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The Games We Play: Mentally Evil

One trait I see portrayed frequently but not often discussed is mental illness and how it is used as a mechanism to propagate or explain away the actions of characters. Often, I see mental illness used as a tool to demonstrate just how terrible a character's actions are when their actions could be held up to scrutiny on their own. The use of mental illness as an agent of character development...

On Our Radar

Another week, another bunch of thought-provoking articles. Here's some of what we've been reading:

  • ColorLines celebrates the U.S.' first integrated all-female band.
  • Also at ColorLines, Kai Wright reflects movingly on the still-far-off mountaintop MLK described.
  • Jessica Valenti talks about the glorification of basic fathering in The Daily.
  • Ms...

Bitchtapes: Guilty Pleasure Edition

This week around Bitch HQ, we indulged in musical guilty pleasures. So, I combined some of my most guilty and most pleasurable, for you! Track list after the jump.

Bitch Popaganda: It Should Be A Crime Edition

In this episode of Popaganda, Kjerstin, Deb, and Julie chat about AMC's new series The Killing, Slate's confusing article on gerontophilia, and the revelation that the Candies' Foundation spent seven times the amount on Bristol Palin that it did on preventing teen pregnancy.

Sex and the Fat Girl: Subjectivity and Self-Image

Many of the ways we've talked about to combat dominant societal beauty standards and, in the process, boost your self-esteem/self-image, are subjective in nature. They involve presenting in a certain way to elicit the desired results: a new way of looking at fat sexuality. There's nothing particularly wrong with subjectivity in this sense, but when you take subjectivity to the personal level,...

From the Library: Kel Karpinski on Books Written by and for Latina and Latin American Women

Late last month, we were lucky enough to have Kel Karpinski, a Library Science student located in Chicago, come to Portland to work at our Community Lending Library for the week. She helped us catalog a whole bunch of books (thanks to all of you who have been sending book donations lately!) and created a list of books that we need to bring into our library in order to provide a more...

The Games We Play: Imagining How Girls Play

When I was a wee sprite of a thing, I remember changing my idea of what I would be "when I grew up" frequently. I wanted to be a fisherman like my Papa and uncles at one point. I believe I spent some time thinking that being a firefighter sounded cool because the hose truck looked like fun. I am sure there may have been some time where I thought that baby-sitting or raising kittens might have...

Electro Feminisms: Monika Enterprise

After talking about the means of production in electronic music, today I want to spotlight something the Berlin label Monika Enterprise. Founded by a woman, Gudrun Gut, Monika bucks the usual trend of women-as-exception, with a strong female roster and a regular spotlight on new artists in its 4 Women No Cry CD series, which brings together four women from four different countries.


The Long Goodbye: Oprah on Master Class

When considering this series' central question about Oprah: Why does she get under so many people's skin? It comes down to the narrative.

Thoughts on the So-Called Gay Cemetery

On Monday, the GA Voice broke the news that Atlanta's Crest Lawn Memorial Park cemetery will soon have a section "for gay people—couples, their children, single people, people who want to be with their chosen families." The Advocate and Queerty quickly picked up on the story, and it's likely to get bigger as the days go by, especially with the catchy misnomer "gay cemetery...