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Screenshot: Rachel Maddow, meet Lizz Winstead. Or, um, not.

Rachel Maddow is calmly comfortable with her intellect and her journalistic instincts, and she's not really going to apologize if her competence threatens a viewer. In terms of female talking heads, she is sui generis.

Jennifer Hawkins poses nude, "flaws" and all

Australian beauty queen and model Jennifer Hawkins appears nude and un-Photoshopped on the February cover of Marie Claire magazine. According to Hawkins, the photo shoot is meant to inspire confidence in women and raise money for an eating disorder support organization. Though her heart may be in the right place, Hawkins' cover shoot is doing the opposite of what she intended.

I Spy... Sarah Emma Edmonds

"I am naturally fond of adventure, a little ambitious, and a good deal romantic-but patriotism was the true secret of my success."

Sarah Emma Edmonds, one of only about 400 women known to have served in the military during the U.S. Civil War, was not even an American—though she risked life and limb in the...

Sapphic Salon: Sex and Misogyny in the Publishing World

There's a great piece in this Sunday's New York Times Book Review by Katie Roiphe regarding the inclusion of sex in novels by American male writers over time. Roiphe argues that it's a generational difference, as writers like John Updike and Philip Roth would be very explicit and close to raunchy in their fictitious encounters, while newer authors like Dave...

Screenshot: the egalitarian lure of late-night TV commercials

I don't know about you, but I see being a stay-at-home parent as a job, and it's sort of insane that it's one of the few workplaces where you get on-the-job critiques from total strangers via a talking box. Sure, you can turn off the TV, but why should you have to?

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: Hello, Goodbye

The time has come for the Transcontinental Disability Choir to say farewell, with a rousing thank you to Bitch for hosting us, and to the Bitch commenters who engaged with our posts and had such interesting thoughts and comments to add.

Screenshot: Resolved for 2010: Avoiding the reality TV sideshows

It's easy to point fingers at narrative television sometimes and claim the writers are foisting outdated and unfair gender roles onto the audience and therefore, by extension, society. Reality TV pokes a lot of holes in the Big Hollywood theory, because the people who thrive on reality TV are the ones who are crafting -- and benefiting -- from a stock trade in stereotypes.

Bitch Tapes: The '00s in tune-age


We're sharing our New Year's Bitch Tapes a day early so you can get your 2010 jam on early! For this mix I give you the 10 songs of the decade. These are not the best songs, nor the worst, nor my favorite. They are just solid, memorable, danceable songs—some you will have heard played to death, some you might wonder how you missed their release. I hope you'll listen to the...

Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #1

This is it. The #1, above-all reason why this feminist is a sports fan is ...

The Decade in Feminist Pop Culture

No matter what those time/date sticklers who don't think it's over 'til 2011 believe, according to us, tomorrow marks the end of the '00s. And though we'd hate to say "Good riddance" to the decade that brought us a bunch of kickass feminist blogs, a bevy of thought-provoking books, and a multitude of female-focused movies, coming up with a list of positive feminist moments in '00s pop culture was...