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No Kidding: Do You Still Have Your Uterus?

After I got my tubes tied last year, I got a lot of questions from friends (and strangers) about what a tubal ligation actually means. It's not a common procedure for a young (under 30), relatively healthy childfree woman to have, and most of my friends (parents and non-parents) rely on other forms of birth control, permanent or otherwise. I realize that a lot of Bitch readers know a lot about...

Race Card: How the Academy Awards Bungled Race

After the 83rd Academy Awards, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that the only African-American nominee at the Oscars was Black Swan. "Happy Black History Month," he added sardonically. Kimmel's far from the only one bemoaning the dearth of black Oscar nominees this year. Clearly, the producers of this year's Oscars recognized the omission as well and took measures to...

No Kidding: Can You Compare Human and Animal Children?

Before I launch into talking more about sterilization and permanent birth control next week, I want to quickly touch on (and probably later come back to) something that's been on my radar the last week or so. You no doubt realize I read tabloid gossip if I'm able to come up with a photo montage like this one. So imagine my surprise when I read what Italian model-actress—known lately as George...

From the Library: Librarians on the Tube

What do Community, Parks and Recreation, and Episodes all have in common? Besides being popular sitcoms, these shows have all got something to say about librarians.

Sex and the Fat Girl: She's Got a Great Personality

In real life dating, as in pop culture, fatness is often treated as something a person has to overcome in order to be considered an acceptable romantic partner. The trope of the fat girl with the "great personality" ("great personality" being a common code phrase for "ugly" or "fat") who triumphs over dating adversity and finds a date who is able to see past the fat is commonly used...

BitchTapes: Lady Minstrels

Ever wonder what happened to the women musicians of New Weird America? Me too! Take a stroll through the fragrant foliage of female-made neo-psychedlic folk...

The Long Goodbye: (Sung in the tune of Peter Tosh) Veganize it!

Oprah has made clear throughout this season that because it's the last, she only wants to cover topics and guests of real significance to her—I applaud her for using her platform to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet. That being said, this episode was a real mixed bag.

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Not Responsible

This week on Grey's Anatomy: problem storylines galore! Pregnancies, relationships, everyone telling everyone else what to do, and not a whole lot of anyone listening to anyone else. Grey's wants to set us up for sweeps with a bang, apparently, and we've got a lot of thoughts about it after the jump.

Read My Bitch: Jennifer K. Stuller Reads "The Buffy Effect"

Jennifer K. Stuller isn't your average Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan--she's a charter associate member of the Whedon Studies Association. In this episode of Read My Bitch, the podcast for Bitch magazine fans to read out loud a favorite article from the archives, Stuller revisits Rachel Fudge's article "The Buffy Effect: or, a Tale of Cleavage and Marketing," which was published in 1999...

On Our Radar

Need some awesome links to start your weekend? Thought so!

  • First, the great news, in case you didn't hear: Obama declared DOMA unconstitutional!
  • Feministe links to the full list of events for the Walk for Choice. Mark your calendars for Saturday! At Feministing, Ann Friedman talks about her experience on MSNBC talking about Planned Parenthood and points to ways to speak...