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Race Card: Why Are Pregnant Migrant Women in Arizona Being Shackled?

Last year authorities arrested expectant mother Miriam Mendiola-Martinez, an undocumented immigrant, and charged her with using someone else's identity to work. After the incarcerated Mendiola-Martinez delivered a baby boy Dec. 21 via C-section at Maricopa Medical Center in Arizona, she was shackled for two days to her hospital bed and not allowed to nurse her baby, New America Media (NAM)...

Going Pro: Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad Responses

CBS's decision to air a Focus on the Family ad during this year's Super Bowl, while frustrating for pro-choice advocates, has a silver lining: It has inspired some pretty, well, inspiring, responses.

The Biotic Woman: Ecopsychology

This weekend, the New York Times Magazine—a publication I admittedly adore—asked what I consider to be a very simple question: "Is There An Ecological Unconscious?" Should we be thankful when these issues are covered by mainstream media or annoyed that our work has once again been relegated to the margins of the larger movement?

Race Card: Oscars Continue to Ignore Asian Americans and U.S.-Born Latinos

Just 14 years ago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the Academy Awards due to the dearth of African American entertainers nominated for Oscars. In the new millennium, however, the Academy Awards have consistently nominated blacks for Oscars. Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Jen Hudson and Forest Whitaker have all nabbed Academy Awards in recent years. And Sophie Okonedo, Will...

Adventures in Feministory: Howard Zinn, American Historian and Activist

Writing history is a radical act. I'm going to say it again. Writing history is a radical act. The process by which historians choose to deify, demonize, or emulate individuals and events is a malleable and contentious undertaking. As I'm sure you savvy readers out there know—with this retelling comes power. Sure, narratives can be retold, historical 'facts' reformulated, and legacies...

The Biotic Woman: Reclaiming "Cow"

If you're reading the Bitch blog, chances are you've decided that you aren't too terribly offended by the b-word. But what about the c-word? In contemplating the state of modern environmental issues and food politics, I'm thinking that it might be time to reclaim the big C—cow.

Screenshot: There she went, Miss America

It's hard to make an argument for paying attention to the Miss America pageant because the pageant hasn't really made a compelling argument for its continued existence. Why hype up a competition that has so little ultimately at stake?

Race Card: From Adopting Haitian Kids to Giving Them Your Breast Milk

From the outset of the Haitian earthquake, I was a bit turned off by the coverage of white American families adopting Haitian children. It's not that I object to transracial/international adoption. It's just that major news networks seemed to devote more time to white Americans trying to adopt Haitian children than Haitians in America seeking information about the well-being of their loved...

BitchTapes: A Severe Case of Pop Punk

You asked for it (well, one person asked for it): a pop punk edition of BitchTapes! Punk pop, power pop, bubblegum punk - call it what you will, as long as you pogo your butt off and sing along in your brattiest sneer. Warning: pop punk is contagious.

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