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No Kidding: What About The Men? Pt. 1

When I talk about women's choices regarding children, pregnancy, and childbirth, someone usually asks about the men. Last month, I interviewed half a dozen men of varying ages, backgrounds, and life experience about why they never want to have children. A number of them had considered getting (or had already gotten) a vasectomy. The number one reason? It's easier (from a surgical/recovery...

Sex and the Fat Girl: The Beauty Industrial Complex and You

If fat is a feminist issue, why don't we challenge the dominant view that beauty is a viable concept instead of just accepting that unilateral standards of beauty exist and trying to shoehorn fat women into the "beautiful" category?

Race Card: American or United Statesian?

Black or African American? Latino or Hispanic? Native American or American Indian? Debates break out all the time about the best terms to use for certain ethnic groups, but many in the U.S. haven't the faintest idea about the controversy that's long surrounded the term "American." Because the term applies to any resident of North or South America, including countless indigenous...

B-Sides: Abigail Washburn

Sometimes part of what makes a musician so compelling is the story behind them. Were the White Stripes married, or brother and sister? Would Sid have been the character he was without Nancy? Is the girl in the "Cry Me a River" video REALLY supposed to be Britney Spears? (I have strong feelings about this one because I was young and impressionable when Britters and Justin dated and...

Zero-Summing It Up: What About the Men?

Well, it's Women's History Month, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to freak out about what's happening to dudes.

As anyone who consumes regular doses of media well knows, discussions of how far women have come often devolve into hand-wringing over the plight of men faster than you can say "Men's Rights Activist." And media coverage of two new books that were released...

The Games We Play: The Whitewashing of Video Games

One of these things is not like the other...

Many game designers and developers deliver games that meet the minimal requirements to make me happy, but there are certain game delivery elements that always ruin it for me. The lack of diversity in many games is one of these, and I often see it when I walk down the store aisle or rummage through my collection...

Go Find Your Passport

Friends, today is International Women's Day. I know more than a few of you forgot last year since I monitored all of your social media postings while waiting for you to call and wish me a happy International Women's Day. I did not see nearly enough activity. Let us not be so remiss this time around. Around the world today, we celebrate and honor women's economic, political, and social...

Sex and the Fat Girl: Ask a Fat Girl #3

Here's the third installment of the Ask a Fat Girl series! Today we discuss cunnilingus for fat girls, being an "inbetweenie," lights-on, on-top sex, hourglass figures, fashion rebels, dating people thinner than you and more!

Transcript (PDF)

No Kidding: Where Are The Childfree Role Models?

Some women I've written about before, celebs like Jennifer Aniston, sidestep the issue all the time instead of owning their ambivalence (or however they feel! Just own it!). Barbara Walters and Oprah talked about how it is a difficult thing. So why don't we hear more women talking about the flip side of having kids—or rather, why don't we have more proud childfree role models out there?

Keeping Close to Bad Taste: Virgin Mobile's "Crazy" Commercials

It seems that irrelevant talking animals are not the height of commercial vogue, leaving extra room for the gems Virgin Mobile has been bombarding me with at every break. And by "gems," I mean they're abso-freaking-lutely awful in every way. Take a look: