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Screenshot: Lose the Biggest Loser already

Not only does this show perpetuate the popular "fat equals unhealthy" with its unspoken corollary "therefore, thin equals healthy," it also overtly coaches its participants to engage in what Kate Harding so aptly called "the fantasy of being thin." And then there's the vomiting and dehydration. That's healthy, right?

Democracy Now! Reports Death of Haitian Feminist Myriam Merlet

Tragically, Myriam Merlet, Haiti's Chief of Staff of the Haitian Ministry of Women, did not survive the earthquake in Port-au-Prince. Amy Goodman, reporting from Haiti, and Eve Ensler, a personal friend of Merlet, reports from the Democracy Now! studio.

Rush transcript provided by Democracy Now! after the jump.

Sapphic Salon: Lady Sovereign and other celebrities who come out, despite their publicists

This week on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, MC Lady Sovereign was evicted from the competition. However, she was on the show long enough to finally talk about something fans have been waiting for: Her sexuality. Here's a clip:

I've tried to get interviews with Lady Sovereign a handful of times, and even had a few set up before her publicist said she...

A "Manolith" of BS: Girlfriends are the WORST!

Ugh. As a rule we usually we try to avoid over-the-top misogynist websites, but there is a blog post today on that is emblematic of so many things that are problematic in lad mag culture that it could not be ignored. The post, titled "15 Annoying Things Most Girlfriends Do (That You Have to Put Up With)" covers just about every "socially acceptable" woman-hating base out there....

Race Card: Skin Lightening Creams Promise Happiness, Come with Risks

Dermatologists are seeing a rise in the number of women with skin problems stemming from bleaching creams. Thinning of skin, bruising and acne are some of the adverse effects doctors have noticed. Despite the risks of skin bleaching, sales of lightening creams are strong, the New York Times reports.

Adventures in Feministory: Bayard Rustin, American activist

Today's Martin Luther King Jr. Adventures in Feministory focuses on Bayard Rustin, one of the most important individuals in the Civil Rights Movement, and a life-long activist for human dignity, but whose contributions are are overlooked (then and now) because he was gay.

Screenshot: Katey Sagal got jobbed!

Katey Sagal's created not one, not two, but three iconic and indelible characters on TV. And she's nowhere near the Golden Globes tomorrow.

Race Card: French Law to Target Muslim Women

The French government is considering proposing legislation that would ban Muslim women from wearing burqas or full-face veils, the Washington Post reports.

After the parliamentary commission presents formal recommendations for legislation Jan. 26, France will likely begin the process of banning burqas and veils in public facilities or even streets such as the famed Champs Elysees. One...

BitchTapes: Creepy McCreeperson


 For those who love their love songs tinged with a hint of creepy and a side of slightly disturbing. Don't be's all meant well!

Look inside for track list...


Recommended reading on Sarah Palin's disability (lack)tivism

Seen the new cover of InTouchWeekly yet?

I recommend chasing it with Kristina Chew's article on Care2 speculating whether Palin will be covering disability rights on her new Fox position, and then Jill at Feministe's response as well, excerpted below:

...."Advocates" like Palin do little to actually advocate for what people with disabilities and their families actually need —...