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Political InQueery: The Trick of Measuring Up

Ronald Reagan has nearly reached mythic status in this early part of the 21st century as something of a Republican's Republican. Every year in Congress, no matter which party controls the House, at least one representative introduces a bill to name something big after Reagan, or to build a monument, or make space on Mt. Rushmore, and so on. But looking at Reagan's domestic agenda reveals that...

Bitchtapes: Whitewashed Rock

To wrap up Black Music Month, I thought I'd feature just a few popular songs that were originally recorded by black artists...only to become more popular (and profitable) by white artists. I'm not advocating for any version over the other (okay, so Big Mama Thornton's "Hound Dog" blows Elvis's out of the water), and the spectrum of cover/standards/tributes/stealing is vast and complex, it's...

Bitch Popaganda: It's the Finale Countdown!

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as Andi, Brian, and Kelsey recap the season finales of AMC's The Killing and HBO's Game of Thrones. Also in this episode: Mary McNamara's recent LA Times article and the burning question, Why do we care about these shows so much?

Transcript available here (.doc).

On Our Radar

Highlights from this week on the web.

  • The Root recognizes 15 years of the WNBA. Here's to tall women!
  • Despite the endurance and growth of women's professional sports, Feministing reports on Wimbledon's contest to choose the best looking female player. One ace forward, two unforced errors back.
  • xoJane endorses the My Body Gallery. What do you think of this body...

Revenge of the Feminerd: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Everything has its season: ET had to go home, Sisko had to go be with the Prophets, Yoda had to become one with the force, Professer Xavier and Magneto had to go their separate ways, and so too this blog series has to come to an end.

From the Library: Upcoming YA Book Club: Ash by Malinda Lo

Next up for the Bitch YA Book Club is Ash by Malinda Lo, a queer and feminist retelling of the story of Cinderella. We'll be discussing the book on Friday, July 1st, so you've still got some time to get your hands on a copy!

Ellen Papazian will be asking Erin Blakemore, Jennie Law, Jessica Stites, Nona Willis Aronowitz, and YOU to share thoughts on the book. Interested...

Political InQueery: How to Stop People from Voting

This year, an unprecedented wave of voter suppression bills hit statehouses across the country, and garnered very little media attention in response, even as voting rights activists decried the shift. In 27 states, bills that will demand voters show identification, bills that require proof of citizenship, bills that will change processing of provisional ballots, and bills that are aimed...

Douchebag Decree: Scott Adams, Douchetoonist

Have you been following the Scott "rape is a natural instinct" Adams story? If not, hold on to your hat barf bag. Adams, creator of the cartoon Dilbert and noted mega-douche wrote on his blog recently that, among other things, men are naturally prone to raping women (and "tweeting their meat," which he lumps into the same sentence as rape) and society is to blame.

Pop Pedestal: Billy Elliot

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the blog series about pop culture personalities we admire. For our ninth week find a spot, focus, and prepare! for a post about the boy who does ballet, Billy Elliot.

BiblioBitch: Beauty Queens

Pageant competitors in a dire situation? It sounds like a recipe for an overly catty misogyfest (or, let's be honest, a terrible porno). Instead, Libba Bray has crafted a complex, blistering satire that is, dare I say, one of the most explicitly feminist novels I have ever read.