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No Kidding: Where Are The Childfree Role Models?

Some women I've written about before, celebs like Jennifer Aniston, sidestep the issue all the time instead of owning their ambivalence (or however they feel! Just own it!). Barbara Walters and Oprah talked about how it is a difficult thing. So why don't we hear more women talking about the flip side of having kids—or rather, why don't we have more proud childfree role models out there?

Keeping Close to Bad Taste: Virgin Mobile's "Crazy" Commercials

It seems that irrelevant talking animals are not the height of commercial vogue, leaving extra room for the gems Virgin Mobile has been bombarding me with at every break. And by "gems," I mean they're abso-freaking-lutely awful in every way. Take a look:

The Games We Play: It's Just A Game

I often have trouble discussing my observations of social justice themes in various entertainment media with people. Usually I find that people take issue with my wanting to look further into a topic that they are enjoying, and if I criticize or attempt to dissect it, I must be attacking their hobby or even them personally for enjoying something because I find fault in that particular movie,...

Race Card: Hip-Hop Club Unwanted in Park Slope

Brooklyn's been home to rappers from Foxy Brown to Mos Def to Notorious B.I.G. The New York City borough is such a hotspot for hip hop that the shout-out "Where Brooklyn at?" is a staple in rap songs. Plus, each year Brooklyn hosts an annual hip-hop festival where rap royalty such as Q-Tip, KRS-One, and De La Soul have performed. Given the borough's historic ties to hip hop, why is a...

From the Library: Donate Books to Bitch!

Our lending library is getting ready for a growth spurt. We're heading to the hardware store next week to buy some new shelves—enough shelves to make space for another 1,000 books in our library. This is where you come in! We can't continue to expand our collection without your help. So donate your used books, DVDs, zines, and magazines. We promise that we'll take good care of your donations...

BitchTapes: Women of the Stage

Is your knowledge of musical theater limited to the Oscar-winning adaptation of Chicago and the latest episode of Glee? Welcome to this week's BitchTapes, a collection of female-led showtunes that are not about being hopelessly devoted to a man-type character. (Sorry, Eponine.) Track list, and space to share your own faves, after the jump!

Sex and the Fat Girl: Ask a Fat Girl #2

Hey! Here's the second edition of Ask a Fat Girl. This time we're talking about dudes who are in denial about being attracted to fat girls, good positions for two fat people to have sex in, how to deal with unwanted attention from fat fetishists, comparing yourself to skinny friends and more! Take a listen...

Transcript (PDF)

On Our Radar

What a week! Here's some of what caught our attention in the blogosphere:

  • At Racialicious, Bitch contributor Latoya Peterson speaks of how Planned Parenthood has helped her personally. On Saturday, people across the United States rallied in the Walk for Choice to save PP's funding; see some of their signs here.
  • After a hate crime including arson, couple Carol Ann and Laura...

The Games We Play: The Light is Right

The false dichotomy dividing "good" and "evil" into groups represented by light and dark goes back further than my first memories of seeing The Empire Strikes Back at the drive-in. It is a way of looking at the world around us and packing things into neat little boxes, and it has enveloped our popular culture and our mythology. How does this affect the way some people consume video...

No Kidding: Do Women Have the Right to Sterility?

A fairly obvious question that I haven't addressed during this series is whether women have the right to be sterile. It seems like sort of an obvious one (if not with just one obvious answer) until you consider how we frame other discussions about women's health.