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Murder, She Blogged: Class and Fashion in Miss Marple

As well as showcasing the quintessential Spinster Detective, the Miss Marple adaptations have plenty to say about England's shifting class structures in the decades after World War II and women's changing roles. It's all played out in microcosm in the fictional village of St Mary Mead.

Political Inqueery: Depart the Representative

Amid the debt ceiling debacle, Norway shooting, and fears about Europe's next default, a news story broke about Oregon Representative David Wu allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman. I'm calling it simply a news story because as we'll see, the reporting frames it strangely: "an unwanted sexual encounter," a "sex scandal," an "aggressive sexual encounter." Major journalism outlets...

Stage Left: Thoroughly Modern Racism, or, the problem with MILLIE

Thoroughly Modern Millie has all the makings of what could be an incredibly charming, silly film: it has tap-dancing in elevators, inexplicably well-choreographed impromptu dances, and Carol Channing making what may be the greatest entrance in movie history. However, what it also features is a staggeringly racist plotline. Millie is rotten to the core, and I don't see a way...

Top Gear and Sexism: Video Remix!

Bitch reader and video editor Ashley Bischoff, inspired by the Homophobic Friends remix Kjerstin posted last week, made a similar video exposing the sexism and homophobia of Top Gear. And all of this from just one episode!

Top Cisgender Male Gear from Ashley Bischoff on Vimeo.

Dark of the Matin

Despite the obvious social critiques in the books, I never consciously drew parallels between the wizarding world and my world. I wanted Harry Potter to exist in a vacuum. But as the books went on, the back stories grew more complex, the danger became more insidious and intimidating, and the fantasy world turned out to be as confusing and terrifying as my real post-9/11 adolescent...

B-Sides: Bj

Crystalline opens with the tiny chimes of the Gameleste, the uninhibited MIDI-fied xylophone organ box with handmade bronze tonebars, Björk-comissioned. She sing-talks in apotheosis timbre about feet, crystals, nebulas, and anxiety. 

Stage Left: Age on Stage in Stephen Sondheim's Follies

Perhaps no show serves as a better celebration of the older actress than Follies. The show is set at a reunion of former Follies showgirls in the theater they once performed, which is about to be torn down. The core cast features numerous older women "recreating" the numbers that, in the context of the story, they once performed when young. The breadth of roles for older actresses in...

Murder, She Blogged: Retrosexism in Life on Mars and LA Noire

From the village bobby on his bicycle to elaborate games of cops and robbers in mid-20th century America, detective fiction often harks back to the past. From a feminist perspective, this is a can of worms.

Political InQueery: Mourning in a Busy Internet World

Anyone on Twitter or Facebook this weekend learned quickly that UK singer Amy Winehouse passed away, and speculation about a drug overdose ran rampant over the information highway. The attention, in the United States anyway, dwarfed the other big story of the weekend, that an extreme right-wing man bombed the Norwegian Prime Minister's offices and then killed more than 80 children who were...

Buy This Print: Old!

Now you can buy limited-edition prints of some of our favorite Bitch covers! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we've got 15 archival giclee prints to choose from, all on high-quality, heavy watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Each print offers gorgeous photos, cool illustrations, nifty typography, and lots of color to perk up your living space. To show you what they look like in...