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She Pop: Do We Need An "Angrier" Rihanna?

Rihanna's new album is coming out soon. And with the new album - about which we know pretty much nothing, aside from a few vague quotes - comes the speculation about whether she'll address The Incident - her public assault by, and break-up with, Chris Brown. Specifically: is she going to be angry?

An article at (via ONTD) says: maybe! Ne-Yo, who worked with her on the album,...

The Body Electric: California Versus Uruguay on Queer Issues--Guess Who Wins This Week?

In this corner, California: home to the Bay Area, which is probably among the most queer-friendly places in the world. Though notoriously "pro-H8," California has relatively comprehensive domestic partnership laws and the Bay Area, in particular, offers a host of legal and health services to the GLBTQ community.

This week, our consistently inconsistent governor, the...

New ad campaign equates unprotected sex with eating pistachios. Thanks, Levi Johnston!

You know that feeling you get when you have unprotected sex with the Governor's daughter, the two of you have a baby, and you become a national punchline? Well, next time you find yourself in that awkward situation, take a cue from teen dad Levi Johnston and turn your regrets into something positive: pistachios.

On the Map: Prague Anarcho-Feminists Tell Gender to Go F*ck Itself

How do you say "where is the genderless bathroom?" in Czech?

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Akshully

Well, my fellow bitches, I'm about to depart. Today is the end of my gig at Bitch. So, in the spirit of farewells and last words, the topic of this post is break-ups. (Not that we're breaking up. But more on that later.)

I've always been of the opinion that unless a relationship has taken an unusually ugly turn, or you feel unsafe in some way, breakups should be done face-to-...

Douchebag Decree: Archie Andrews, Serial Flip-Flopper

I only ever flipped through Archie comics while waiting in line to buy groceries, bored by the overwhelming whiteness of Riverdale and confused by Jughead's hat. But it always seemed weird that a series about such a squeaky-clean golly-gee group of teenagers revolved around something as potentially controversial as vague polyamory. The series is over 70 years old, and its technology has changed...

Meghan McCain's Twitt-illating Cleavage

Meghan McCain posted the cleavage shot that launched a thousand tweets last night with this twitpic of her reading an Andy Warhol biography:

The photo, which she captioned with the line, my "spontaneous" night in is my Andy Warhol biography and takeout....I'm getting old caused a major freakout among her devoted Twitter followers and their pervy friends, with cries of "boobs!"...

Sarah Haskins: Fashion Expert on the Rachel Maddow Show

By now maybe you've heard of Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton's contract being terminated because she was "too fat." (And all this after she was horrendously photoshopped.)

Who better than tackle the topic than Target Women's Sarah Haskins, who was on the Rachel Maddow Show last night! If you missed it, here's the clip...(it also shows what happens when their graphic design team uses...

New Thao w/ the Get Down Stay Down Video

Lately we've (or at least I've) been a little Thao-crazy. I interviewed her for the Consumption Junction podcast (where she offers something special to Bitch podcast listeners, so check it out!), she was a fave on the latest episode of Bitch Popaganda, and (shhh) she just may play a role in the next issue of the magazine. What can we say? Thao rules! And so does her new video, so check it out...

On the Map: Do Do-Gooder Celebs Actually Do Good?

Eco-consumerism is not the answer, Miranda Kerr. Not even if you take off your clothes.