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BitchTapes: The Future

I'm reading Woman on the Edge of Time for the Bitch Book Club (which meets next Tuesday night, if you're in the Portland area!), and it's got me thinking about the future. Most of it's not that bright-looking. Humans might be wrecking the planet, and nuclear catastrophe is one red button away. But then I thought: it's almost SUMMER here in the Northern Hemisphere! A future that's...

Political InQueery: Reinventing the Constitution

"Pull out a map of Virginia and look where the abortion clinics are. That doesn't make you mad?" Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was speaking to roughly two dozen pastors in the state as he showed them how to be more political without infringing on the state constitution.

Away from the bright lights and snazzy set decoration of CNN's debate stage, far from the on-camera smiles...

Revenge of the Feminerd: Nerd "Hyperwhiteness"

Reading Benjamin Nugent's book American Nerd in preparation for writing this column I came across a reference to research by UC Santa Barbara linguistics professor Mary Bucholtz, which argues that nerd culture manifests "hyperwhiteness" in its language. Nugent didn't elaborate on this much in his book but he'd also written a review of her research for the New York Times...

Pop Pedestal: Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie

Welcome to another edition of Pop Pedestal, a series to honor our favorite characters in pop culture. Today, I'd like to turn your attention to an oft-unsung heroine: Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie of Veronica Mars, the Manic Panic-streaked computer geek of my dreams.

Sexual Inadequacy: Body Shaming is Not Sexy

I understand being firmly rooted in your own sexuality and there is certainly a limit to how comfortable I am being touched by people I'm not having sex with. But that isn't what this is about. This is about making a joke at the expense of a real group of people. They could have just stopped at the erotic showering and I would have been convinced of the worthwhileness of their product, even if...

Douchebag Decree: Forty Beads

If you're straight, monogamous, and female, Carolyn Evans wants to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE! Her new book, Forty Beads, has "simple, sexy" advice: overcome the "libido gap" between women and men by having sex whenever your husband tells you to.

Hopping angry? It only gets worse.

Sm{art}: Sophia Wallace: Not Your Typical Fashion Shoot

Sophia Wallace is a photographer living and working in New York City. Wallace uses photography and portraiture to challenge normative assumptions about gender, race, and heteronormativity. I could probably write a blog post on each of her series, the photographs are so striking. Instead, I'll highlight a few of them and I encourage you to visit her site and browse yourself.

Internet Crush: Kartina Richardson

Time for another Internet Crush, our series highlighting things we love around the web. Up today is film critic/blogger Kartina Richardson.

Revenge of the Feminerd: For Girls Who Wear Glasses

This goes out to all those girls who've heard the message that intelligence and geekiness is antithetical to attractiveness.

Political InQueery: Messages & Omissions in the Early Campaign

Information on the power of American workers' wages show stark losses in their portion of the money pie, unemployment figures took a hit in May that required explanation, and for all of the "recession is over" talk in Washington, people don't feel optimistic about their own economic outlook. In rolls the second GOP debate of the 2012 campaign. Did they capitalize on the country's bad mood?...