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To Be A Title IX Dad

Matt Schmitt offers a love letter to Title IX--and the social transformation it ignited, far beyond what was originally envisioned. Schmitt's eight-year-old daughter catches on a Little League baseball team; she's the only girl on the team, she was voted Most Valuable Catcher by her coach last year, and she wants to play for the Major League someday. Because, she just discovered, there's not...


This weekend saw the long-anticipated premiere of The Wanda Sykes Show, which airs Saturday nights on Fox. (That's right, this is my second post in a row regarding an out [and outstanding] lesbian performer on the Fox network.) Wanda Sykes made a strong debut with her usual style of laid-back indignation and smart-assed digs. It's no surprise that she's great in a talk-show format....

The Body Electric: Goodnight and Good Luck! The Body Electric Signs Off.

Dear Friends:

My time with you has come to an end. From the Man Pad to the G20; from RadioLab to the baby binary; from  the amazing Stu Rasmussen to my (apparently controversial) exploration of transphobia; from interviews with artists to profiles of beautiful tattoos--it's been a fantastic journey. My goal was to look at representations of the body in space, time, and pop culture. I...

I Can Has Feminizm?

This week was an important one for same-sex marriage legislation, no matter which side you're on (you should be on the side of same-sex marriage). And around here, when important things happen, important LOLz must be consulted.

This kitteh is NOT happy about voters repealing the same-sex marriage law in Maine this week, and we can't blame her:

This next LOL animal is...

BitchTapes: Anywhere, Anytime Mix

When in need for inspiration, riding your bike, or just hanging out this mix can do it all. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME style.

Two-Spirit Women make films with QWOCMAP

For National American Indian Heritage Month, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP) is conducting free video and filmmaking workshops for Two Spirits, or queer Native Americans.

QWOCMAP believes that today,

Two-Spirit stories are more important than ever. In the past, their stories were forcibly silenced, but today, their still unheard stories put a different spin...

Krupa thinks feminists are "pathetic" for not supporting her Playboy shoot. Well, the feeling's mutual.

What to do about Joanna Krupa? Just when it seemed safe to support her on Dancing With the Stars (she and Derek totally ruled Team Tango, after all) she goes and does an interview with Fox News and starts trash-talking feminism.

You see, Krupa (a swimsuit model by trade) will be featured on the cover of next month's Playboy and she doesn't want feminists to say a word about it.


Douchebag Decree: Misog-edgy

Urban contemporary art magazine Juxtapoz's November issue is the Robert Williams issue, a big-hitter in the underground comics scene and the magazine's founder. Oh, and he drives feminists up the wall with the way his artwork objectifies women. *NSFW and possibly triggering images after the break.*

Rihanna speaks out on Good Morning America

This morning Good Morning America aired a portion of a Diane Sawyer interview with Rihanna in which the singer discussed (for the first time on television) ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and his assault on her in February of this year:/>

Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #7

The Top Ten countdown rolls on. My #7 reason for loving sports is ..