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The Games We Play: The Chainmail Bikini

One of my endless grievances with games is the ridiculous notion that just because I am playing a woman character I must have this desire to shake my derriere in three inches of Spandex or, better yet, the notorious chainmail bikini. There are few things that make less sense to me than how that the same armor that fully covers and arms any male avatar has my female Draenei running...

BitchTapes: Ladydance

Freestyle, house, reggae, electronica... what do the subcategories of dance music have in common? Terrific female artists, for one! Welcome to a '90s-heavy BitchTape for a party, a pre-party, or just an empty office! Track list and space for your own jams after the jump.

The Shondes Talk Heartache, Activism, And What It Means To Be A Disgrace

Not many bands mix post-punk with feminism, with Jewish heritage. At least, no one does it like the Brooklyn-based four piece the Shondes.

Alyx Vesey, who's a Bitch contributor and runs the blog Feminist Music Geek spoke with the Shondes—Louisa, Temim, Eli, and Fureigh—at this year's South By Southwest Festival. Feminism and activism is an important part of how the Shondes make their...

On Our Radar

Time for a link exchange! Here's a glimpse into what we've been reading:

  • Hopping mad about the misleadingly-named Independent Women's Forum's misinformation about the pay gap? Feministing tells it like it is.
  • Also at Feministing, check out this report from the 2011 Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference with video and quotes from the Transfeminisms panel.
  • ...

The Wedding March: The Princess Problem

At a time when young graduates struggle to find work, one former art history student's patchy résumé shouldn't be headline news. Unless of course, you happen to be Kate Middleton.

From the Library: Celebrating Feminist Poetry

April is National Poetry Month in the US, so libraries, schools, and booksellers are banding together to celebrate the importance of poetry. Here at Bitch HQ, we're excited to have an excuse to sit down with some feminist poetry. Who are your favorite feminist poets? What are your favorite feminist poems?

The Paul Reiser Show: A Somewhat Gender-Progressive Sausage/Snoozefest

If you, like me, were counting down the days until the next episode of Parks and Recreation on your Leslie+Ben=Love4EVA calendar, you may have ended up watching all of NBC's programming last night by default (except for Outsourced. Does anyone actually watch that?). This means you saw the new NBC sitcom The Paul Reiser Show.

The Games We Play: Role-Playing Morality

I don't go looking to video games for entirely accurate depictions of reality. It is an escapist hobby for a reason, as I think it is for most people. I enjoy getting away into a world of possibility and imagination. It probably explains my tendency towards RPGs. I want to enjoy myself. I want to be immersed in a story. Sometimes I want to be the hero. Sometimes I want to raze the ground...

Electro Feminisms: Ro

For a decade and a half, Roísín Murphy has been making smart, innovative, artsy electropop. Gaga who?

Read on for more.

Feminism in Focus: Women Filmmakers on Film

This past March, Women, Action, & the Media held several "WAM!-It-Yourself" satellite conferences in various cities exploring feminism and media. One component of this decentralized conferencing was spreading the conference ideas via the internet. (which I cleverly called "Feminism's YouTube") did a series called "Feminism in Focus: Interviews with Feminist Video Creators," which...