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The Transcontinental Disability Choir: Blue Roses: Reconsidering <I>The Glass Menagerie</I>

I was one of those major theater nerds in high school; my nerd-dom, however, did not usually translate to reading many well-regarded Classics of Theater. I did not read Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie until college, and, looking back, I would have read it much earlier, had such a thing been possible. The Glass Menagerie, written in the early 1940s, is one of Williams' works that continues...

Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #3

I'm not a sports fan because of a guy I'm dating, or as an excuse to tailgate. I admit to exulting a bit when I can dismantle the preconception of who a sports fan is, or who a woman is, simply by talking about sports, which I love anyway. And I love the chance to have my own preconceptions dismantled when we chatter together about sports.

With that in mind, the #3 reason why this feminist...

Screenshot: I'm rooting for the aliens

Do the visitors on V seem more alien by virtue of their female leader and apparent lack of sexism? Or is the show merely setting up the 21st-century version of the Krystle/Alexis catfight?

Target Women: Lessons 2009

The year's almost over, folks. So what lessons has 2009 taught us? Well, here's what Infomania's ever-insightful Sarah Haskins learned this year:

BitchTapes: Bitch Pride

I bring you a collection of songs that represent the spirit of bitchdom; a collection of songs about anger, freedom, violence, jealousy, frustration, fantasy, revenge, pride, individualism and burping; in short, songs about the American Dream.

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: Disability Archetypes: Supercrip

"Wow, that is so inspiring!" "She has truly overcome her handicap." "You are so brave!"

Do any of these exclamations sound familiar? They might, if you are a person with a disability who has been on the receiving end of "good intentions" that mask an unfortunately pervasive Western trope about disability and people who live with disabilities: Supercrip.

Screen Shot: What I Hate About What I Hate About Myself

You can be stylish without wearing heels, baking cakes or having sex with the lights on -- but try telling that to the folks at the Style Network.

Naomi Klein and French Journalist Jade Lindgaard on the climate summit

Besides being Operations Director here at Bitch Media, I'm an activist on climate and globalization issues. So needless to say I'm a big fan of author and super-activist Naomi Klein, and have been closely following her dispatches from the UN climate mega-summit in Copenhagen, which has been miserably failing at coming up with a just and scientifically viable post-Kyoto agreement.


On the Map: Liberation Won't Be Gained On Behalf of 'Others'

Poster 4 Tomorrow is a project based out of France that was founded this year to encourage artists to advocate "on behalf of those who don't enjoy the same freedom of expression that you do" by designing posters that pronounce an explicitly political sentiment regarding the universal right to free speech. Right away this struck me as problematic. In order to truly work from a praxis of...

Sm{art}: Support Lesbian Art and Archives

Ka-ching! Aw, did you hear that? It was the last of 80 raffle tickets sold off from the Lesbian Herstory Archives Benefit Art Auction! That means if you didn't pick up your ticket in time, you don't get to take home one of 80 works of art by 80 lesbian artists. The good news is that if you're in New York City this weekend, you can still view the works on display and support the archive at...