude sandwiched with all-too-familiar privilege-denying text, like that seen here)—you missed the beginning of a genius appropriation of...

B-Sides Bonus: New Mirah Video!

B-Sides Bonus! Because I couldn't figure out a way to fit this into my Robyn post, but I didn't want you to miss out on a brand new Mirah video! After all, not only is Mirah awesome, but this is just her second official music video ever! Check out "The Forest":

B-Sides: Robyn is a Dancing Queen

Our undying love of all things Robyn is no secret. Her catchy jams, fembot sensibility, and all-around awesomeness make her impossible to resist! So of course I was unable to resist attending her show here in Portland over the weekend, and I'm glad I didn't. More after the jump!

(Here is a video of Robyn's grand finale performance, a mash-up of—wait for it—"Dancing Queen" and "Show Me...

I ? Bitch For Continuing the Conversation

As 2010 draws to a close, it's the time of year that nonprofits ask for donations. Bitch Media is no different; we need ongoing financial support. Usually, we would ask you to make a gift after telling you why you should support us. However, Bitch Media is lucky. We don't need to tell you why Bitch is important because we can let our supporters tell their own stories. This week, Allison...

Feministory: The Great Witch Hunt(s)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out last week, and it's pretty safe to say that most of the universe has witches (and wizards) on the brain. The blockbuster success of the Harry Potter franchise is not all that surprising, though, considering that humans have been obsessed with witchcraft both real and imagined for millennia. One of our favorite things to do throughout...

Bechdel Test Canon: Southern Comfort

I have some misgivings about entering into the fourth week of the series and only now addressing a picture with a transgender protagonist. These concerns are made worse by the cruel dramatic irony that the main character in Southern Comfort is a man who dies of ovarian cancer. It is complicated by the fact that the selection in question is also the first documentary I have considered for the...

Political InQueery: In the Crossfire, on the Right

After the 2008 election, one of the first books that made the rounds of the daytime news shows came from none other than John McCain's daughter, Meghan. Of particular interest to the talking heads in the wake of Barack Obama's win was the enigmatic, rogue-designee Sarah Palin. Meghan had some choice words for her father's running mate, saying: I was waiting for her to explode. There was a fine...

Music Matters: Singing My Life Back To Me

(Neko Case, "This Tornado Loves You," lyrics here.) In that way that some people (read: me) obsessively decide which three wishes they'd choose if they had three wishes, I have considered carefully whose voice I would want if some fairy godmother appeared and granted me the power to actually not sound like a squawking turkey when I sing. The choice gets tougher, though, between the top two.

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Slow Night, So Long

This week on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Yang takes a trip to the Coyote Ugly, Dr. Avery's dark past comes to the fore, Dr. Grey and Dr. Karev strike out on their own to save a patient's life, and a whole lot of people get drunk. Really drunk.

Find out what the Grand Rounds crew thought of it all, after the jump!