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Pop Pedestal: Gloria Akalitus

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay tribute to the pop culture figures we admire most. Up today: Gloria Akalitus of Nurse Jackie, All Saints' hospital administrator, head bitch in charge, and master of the steely staredown.

Big attitude coming from someone wearing panda earrings.

Remembering Aaliyah

Like so many musicians and artists who die so young (she was just 22 when her plane crashed), we can only imagine what Aaliyah's career would look like now. Considering how self-possessed and strong she already was at such a young age, I can only guess that she'd have gone on to do even bigger and better things for women in the industry.

(Song lyrics here)

Douchebag Decree: Southwest Airlines

When I heard that Southwest had done something appalling, my first thought was, "Again?"

We're All Mad Here: <em>Sucker Punch</em> Tackles Abuse In Asylums

This post discusses abuse in asylums, including sexual assault. It discusses the history of lobotomies and describes (briefly) the procedure. It also contains spoilers for the movie Sucker Punch.

I went to see Sucker Punch expecting a light piece of fluff that involved conventionally attractive young women with swords fighting a dragon. It's a movie where one...

B-Sides: The Suicide Notes

If you are also in love with group vocals and surf-punk tunes, check out The Suicide Notes. And if you and your friends were thinking of starting an awesome singing group, do it: The world needs you.

Murder, She Blogged: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Detective Work Outside the System

Despite the dodgy politics of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Lisbeth Salander is an interesting character from a feminist perspective because she is a rare detective on the outside, with no faith in the system to produce a just result.

Name That Trope: She's hot! She's cool! She's one of the guys!

A few of us saw The Change-Up for the most recent Popaganda podcast (the things we'll do for you...) and one of the many things I was struck with during the movie (among an inexplicable plot, a million penis jokes, etc.) was the character of Sabrina, played by Olivia Wilde. Around the time she called her date out for ordering a bottle of wine (the nerve!) and ordered a manly scotch...

Stage Left: Originals vs. Adaptations

One theme that comes up over and over again in conversations about the State of Musical Theater Today is the tragic lack of original musicals on Broadway. The way everything is an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation. No one's having new and creative ideas anymore!

Well, to be blunt, I kind of think this is bullshit.

We're All Mad Here: Mental Illness in YA Fiction

Young adult literature features a number of depictions of mentally ill characters, from authors who both bother to do their homework and take the time to present their work well and authors who don't seem to feel that research and sensitivity are necessary. In YA especially, depictions of mental illness are critical because some readers may be struggling with emotions and experiences they do...

From the Library: Maggie Goes on a Diet & We Search for Fat-Friendly Children's Books

In this week's douchey children's lit news, Aloha Publishers is catching heat for a picture book they'll be releasing in October called Maggie Goes on a Diet, in which a 14 year old girl is "transformed" into a "normal sized teen" after going on a diet.

Rather than a diet, I'm pretty sure what Maggie needs is a healthy dose of children's books that promote fat-positivity....