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You Haven't Forgotten About Big Ben ... Have You?

I admit it: I thought the cacophony following the rape charges against NFL star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was going to be louder. You could say I "Steeler-ed" myself for it, actually. Last summer's charges that Big Ben raped a woman at a Lake Tahoe casino-hotel cued a throwdown that's typical when a high-profile athlete is accused of such a crime--victim-blaming and chest-...

She Pop: Adam Lambert Has A New Naked Friend--On Sexuality, Objectification, and Subversion

Dear Adam Lambert,

We need to talk. 

I'm going to come out and say something right now, Adam Lambert: I don't get you. I know a lot of people were really excited about you when you were on American Idol. Just the fact that you existed, and were doing well on the show, seemed to be making them happy. And those people usually seemed to be coming from a very sweet, genuine place. I...

Cougar Me This

I have no aversion to the romantic comedy format. Show me a quirky heroine, a funny/cocky/cute love interest, a sassy best friend, etc. and I'll generally follow you anywhere. But, while ABC's Cougar Town has all of these things, I just wasn't interested. Why? Because the word "cougar" is in the title.

I've been trying to sit this whole "cougar" thing out...

Early to Rise: Sex Toys for Smart Guys (and Everyone Else)

We here at Bitch are longtime fans of the Chicago-based feminist sex shop Early to Bed. Imagine our delight, then (and yours too potentially) when we learned of Early to Bed's new brother venture, Early to Rise! (How cute are those two names, by the way? Sex has never been so adorable!)

While Early to Bed caters mainly to the ladies (which is awesome), Early to Rise bills itself as the...

Bibliobitch: Maggie Stiefvater

Full disclosure: I have not actually read anything by YA fiction author Maggie Stiefvater. However, I was tipped off to her existence earlier this week while reading Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and was instantly charmed. Watch this video, in which Stievfater predicts which mythological creature will usurp the vampire in YA romance popularity:

The Body Electric: "Naturally Procreative Relationships" or Policing Bodies Goes Straight!

Uh oh. Those pro-h8ers got themselves in a pickle last week in San Francisco with U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn, who questioned laywer Charles Cooper about his dumb assertion that Prop 8 is important to the state because it enourages "naturally procreative relationships."

The judge, bypassing many obvious other questions (so are adoptive parents "less"...

On the Map: Sample the World, Feminist Style

Every day I read news from all over the globe while sipping my morning coffee...

TV Crush of the Week: Chuck Bass

Longtime readers may already know of my love for Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass, and it's only grown since he started being the best boyfriend ever to Blair Waldorf this season. But last night Chuck soared even higher in my heart when he a) kissed a dude and b) was nonplussed as ever.


Expect Great

It looks like the Detroit Shock, three-time WNBA champions, may be going the way of the Seattle Sonics ... that is, to Oklahoma. Why can't ESPN or Sports Illustrated be bothered to cover it? Or anything to do with pro women ballers, for that matter?

The Spearhead on Sci-Fi: NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

Blogger "Whiskey" has an article up on men's culture site The Spearhead" today called "The Feminization of Science Fiction (and Fantasy)". The gist of the piece is that (imagine this being said in a little-boy-pouty-voice) girls are coming in ruining science fiction and fantasy for boys with their stupid emotions and even stupider buying power! No fair!

Artist's rendering of "...